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Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 - game guide


Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 - game guide

Detailed description of the storyline quests with the location of all collectibles and new camouflages for weapons

This first-person shooter guide Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 will walk you through the main missions. We will give tips and advice on eliminating important targets, show you how to complete a few side quests and find all collectibles.

Gray desert

Reward : 5000.

To begin, go to the sniper position, raise your rifle and take the prone position, holding the C . After that, pick up binoculars (key T ) and look at all the targets to determine the distance to the targets. This is a very important procedure that must be followed every time before committing a murder. Only binoculars allow you to determine the distance to the target with an accuracy of one meter. Without this, making an accurate shot will be problematic.

Next, you will need to shoot. The first thing to pay attention to is the distance to the target. There is a scale in the scope that you need to use in order to correctly hit the enemy. Wind is not counted on the first shots. For example, if the distance to the target is 400 meters, look for the appropriate risk and shoot at the enemy, aiming on the main vertical scale opposite this risk. That is, at the intersection of the vertical scale and the horizontal mark "400".

The next step is wind correction. If there is any wind, there will be a running curve in the scope, which shows the deflection depending on the distance. The further the target is, the greater the deviation of the curve from the main vertical line. And this time, if you take the same distance, you will have to shoot, aiming at the intersection of this curve and the horizontal mark "400".

Finally, you can adjust the scope so that you do not have to deviate from its center. For example, if you take a distance of 400 meters, while aiming, press E as many times as necessary so that the inscription “400” is opposite the main horizontal line. This is ideal when the distance mark is aligned with the horizontal line. It is clear that if the distance is 350 meters, you will have to choose between marks "300" and "400" and still move the sight higher or lower. Also remember that along with the distance mark, the bullet deflection curve due to the wind also rises.

Mark a few more targets and hit four, and then go through the next door. Take the Falcon drone and launch it. First, select the drone in the weapon wheel using the mouse wheel, and then press F to launch. Mark two targets behind the wall with the drone as you would with binoculars. Then restart the drone and fly to the indicated building. Follow the marked path, but the drone jammer will jam your signal. Do the same, but move to the left window.

Take the sniper turret, select it in the weapon wheel and place it in the indicated location. Switch it on key T , aim for the target and press the H . Up to two targets can be marked for a turret. Exit this mode and press G so that the turret hits both targets.

Move to the location of special ammunition. Pick up sniper rifles from the table, use the scope and switch to Z for special ammo. You can try them out at different stands:

  • Armor - piercing - allow you to destroy enemies behind walls, bags and other obstacles.
  • Explosive - explode upon contact with an obstacle.
  • EMP - allows you to disable electronics. For example, cameras or a whole system of cameras, if you get into the dashboard.
  • AGILE - any parameters that complicate shooting are ignored. That is, you do not have to make allowances for the strength of the wind. The target should be in the center of the crosshair.
  • Markers - hitting the enemy, you can follow him even through the walls.
  • Decoy - allows you to distract the attention of the enemy. It will turn in the direction of the object hit by the bullet.

Take the exit to leave the training ground.

Zinda Province

Reward : 15,000 coins, 1 skill point.

Objectives :

  • Eliminate Antvan Zarza
  • Eliminate Captain Ronald Payne
  • Eliminate Colonel Fyodor Novikov
  • Damage satellite dishes

Move forward and kill the first two opponents. After that, climb higher and interrogate the enemy from above. This will mark all opponents in the nearest camp. An officer will be among them. From him you can find out that the merchant will arrive within an hour. Move further through the ruins in the direction of the red zone. You will find yourself in a sniper position. Keep using the binoculars until you find Zarza. When this happens, Raven will inform his team. In addition, Zarzu, the target of the quest, will be marked with a yellow marker. Look for it somewhere in the middle of the port. There is a gate on the right side of the port. Use the binoculars to find the gate control panel on the building. When the merchant arrives (just wait a few seconds after spotting Zarza through the binoculars), shoot this panel. The gate will close and Zarzu will be trapped! Wait when he meets the merchant. Kill the enemy next to the panel at the gate of this building, and then shoot at the panel itself. You will pick up the shutters and see Zarza and the arms dealer. Kill both. It is preferable to shoot first at Zarza. After that, the merchant will run upstairs and hide on the balcony. It won't be difficult to kill him. When you eliminate the target, run to the right to the evacuation point. On it you can spend the accumulated funds on new equipment. And don't leave the map, as you have two more goals left. run to the right to the evacuation point. On it you can spend the accumulated funds on new equipment. And don't leave the map, as you have two more goals left. run to the right to the evacuation point. On it you can spend the accumulated funds on new equipment. And don't leave the map, as you have two more goals left.

Exit the cave and eliminate two enemies. In this place, on a box by the building, there is a collectible "The boy who became a thrush." Get to the next camp. Strip it if desired. Most importantly, visit the dock with boats and at the end of the pier look for a box containing a collectible item - Ronald Payne's notebook. Swim across the pond to the shore on the left, where the markers of the two red zones lead, and take the third collectible from the table - Novikov's notebook.

Climb up the stairs, then climb the walls and kill another enemy. Enter the cave, swim up to the next enemy and eliminate the target. Move to the left where the enemy will be. Not far from him, on a ledge, is a suitcase with a collectible . This will be the Mountain Desert camouflage. Interrogate an enemy nearby to find out where the other opponents are in the cave. Kill everyone, moving on the right route, and take a position opposite the territory with satellite dishes. There is also Novikov here.

As always, start with binoculars. Mark all goals. Note that there are buildings labeled “1-1”, “1-2”, “2-1” and “2-2” next to the satellite dishes. They have electrical panels. Kill nearby enemies, and then destroy two panels. I recommend starting with the panels on the left, as there is an armored enemy on the right. Having done this (shoot the panels after killing all the enemies on the roof!), Pay attention to the officer in the center of the location. Fedor Novikov will come out to him. Follow him. The man will hide in the building, and the shutters on the windows will close. I recommend killing the officer on the right on the stairs. Next, kill the enemies on the roof and hit the roller shutters control panel as soon as possible. If you are quick, you will have time to open the shutters and kill Novikov while he is standing still. If they did not have time and Novikov began to move, do not worry. Coming out, he will see the corpse of an officer on the stairs and will stop for a couple of seconds. At this moment, kill Novikov. And then hit the other two panels at the second antenna without worrying about the alarm. Then run back into the cave and turn right to another exit. There will be a second evacuation point behind it.

It remains to eliminate Captain Ronald Payne. Move along the marker and clear the ruins from four enemies. Do not rush to go to the red goal. Instead, turn left, through the ruins, to the cave. Go inside to unlock a fast travel point. On the ledge on the left, look for a collectible - the book "Archer Muhammad Tyrandaz". Return to the ruins, among which the soldiers wandered, and look at the foot of one of the walls, next to the many jugs, for the collectible "The Story of the Wolf Bride."

Move to sniper position. Explore the training camp using binoculars. In the middle there is an armored personnel carrier standing on a lift. To the left of it is a panel. Shoot her when there is no enemy nearby. Payne will run closer, and you can eliminate him without any problems. Go back to the cave on the right and complete the quest.

Mount Kwamar

Reward : 20,000 coins, 2 skill points.

Objectives :

  • Eliminate Lars Helstorm
  • Disable jammers
  • Damage the main antenna
  • Cooling system, disabling water pumps
  • Destroy the main computer by downloading a virus to it

Follow the only route and kill the sniper at the nearest tower. Be sure to interrogate him to find out the positions of the rest of the enemies. There is a commander nearby. You can interrogate him to learn more about the objectives of the assignment. Follow to the left, until the next tower, which will contain the collectible "Fisherman and a dead donkey".

You should now have two markers pointing to the jammers. In any case, whether they exist or not, if you open the map, then you are interested in the upper right and lower left corners of the highlighted red zone. Go to the lower left corner. There will be a fenced area with a bunker, inside which turrets are installed. Opposite the entrance, in the distance there is a tower with a sniper. Eliminate him and other enemies on the territory of the bunker. Interrogate them if you wish. Hide from the turrets in the grass and enter through the main door, opposite the entrance gate. Climb up the stairs and interact with the terminal to disable the first of the three jammers.

Exit the bunker and move along the lower border of the zone (if you look on the map), where the wires go. They lead to a tower with two opponents. Kill them. one is better to interrogate. From here, look down, just to the right of the area where the jammer was just turned off. Two enemies will stand next to the armored vehicle. And from this side you can shoot so as to kill both with one bullet. This is one of the challenges of the game!

Move to the upper right corner of the area, clear the bunker and climb the tower to turn off the jammer. Go downstairs and cross the fallen logs into the cave. Follow through this cave to reach a new red zone where the last jammer is located. The purpose of the order will also be here. Go along the perimeter, killing snipers and ordinary soldiers. After that, go to the tower and turn off the jammer, which looks the same as the previous ones. There will be one armored enemy here. Throw a grenade at your feet or use the C-4 found on the previous jammer. The order target will emerge from the building. Kill an enemy to get extra money. Also on one of the boxes in the center of the area is the collectible "Duban impregnates the pages of the book with poison."

Now follow to the right side of the map where the main antenna is located. Interrogate a couple of soldiers from above, and then go downstairs and eliminate two more targets. By the way, enemies can be killed with one shot. One of the three antenna mechanisms is visible from here. We are talking about a dark green booth, inside which three discs rotate. Each disc has a green light. You need to knock out all three so that they turn red. Then move along the perimeter of the area, looking for convenient positions for shooting at the second "booth". This comfortable position will be at the opposite end. You can also interrogate the officer along the way. Having done this, in the same place where the long-range sniper was (and the position for shooting at the second "booth"), find a collectible- the officer's notebook. There is also a cable. Slide along it to the territory of the main antenna, pass in the corner, stand on the boxes and shoot the green lights inside the third "booth".

Return to the area of ​​the third jammer. There is an entrance to the bunker here, where the target of another order is also located. Once inside, turn left and go even more left through the doorway. You will find yourself in a long tunnel. At the end of it, a sniper sat down behind the fan blades. Eliminate the target, clear the upper tiers and kill the officer below. One of the crates contains the Calmed Genie collectible .

Go back to the beginning and move along another tunnel. We'll have to go down to the area with an armored enemy. On the tier that he patrols, on a box is a collectible - Nakamura's notebook. Continue to the end of the tunnel. It is preferable to move on top, turning off the fans. Kill enemies. Behind the penultimate fan will be the purpose of the order - eliminate the killer. After that, turn left, to where he left from, and kill the enemy from below. Do the same with the officer on the other side of the tunnel. Walk along the bridge and climb inside the next tunnel, through the fan on top. In the room to the right, on a box, is a case. it collectiblewith the "Desert Stone" camouflage. Kill two enemies at the armored vehicle and climb up the long yellow stairs. Don't worry, the fans won't hit you. At the very top, jump sideways and go through another pair of fans.

Cooling systems are located in this red area. Move along the right edge to get around the armored enemy. Interrogate the opponents on the right to find out the location of all the soldiers. Clear this area and go down to the water. Walk around the pond clockwise. There will be a video surveillance camera above the boxes. Shoot her and look in the corner on the crate for the Evil Genie collectible . The same area is patrolled by an armored soldier. Jump into the water, dive to the bottom and find a hole that will allow you to reach the area with the first water pump. All pumps look the same - big red things. Interact with the pump. Be careful, as if it is the last one it will drain all the water.

Get out of here and follow to another part of the base. Let the soldiers finish talking and leave. Cross the road and go upstairs. Kill opponents. On one of the walls there is a control panel for the video surveillance system. Make sure to hack it so you won't be disturbed by the cameras. Find a second pump near the enemies on the bridge and turn it off. Also find a long yellow ladder and go down to the bottom of the tank, where a case with a collectible is lying around... Inside is the Autumn Forest camouflage. Return to the road where the two opponents were talking. Look to the other side. There is no grating in one of the openings. This is the only place that will allow you to get into the central part of the base and climb up to the mortar crew. Eliminate enemies, climb even higher and turn off the last water pump. Having done this, move to the exit from the base. Go to the corner where the officer was. There is a cave entrance near the outskirts of the base. And go there. Jump into the water and get out onto the bridge, where the next collectible will be - "The Young Man Turned into Stone".

This path will lead to the checkpoint in front of the Citadel. To begin with, go down in front of the bridge to the left, go under it, jump over the abyss, and climb into the tunnel under the outpost. Go to the right along the tunnel and climb the hills with grass on the walls. Move along the wall and interrogate the first opponent (after two go down). Deal with the officer. On the wall of the tower, at the top, there is a panel that disables the turrets. On the same wall, on a box, there is a collectible "Pond with colored fish". Leave the outpost and run down the path. Do not rush to leave to the left to the Citadel. Instead, go forward behind the road sign. Follow the yellow marker (it will flicker on the radar), cross the wooden bridge and find a collectible under the bench - a case with the "Desert Storm" camouflage.

Move towards the citadel. Again, there are turrets on the bridge, so it's best to head down to the left. Don't get close to the armored personnel carrier. Also, inspect the upper parts of the base to identify the sniper. Finish him. also kill the enemy on the left side of the base, near the watchtower. It is important! Move along the left side. Do not pay attention to the signs with mines - the main thing is to follow the road. Interrogate the first enemy and climb up. Turrets in this part of the location do not work. Go upstairs and kill the enemy on the bridge. If you did not finish off the enemy at the tower, then he will see it. Under the roof of the same tower in the corner of the base there is a panel that disables the first rows of turrets. Get to the building with other turrets. Beware of the sniper sitting at the tower on the left. Make your way into the building, after killing the enemy, go up the stairs and go to the central part. Jump down to the turret control room and disable them. Kill the enemy first. Go outside, where the armored enemy is, and turn into a booth on the left. Inside it is Helstrom's notebook.

Follow back inside the building, exit the room with the turret control panel into the closed hall and find a hole in the floor. Jump down, go forward and climb the stairs. Clear this tier. The staircase with steps has a camera, so be careful. Interrogate the commander and the common soldier. Move to the very end of the floor to find the camera control panel. Eliminate the targets, go further and turn to the lift on the left. You cannot go down to level B4, where the main computer is located, as you need a Hellstrom keycard. Instead, drive to level B1. Move on top, killing enemies, find the descent down (long yellow stairs) and go to Helstrom.

Take the moment and eliminate the target. Be sure to search the corpse to get a key card. In the same room there is a collectible item - Helstrom's diary. Exit and go left (you came from the right). This path leads to another enemy group. On the left there will be a doorway and a corridor leading to a shaft with fans. Climb the first steps and grab a collectible item , the Bright Desert Camouflage Case. Exit and keep walking left. Jump over the wall, lie down and crawl through the narrow opening. This will take you to the stairs leading to the exit. Go down it to level B3, call the elevator and go to floor B4, where the main computer is located.

Clear the floor, get to the central hall and download the virus to your computer. After that, enemies will appear. Captain Nakamura will be among them. You need to kill at least her, then search the corpse and, together with the key card, activate the elevator. Take it to level B0, go up the steps and evacuate. Mission Complete!

Tajmid Heights

  • Reward : 60,000 coins, 1 skill point.
Objectives :

  • Save Taj Tahir
  • Eliminate Isabella Sanchez
  • Eliminate Hamza Khan
  • Eliminate Zhivko Dragovic
  • Disable the oil fields
Follow the only path through the stone arch and turn right. There will be a comfortable sniper position here. I recommend shooting enemies from here. Moreover, an armored soldier is easiest to destroy due to two explosive barrels, past which he passes. After that, slide down on the cable and search the fortified points on the left. Under one of them, on the table is a collectible - Isabella's notebook. Move to the right, clear another outpost with a turret and enter the cave. Jump down to the left and under the ledge, among the rocks for the collectible "Dwarf named Nim Tanak".

Get to the firing line. Again, there is nothing to do here with a light rifle from the last mission. If you forgot to change, you will have to go to the main menu, select the "Regions" section and start all over again, having prepared the right equipment. So, first use your binoculars to mark all the enemies. One sniper is at the turrets on the right, the other is on the roof of a lonely building on the left. I recommend eliminating them immediately. Hostage Tahir is in the far building on the left, and Sanchez is in the building on the right. She will go inside immediately. Shoot the officer at the entrance. Soon Sanchez will come out to examine his corpse. This is the perfect moment to shoot. And if you raise the alarm, the perfect moment would be while Sanchez stands in front of the entrance to Tahir's detention cell.

When you kill Sanchez, if you have not raised the alarm, deal with the enemy near the entrance to the house where Tahir is. Then accompany him. In the first case, to separate two enemies, shoot at the electric shield. In the second case, when two enemies leave the building, shoot so as to hit both. In the third case, you can divide the enemies with the help of falling yellow barrels. Shoot them. Further, the enemies will leave the building, and again, it is most convenient to shoot at them at once in order to shoot both of them with one bullet. Next, you will need to kill two enemies next to the armored personnel carrier, and also get into the shield behind it to disable the turrets. This is the last task, and after it Tahir will be saved.

Turn around and go right. There will be an evacuation point. After saving, clear one more location before entering the cave. On the right on the table is Hamzu Khan's notebook. Move through the cave and kill the two enemies outside. Before you will be a kind of farm. Do not rush to climb, but take the path to the right and even more to the right. There are no mines here, and near the fallen weather vane lies the Praying Baker collectible . Go back, along the main path, go up a little higher and turn to the building on the right. There is an enemy on the second floor, and on a shelf in the corner lies collectible- a case with "Classic Desert" camouflage. Get to the firing point, study the territory and eliminate two targets. This is quite easy to do, even if the alarm has been raised. One of the tests involves the elimination of both opponents during the escape. That is, shoot any explosive barrels by raising the alarm. Next, kill the enemy inside the building on the left, and then pick up the moment and shoot at the red barrels, past which the second target will run.

Get to the evacuation point, save and follow the marker. After the bridge, turn left, walk past the building and jump through the hole into the cave, where the collectible item - the case with the "Dark Desert" camouflage , lies . In one of the destroyed buildings on the right, there is a collectible "The City Where There Is Nothing". You need to destroy several shields, barrels or pump control generators. In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to destroy all these objects. The main thing is that the target is refreshed, and you are asked to go to the evacuation point. But if the alarm is raised, keep in mind that an enemy group will appear behind you. So you have to leave the position to deal with enemies, including a sniper and an armored soldier.

Rashida Kvalat

  • Reward : 90,000 coins, 2 skill points.


  • Eliminate Bibi Rashida
  • Find the prisoners
  • Disable the missiles in the port
  • Pick up the invoice from the depot
  • Take the data chip

Take the only route to the crash site. Kill the enemies, then jump into the water and look for the control chip inside the partially flooded container. Directly on boxes in the water. Next, climb the hill with cars and go through the canyon to the next goal on the left edge of the map. Behind the canyon there will be a base on which the missiles are located. There are a total of three places where EMP charges should be placed. First, kill the sniper on the roof and the enemy near the turret below. This is the first warehouse. The turret can be hacked. To do this, hold E while sneaking up to the device from behind and release it when the green slider is on the gray scale.

Go to the building on the left, kill two enemies outside and hack the video surveillance system. Don't get caught by the camera on this building! Go inside, go up to the second floor and finish off the lone enemy. Or interrogate him to find out where the soldiers are. Pull the lever on the panel on the right where the red lights are on. This will open the warehouse. Go down to it and place charges on the pallet with missiles. Go to the right building, near which a lone enemy is wandering. An officer who can be interrogated will enter the same building. There is a Tawaddud Reward collectible in one of the locker lockers.

The next warehouse is located at the other end of the base. It will be closed. Walk around the building. Connect to the video surveillance system if desired. There are boxes at the back of the building, through which you can climb to the open window and get inside. Place the EMP charge on the back of the truck and get out. Swim to the lighthouse to find a collectible to the right of the entrance. This will be a Digital Desert camouflage case. Return to enemy territory, go along the road and, before reaching two turrets, look for another set of missiles on the concrete hill on the right. Install EMP charge. The contract has been completed!

Now head to the bottom of the location where the depot is. It is, as always, highlighted with a red frame. The main entrance is guarded by two turrets. The sniper is on the roof of a tall building on the territory of the depot. Another sniper sat down on the hill to the left. Kill both. There is a hole in the left wall that allows you to get inside the base. You need to interrogate the soldier to point out the positions of the other opponents. There will be one officer among them. Kill him and take the key card (search). Go to the building in the right corner, go up the outer stairs and find the door, to the left of which there will be a terminal. Interact with him to use the key card, go inside and take the invoice that lies near the monitor. There is a collectible in the adjacent building. Go inside and look for the soldier's notebook on the table near the computer.

Teleport to the fast travel point closer to the red zone. Leave the cave with the pit and move to the right, to the hill with two opponents. From here, the base is visible from below. Eliminate all enemies, including an armored soldier and an officer. On the roof where the officer was, there are several tables under the awning. Search each one for the Chess Player collectible.

Move to the Rashida fortress. The main entrance is guarded by two turrets. Therefore, I recommend finding a wall on the left, along which you can climb to the generator. Be careful as there is one enemy and two more patrolmen may come out. There are two entrances along the left wall. You enter through the second, because there you can also find a room with the collectible "Image of the Human Body". Find the entrance to the catacombs here. Go underground and walk across the bridge that will collapse. You will find yourself in the water. Dive under the water and swim through the doorway on the left. Continue to follow the water on the only route. In some places you have to dive and hold your breath. Look for rooms with an air gap under the ceiling. There you can stock up on oxygen. Clear the catacombs of all enemies. There will be a laptop in the back room. Study it,

Leave this place through the passage in front, go upstairs and distract the soldier by throwing a pebble aside. Eliminate him and the nearest enemy, and then hack the CCTV cameras on the right side. Go to the Upper Palace. There is a large antenna in the yard. Walk to the right of the antenna to be at the pool. Before reaching it, in a side room, under the wall, there is a collectible item "Knowledge of the counting".

Return to the courtyard and move to the main building. When you get inside, search Rashida's personal account. There is a collectible "Rashida's Notebook" on the table. Climb a little higher and go outside, into the courtyard with a helicopter. Here is Rashida. Kill her and go to the other side. next to the helicopter there is a room with a staircase. Climb to the very top where the sniper sat down and look for the collectible "Notebook of the late husband of Rashida" there. You can leave this fortress. Move from the main exit to the right to find the ruins of a building, among which is the collectible "Notebook of an officer". Climb up the hill nearby, where the exit point indicates. Make your way through this cave and find yourself at a small enemy outpost. Climb to the very top and find the last collectible - "Quranic Knowledge". You can leave the task.

Malad Wadi

  • Reward : 100,000 coins, 3 skill points.


  • Eliminate the connected Taj
  • Eliminate Tajj Tahir

As soon as the mission begins, turn around and find at the edge of the cliff, under a tree, a collectible - a suitcase with camouflage "Armor". Go up to the village and interrogate the soldier on the left. Kill an armored enemy. By the way, before completing the task, I immediately recommend grabbing a heavy sniper rifle and powerful optics, since you will have to shoot from afar. Enter the building on the left and look for the Local Resident's Notebook collectible on the floor near the bed. Get to the tower, go upstairs and take the collectible "Tahir's Notebook", which lies on the middle shelf of the pedestal in the far left corner. Go outside and take a comfortable position from where you can see the fortress and the village. Using the binoculars, find three civilians. They look the same. See what's in the middle. He will go up to the house, lean against the fence and light a cigarette. This will help you identify the target you are looking for. Kill an enemy with an accurate headshot. There is no point in clearing the entire village. After that, immediately go downstairs. If you delay, opponents will come to you. Get ready to kill 4-5 soldiers at the foot of the watchtower.

Going down, go along the path to the left, but after 10-20 meters turn to the helicopter on the right. Behind the destroyed helicopter lies the Collectible Scales of Kasim's Wife. Also under the adjacent tree to the right, by the tail of the helicopter, there is a second collectible in the form of a New Desert camouflage case. Cross the chasm on a log, turn left and in the very corner look for the collectible item "The Last Minutes of Kasim's Life" on the stone. Get to the next point where you can kill Tahir. On the way, clear a small area from enemies. To the left of the vantage point, in the grass is the Kasima Donkey collectible. Take a comfortable position, through binoculars identify Tahir (sitting in the car on the right) and wait.

When he speaks with two armored soldiers and goes to the car - shoot. Turn around, kill the enemies that appear, and run to the evacuation point to complete Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2.