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Walkthrough of the first fairy tale Sea of ​​Thieves: A Pirate's Life - game guide


Walkthrough of the first fairy tale Sea of ​​Thieves: A Pirate's Life - game guide

A Pirate's Lif free update for Sea of ​​Thieves includes 5 new fairy tales, and we'll show you how to complete the first one and find all the magazines

In the first tale of the A Pirate's Life update, you will travel to the Sea of ​​the Damned. And you will get here not as a ghost, but as a completely living, sane pirate. Here you will also meet the legendary Jack Sparrow. First, talk to the mysterious Outcast. You can find her at any outpost. She will send you to the tunnels of the Damned, which in turn will move the team to the Sea of ​​the Damned. Be guided by the green light in the sky, which may not appear immediately!

Once you get to the Sea of ​​the Damned, go through the gloomy grottoes and haunted caves. At the end of the caves you will find yourself at the Sailor's Tomb - a city founded on the site of a shipwreck. Here are the cursed sailors awaiting rescue from the ferryman. There is a tavern, a gambling hall and many other entertainments, so they will not be bored. If you decide to explore this area, you can use the services of a guide - the Cursed Captain. This is where your next target will be.

To get to Captain Jack Sparrow, you will need to re-ignite the large stone lighthouse. By doing this, you will summon a ferry to the Damned. When the ferryman arrives, you will get close to saving Jack. But besides him, there is another hero here - Davy Jones. As such, you must join Jack to protect the Ferry from Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman.

But first, how to find magazines in the first tale

There are 5 hidden magazines in the Seaman's Tomb:

  1. Look for the first magazine on the upper deck of the Last Frontier tavern. She can be found in the western part of the location. Go inside and climb to the top. The magazine is on the table in the eastern part of the tavern itself.
  2. The next one lies on the table in the gambling hall of one of the sunken ships. The sunken ship with a gambling house is located near the Last Frontier tavern. Go through the back and search the nearest table.
  3. Next, you need to inspect the wreckage of the ship, which was split in half, but at the same time both halves are connected by masts. Move to the front, northern part, and you will find a door through which you need to go inside. Look for the magazine on the table.
  4. Next, you need to examine the bookshelf at the top of the stone lighthouse. You can visit him after you free the Cursed Captain and escort him to the bridge leading to the lighthouse. The cursed captain will help rebuild the bridge and gain access to the lighthouse. Climb to the top of the lighthouse and look for a bookshelf with a magazine on the second upper tier.
  5. Finally, you need to visit the Cursed Captain's ship, the Golden Hare. This can be done only after calling the ferryman. Bring the Cursed Captain's Skull to the Giant Ship Wreck just north of the lighthouse. There will be red sails. Place the skull on the body of the skeleton behind the door on the ship's deck to get inside. Climb aboard the ship to the captain's quarters and search the bookshelf on the right.

Stage 1: start

To get started with the first storyline of the A Pirate's Life update, check out our follow-up guide.

Stage 2: go through the mystical portal

You need to swim through the mystical portal. After the mysterious stranger finishes speaking, you will see a portal that appears near the outpost. Focus on a powerful green light that's hard to miss. Beware of the pirates: you won't be able to take the treasures from the main game in Sea of ​​the Damned with you! All property must remain in the real world. Therefore, before you go there, sell junk and supplies.

Stage 3: Swim through the Tunnel of the Damned

The mystical portal will take you to the Sea of ​​the Damned. In the Tunnel of the Damned, you will not be able to control the situation: he will take you where you need to. You will be greeted by a ghostly parrot, which does not really say anything useful. Then, just as suddenly as it appeared, the parrot will disappear. You will hear the warning, ominous voice familiar from Pirates of the Caribbean. Gradually, you will see the approach of rowing boats, each of which, it would seem, carries a soul. You won't be able to jump overboard - don't even try! Dark silhouettes of ships will also appear in the distance. Finally, a destination will appear ahead.

Stage 4: mooring the ship

Go through the Stranger Tides portal. It's time to take the course. Go behind the wheel and go around obstacles. Ahead will be the destination: the silhouette of an island with jagged rocks and palm trees. Swim there and disembark. If you get a compass, you will notice that you are somewhere in the eastern part of the island.

Stage 5: find a passage among the rocks

Walk along the beach and find a hole in the hull of the ship protruding from the water and going up the beach. Move inland, west or even southwest. There will be another similar hull ahead. Follow where it leads. Soon, you will see a ghostly statue dressed as a ferryman. It is located in front of a corridor carved into the rocks. Go through it. The Ghost statue functions in the same way as the mermaid statues from Heart of Fire. In fact, if you survived anywhere, you will have to re-swim through the tunnel of the Damned, but after that the Ghost statue will take you to the checkpoint.

Stage 6: how to navigate the "Dead Man's Grotto"

In the next part of the tale, you will move through corridors, each of which leads to a cave. These caves have gates, doors, and other obstacles that block the way. There are no magazines in Dead Man's Grotto, so don't worry about them.

Open the first barrier

In this cave, you will most likely turn towards the fire. Walk up to him and you will notice a clue indicating that you need to arm yourself with a lantern in order to absorb the flames. Take out the lantern and lift it (left analog). You will then be prompted to consume the flame. It is noteworthy that it is called the flame of souls. Previously, we already had the flame of destiny. Perhaps in the future it will lead to something. If one of the crew members has collected a flame, each player on the team will have it. Two skeletons will appear on either side of the door. Each of them is holding a lantern. Use the flame to light two lanterns. And the door will open.

Open the second barrier

Follow the corridor to the next cave. You will hear sounds and melodies from Pirates of the Caribbean. Including the sounds of seagulls! There is a seagull sitting on a skeleton hat on the right side of the room. The skeleton is holding a lantern in his hands. Use shower flames to ignite it. then go to the skeletons to the left of the next door. There will be a skeleton with a hint about moving the hand. Move his hand to reveal another lantern. Be sure to light it up. There is a hole to the left of the cave. It leads into a narrower tunnel with a small stream leading to the cave entrance. Follow along it until you find a broken boat. It will contain the last lantern to be ignited with the flame of souls. You will see ghosts dragging the chest up the stream into the cave. They will circle around the mechanism of the lifting gate, and as a result, they will raise the gate, and you can go further.

Locked ship

You go to an open location and see a strange scene. There will be a ship with a captain at the helm. A ghost will also approach him. He will warn of the curse of the Dead Man's Grotto. The captain's cabin on the ship is locked, and we have never been able to find the key.

Open the third door: need a handle

On the next path, you will pass by waterfalls and grottoes, and a little later you will get to the fire, next to which the pirates have gathered. To the side of them is a female pirate who reaches for her blade. One can only guess what happened to the others ... There is a waterfall on the western side of the cave. Jump over it and find yourself in another cave. A broken rowboat with a skeleton inside is leaning against the northern part of the cave. You will also notice the shine of the treasures! Walk up to the skeleton and you will see a clue about the paddle handle. Take it and carry it to the next barrier. It looks like a real door with a lever next to it. If you do not have a paddle, a hint will appear stating that you need a handle. If you approach while holding the oar, you can repair the mechanism. Repair the lever, use it and go further.

The fourth hurdle: how to lower the double drawbridge

In the next section, you will learn about the platforming elements. However, falling will not lead to anything bad. If you fall down, you will have to cover a little more distance, but there is still a way out. Further there will be a large waterfall. Walk through it and continue driving. If you fall down, you will find yourself in caves, and you will have to follow the path again to reunite with the team members. Eventually, you will reach a lifting gate. Raise the anchor to lower the drawbridge. Follow it to the platform and you will see a pulley on its edge. Use it to create another platform. She will allow you to jump to the other side. Again, a fall will not result in complete failure. There is a staircase under the platform that connects to the first drawbridge. Climb ashore, climb the stairs and try your luck again.

Follow the pier to the next drawbridge. There is a lantern on the left under the bridge. Light it to light the torches along the room. Follow these torches along the road you just walked along. Walk past the elevator and continue until you see a small pier protruding above the water with several broken crates and a lantern. Light the last one and a boat will suddenly appear with a ghost crew sailing along the path you came from. Follow the boat to the second drawbridge. When she is in place, the ghosts will create a bridge.

The last cave

You will find yourself in another cave with platforms. Again, the fall is not scary, but it will cause you to return to the beginning of the section. Climb the stairs to the right to the platform above and you will see an equipment chest. If you don't have a sword, equip it here and now. There will also be a worn out rope. Cut it to lower the platform and move forward. Leave the sword in hand, as you will need it again soon. There will be a device to the right of the next broken bridge. Use it to flip the mast over. As soon as you do this, the mast will begin to slowly move back to the starting position. You need to quickly climb it.

Then you will find another worn out rope. Cut it and jump on. Finally, there is a turbulent river on the right. This is the point of no return! But there are many interesting things ahead. An eerie view of the Sailor's Tomb will open soon. Follow the path to the right. You will find a checkpoint and receive a reward for completing "Strange Shores" - an inscription stating that you have passed the Grotto of the Dead.

Stage 7: Go to the Sailor's Tomb

To continue the plot, you need to open the gate of the Sailor's Tomb. Going down to the city, look for the brazier on the left hand. Light it up to see the beacons light up throughout the Sailor's Tomb. Then you will see the ghosts using the device to open the gate. You can go inside.

Stage 8: Help the Cursed Captain

Find and rescue the Cursed Captain

As you move through the Sailor's Tomb, the Cursed Captain's voice will be heard. Walk down to the coastline and walk to the right of the Sailor's Tomb sign. Keep targeting the voice until you see a glowing cage suspended from the top. A voice calls you to her. There is a staircase on the left. When you go up it, the lanterns will show the way to the ship. The ship is close to the Cursed Captain, but still out of reach. To get to it, you will have to move the opposite route.

Walk over the fallen mast. Once you find yourself on the other side, jump down into the case where the water is. Swim across this segment. After getting out of the water, you will find a mechanism. Turn it to climb to the next platform. After releasing the mechanism, the platform will be at the bottom. However, it will descend slowly, and you will have time to get off it.

From here, look forward and to the left to see the next platform. On the right side is the captain's cabin, which is filled with gold. When you try to get inside, you will be asked to provide a key. You can get here after you save the Cursed Captain! Return to the device, use it to raise the platform with barrels and crates. Release the mechanism - the platform will remain in place. There will be some steps on the right side. There is also the next mechanism, which will attract two platforms. One will be on your side, the other on the other. Have one crew member hold the device while the others move to the opposite side. There will be another device that will allow the first crew member to move.

If you are acting alone, pull the platforms so that you can quickly jump from one to the other with acceleration. On the other side, there is a brig with sparkling treasures. However, it is best to continue on to the Cursed Captain. Go up to the captain's cage. Examine it to find a worn rope and a clue that indicates the need to obtain a lantern. It looks like this is the best way to bring the cage down. You can cut the rope with your sword (if you wish).

Find and collect the cage key

Despite the fall, the cage will remain intact. To free the captain, you will have to find the key to the cage. From the fallen cage, move south to the galleon. On the bowsprit there is a sign "The Last Frontier". You will see a chandelier with a key flickering on it. On the south side of the tavern, on the middle deck, there is a device connected to a chandelier. Use it to lower the chandelier and collect the key. Return to the Cursed Captain and free him. You will receive another reward related to a good deed for the Cursed Captain.

Stage 9: restore the lost light and call for help

Go to the lighthouse while holding the Cursed Captain in your hands. You will soon reach a dilapidated bridge. If you stand by the bridge for a long time, the earth will begin to tremble and it will recover. This is due to the presence of the Cursed Captain. Cross the bridge and continue up to the lighthouse. You will realize that you have almost reached the top when the steps turn to stone. Once you reach the top, the Cursed Captain will ask you to place his skull on a body made of bones. There is a headless skeleton on top, with a telescope in hand. Climb the stairs to the very top of the lighthouse. There will be a brazier. Approach it and you will see a hint about using the lantern. If you want to call the ferryman, you have to adjust the light. There is a wheel on either side of the fire. One wheel allows you to tilt the lens of the beacon, and the other to rotate it. What should be done? You aim at the three nearby beacons. One is in the southwest. Turn left from it and you will see two more. Light all three to unlock the next reward related to restoring the lost light and summoning the rescuer. You will also see the Ferry of the Damned.

Stage 10: Find the Cabin Key

Then the Cursed Captain will ask you to take him to the old ship "Golden Hare". Reunite the Cursed Captain with the body. If you want to get other rewards, do it right now, and then continue the story. After placing the captain's head on the torso in the captain's cabin, you will no longer be able to go through side effects. If you are ready to move on, then your paths will diverge. The captain will give the key to the cabin. This will open a side door and access a rowboat that will help you get onto the Ferry of the Damned. If you're low on health, check out your boat. There are many useful resources in barrels and crates. But only on your boat will you be guaranteed to replenish your health stock.

Stage 11: Take the Ferry of the Damned

Start paddling south. At first, you will not see the ferry, but when you pass the lighthouse, it will appear in your field of view. When you hear the bell ringing, you will see the carrier, and also unlock the next checkpoint. Swim to the back of the Damned Ferry until you see a hint about the boat docking. Get off her to the ship. Do not rush to go to the captain's cabin on the left (which is locked), but go to the right. There will be a staircase. After reaching its top, you will hear the carrier addressing the souls he brought aboard. Learn a little more about the Sailor's Tomb. As soon as the ferryman finishes his speech, the ship will set off on a voyage, which, as the ferryman promises, will be long.

Stage 12: go down below deck

To get to the prisoner, you need to go down from the upper deck. Go to the well of Destiny, raise the lantern and light the well with the flames of souls. Once below, you will see several resource boxes. Stock up on them. There is an extinguished lantern next to the closed door. Light it up and the door will open. The next room will have a room with sarcophagi - similar to what we saw in the Morning Star. You can move the covers. If you slide the lid of the sarcophagus on the right side of the room, a lantern will appear. Light it up. You also need to light the lantern opposite to the left side of the room. The door in the cage will open. Go down the stairs to the brig and the prisoner.

Stage 13: Free the Prisoner

Here you will find the famous Jack Sparrow trying to persuade man's best friend to give him the key. And then he will switch to you. Insert the key into the lock and free Captain Jack! You will receive another reward related to the release of the prisoner.

Stage 14: Fight for the Steam of the Damned

When you free Jack Sparrow, follow him as he moves to the upper deck of the ferry. He will tell you a little about this place. Upon reaching the upper deck, you will be discovered by the ferryman. But Davy Jones will appear soon. The ferryman calls to take up arms. It remains to do this, and soon the tale will end. The ferryman will take you back to the Tunnel of the Damned, which will take you back to the Sea of ​​Thieves. However, there are four more tales that can be completed in the new expansion!