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Walkthrough Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown - game guide


Walkthrough Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown - game guide

Detailed guide to all main and side quests in The Battle of Steeltown - the first story expansion for Wasteland 3

As soon as you receive a message from the Patriarch about problems in Staltan, a new marker will appear in the lower left region of the map. Drive there and enter the factory. Walk forward and see a hologram of Benny Bianchi. Say you are pleased to meet you too (Staltown Rep +1). Benny will advise you to contact Dr. Briller, who will help you get a pass.


The path to the left leads to the junkyard and is guarded by the H3Y0 robot. Only Staltown employees are allowed to enter the landfill. There is a workshop nearby that allows you to customize your vehicles. Go right past the merchant and at the very end, with the proper level of perception, you will notice a treasure. Dig up three gold nuggets. There are several NPCs here. Among them is Deirdre. Talk to the woman. She will say that she is looking for the missing daughter - Holly. You've probably already talked to this girl at the base. And if you have not done anything stupid, you will be able to convey good news for your mother. Agree to reunite your family. As a result, you will receive +10 Refugee reputation and $ 56. Holly is a girl standing across from the blocks at the beginning of Colorado Springs. Sooner or later, the slave owner La Perla will come to the ranger base. She asks to return Holly. If you do this, Deirdre will be disappointed.

Newt is also here. She will talk about her mother and her diabetes. Take the medicine and tell them you will find the woman. Tellurium Steel (x4) can be found in a container nearby - a metal produced exclusively in Staltown. Finally, here is Fatima and the corpse of her brother Aram. Examine the body to find a bloody note, and ask Fatima about it. This will not start a separate quest, but it will allow you to progress in the investigation. When you return here next time, you will find Fatima's corpse and a note from the "old friend" of the rangers nearby. Even later, you will see the corpse of Iris, and her husband Arthur will stand next to it.

Later, Marmalade Mary can be found in front of the entrance to the testing area. If she, of course, survived the events with the "fake" Santa Claus.

Go to the tent to the doctor and chat with him. Perform simple tests. The answers do not matter, as the program will still count the result as positive. The gates will open, but first you have to destroy the representatives of the Ghosts gang. After killing them, go inside and go to the administration level. Chat with Benny. She will go to the room on the right. There is also a toaster on the table. Repair it (requires level 7) for a second toaster to appear. Repair the second and third toasters (repair levels 9 and 10, respectively) to get a Russian nesting doll.

A scientist named Oluvademilad will immediately contact you, who will offer to exchange the matryoshka for 10 quick breakfasts "Maktosta", which increase melee damage by 15% and the maximum "Constitution" by $ 25 for the next 6 turns. Requires 3 TUs to cast.

Go to the back room. This is the control room and here you will meet Abigail Markham. Talk to the woman and agree to help. She will provide you with an AI companion - Robot Dee. A new task will begin.

Reward : $ 3000.

Factory disassembly

Go to Lazar Blazar, who is standing nearby, and take the glove from him. You can also buy other non-lethal weapons. Using it, you will be able to defeat enemies without killing them. this is very important to Abigail. Exit here and go left past the medic to find an elevator with a transition point to the factory level.

Chat with Ludlow, the factory's security chief, to learn about the workers' strike led by Crowe. He claims that she is psychopathic and that the workers need to be killed. Abigail asks to use non-lethal weapons. Let's do it! You can buy it from Lazar Blazar, and also find it in the factory. All non-lethal weapons are highlighted in blue. A plan has matured - to destroy the door, you need to assemble a military robot and install a laser on it.

Attention ! If you want to act in a non-lethal way, you need to get rid of all the pets in the squad. Release them or send them to the pet at the ranger headquarters.

Further, when you deal with the first workers, go a little further and to the left. There will be a computer on which you can start creating a chassis for a military robot. After that, move to the right to meet Reg on a huge robot and other workers. We'll have to fight. But if you use "Asshole", then there will be two fewer enemies.

Now about the destabilizing weapon. Each of these weapons has a default hit chance as well as a destructive X1-X3 field. The higher this value, the faster you will accumulate a status effect that allows you to immobilize targets (by neutralizing them until the end of the battle). Any target will be stunned as soon as the status field reaches X10. But with each new move, the status effect gradually decreases. Consider this. And don't forget that in addition to pets, AI companions such as a clone can do lethal damage. I decided to kill him in advance. Among the enemies there will be melee fighters who will run up and prepare an attack for the next turn. Make sure to leave the area highlighted in the red circle! After the victory, use the terminal at the assembly line to create a military robot body.

Go through the door nearby. There will be another door on the left. You can hack it yourself or through a computer using Dee. You will have to pass the test with the "Know-it-all" or "Licking" skill. Inside there is a box with armor, which contains cryoprotective exo-leggings and an ex-helmet. A little further you will find another enemy group. This time there will be more opponents, but I think you have already trained.

After the victory, use the terminal to install a laser on the military robot. Go through the next door and find a woman's corpse. This is Newt's mother who asked for the medicine. At any time, you can return to the refugee camp at the gates of Staltown and tell Newt the tragic news. In the room on the right, there is Ivan's installation associated with the "Gifts of the Magi" quest. Dee will open access (interact with the terminal) if you complete this task. Otherwise, the door will have to be broken open. Behind it is a large container with a note confirming that Ludlow is being overly cruel and extorting money from the workers. There are also two Tellurium ingots there.

Return to Ludlow and decide what to do - Dee can disable the war robot, in which case he will not fight after the destruction of the gate and will not kill the workers. Or maybe leave it on. After destroying the door, talk to both characters in the foundry. Crowe's and Ludlow's motives are clear, but don't you think Crowe is not so simple either? She is cruel, and can go very far if allowed to continue to put forward her demands. So if, like me, you decide to arrest both of them, proceed as follows ... First, tell Ludlow that he will be arrested. The battle will begin. Attack Ludlow with any lethal weapon, as destabilizing will give nothing but temporary stun. Once his health is at its minimum, Ludlow will stop himself and you can arrest (or kill) him. Arrest Ludlow, after which the conversation with Crowe will continue. Tell me that she too should go into custody with you. A new battle will begin, but all the robots that you have not destroyed will fight (attention!) By your side! And it is advisable not to kill Crow, but to destabilize. But destabilizing Crowe will not end the fight. You will still have to deal with her remaining subordinates.

Whatever your decision, after the victory you need to return to Abigail for a reward. She will issue a new task. From now on, the trader Vince is available in the main hall of the floor. You can buy various weapons with all elemental effects from him. This is important because many enemies use elemental shields that are automatically disabled after two turns, or can be destroyed with weapons with identical elemental damage.

In addition, Amos Ryan and Serena Ash, who are located in the main building on the right side after exiting the administration department, have become traders. Amos has four sets of armor - cryoprotective, pyroprotective, energy-protective, and grounded. The first three protect against specific status effects. Moreover, there are two of each suit. But in any case, do not insist on the demonstration of armor, otherwise you will shoot the man. And Selena sells various technological and combat devices.

Reward : $ 1,500 Elite Air Glove

Saltown Blues

This task will be given to Abigail immediately after you solve the issue with Ludlow and Crowe. You need to go to the junkyard, find Blue, Abigail's ex-partner, and return the demagnetizer, which will allow you to fix the car.

Exit to the gate and follow the left to the junkyard. Chat with the robot. Go to the right and see a boy disguised as a bear - young Winters. Talk to him. If you pass a few checks, it will become another AI companion. On the left, there are worms and a toilet stall that Louis needs on the Sanitation mission. Go deeper into the location and meet the Ghosts. If you scare them, they will disappear. In any other scenario, you will have to fight. The safe (level 10) contains drawings of all the elements of the pyro-protective suit. Repairing a nearby toaster will reward Tellurium Ingots and an Elite Resin Launcher Blueprint.

Search the corpse and find a note with 89.9 FM radio waves. Go back and use the radio on the loader in the center. Tune it to 89.3 FM and listen carefully to the information. When examining a police car and a racing buggy in the same junkyard, you might find numbers 54 and 63, respectively. Where the Ghosts were, there is also a car with the number "9". So, listen carefully to what the radio is saying. You will hear several numbers, but there will always be one order - "9", "?", "63", "?", "54", "?". Instead of questions, there will be random numbers from "1" to "5". They indicate the buttons that you must press inside the cars. First you need to press the button in the car "9", where the Ghosts were, then - in the buggy, at the end - in the police car. If you do everything correctly, the path to the Ghosts garage will open. If you are wrong,

Go to the Ghosts garage, if you can unlock the door on the left and notice another one, you will get to Blue's secluded place. There is an audio recording in the trash can, from which it becomes clear that Blue and Abigail were together before. Return to the main hall. If you start shooting at someone, you will not be able to resolve the issue peacefully. But this is one of the solutions to the problem.

Another option is to use the selector on the pillar to the right and use the Licking skill to convince Blue to talk to you. Go to him, listen and decide what to do. If you support his plan to free the captive synths, he will hand over the demagnetizer, albeit based on what you did before. For example, what was done to the robots at the airport, whether Dee's memory was allowed to be restored, whether Ludlow was tied, whether the refugees at the gates of Staltown were helped, and so on. Here you can also meet the Star. Beetle, a character standing near the gates of Staltown, is looking for her. The star will ask you to tell the Beetle to be patient. She will return to him as soon as Blue gets what he wants.

If you decide to fight, you can find two square buttons on the right side of the location. Stand on them to reboot the system and kill a couple of opponents. But keep in mind that the Star will also die. Behind Blue there is a cabinet with a mechanical arm. If you kill Blue, in this case you can take your hand back to your base. Otherwise, she will refuse to leave the Ghosts garage. In any case, having received the demagnetizer, return to Abigail. If the synths are killed or freed, she will leave her post. Blue will not be thrilled either. A special enemy will appear in the Ghost garage, which controls several animals at once. If you reprogram synths, Abigail will remain at his post.

Electronic dreams

To the right of Abigail will open a door with a transition point to the Spire of Staltown. Move there. I decided to support the synths, and Abigail unleashed the robots. The main mechanic of these several battles is the presence of a robotic lift, which generates new robots every turn. Each lift must be turned off using a special lever marked with a purple arrow. After the first battle, go to the next room and defeat new enemies. There will be as many as three elevators, respectively - and three switches. After turning off all the elevators, go to the balcony and move along the bridge. In one of the niches is a note related to Serena Ash, one of two merchants standing next to each other inside Staltown. The other half is in the toaster, located in the corner of the foundry room where you sided with Ludlow or Crowe (or fought both characters). Bring the two halves to Serena, then talk to Hayes at the administrative level, in the back room behind Benny. Convince him to put the seal and return to Serena. She will tell you about the secret door to Markham's office. But if you already know about it, then you will receive another reward.

Win the third battle as well. There is a big red button on the remote. If you click on it, the game will end, you will see the credits. So don't do it as the synths advise.

Click on the two yellow buttons in different rooms. Wires from the central terminal lead to them. And then use it to kill, reprogram, or free synths. We have chosen the latter option. Return to the Engineering Department to Markham.

Reward : x40 Telluric Steel.


When you deal with the virtual machine, leave Staltown. Visit any three locations (or the same, but three times) to receive a message about the gang attack on Staltown. You will be contacted by Markham, Crowe (if you left her) or any other refugee (if you sided with Markham, but killed or freed the synths). Return to Staltown and see that the city is attacked by dozens of different gang members.

Depending on the decisions you make, the city will be defended by:

  • Crowe or Abigail.
  • Workers or robots.
  • Refugees you helped.
  • Ghosts, if you stun them or did not fight at all.
  • Dee and Blue, depending on your decision.
  • If the synths were freed, then they will help in battle!

After the victory, collect the loot and take the reward from the leader of Staltown.

Sanitation (side quest)

Chat with Louis before entering Staltown. This man stands to the right of the entrance, not far from a local merchant. He will issue a new task. Louis asks to get a toilet for the refugees. When you find yourself at the factory level and talk to Ludlow, go through the door on the right and find a robot dog and striking workers. Deal with this situation and look into the room to the left to find a cassette for Luis in the weapon box. On assignment, go to the gate and follow the left to the junkyard (when it opens). Turn left behind the bridge, destroy all the worms and examine the toilet stall. Now report everything to Louis. Then you will need to get 5 chemical neutralizers for him. If you search the containers carefully, you should already have them. Otherwise, take a stroll around the local vendors. You can also show Louis the audio recording of his wife.

Reward : 750 Junk.

Special Demand Goods (Side Quest)

The quest can be obtained from the merchant Karla Hot Asphalt, which is located to the right of the entrance to Staltown. She wonders why a box with a military robot, which was not on the documents, came to her. You need to ask Benny about the military robot box and the note. After chatting with Abigail Markham about the story of the game, return to the administrative level and talk to Benny. You will notice that the handwriting from the note matches the handwriting from the documents on Benny's desk. But she will blame her secretary Bernice. You can interrogate her, but it will become clear that Benny herself is to blame.

Reward : Elite Ball Lightning Automatic Rifle, x10 Tellurium Steel.

Accept order (side quest)

Near the entrance to Staltown is a man named Cookie. He stands at the fence to the right of the gate, closer to the doctor's shop. Talk to him and take the task. You need to meet with Walsh, the organic farm manager. When you find yourself in the control room with Abigail Markham, look for a certain Walsh in the same room. Talk to him and remind him about the refugee food box. He will tell you that you need to talk to operator Jerry. Jerry is in the same room. Like Harley and Doe. Talk to each secretary. Continue doing this until the shipment has been dispatched. You can speed up the process by using different skills, but even without them, sooner or later everything will end in success. Leave Staltown and talk to Cookie in the refugee camp at the beginning of the area. Quest completed! Now you can buy food from him,

Reward : chemical neutralizer x8.

Workers (side quest)

When you get to the administration level of Staltown, look into the room on the right and chat with Oluvademilad, who is standing at the table in the center. Agree to take a career guidance test. Interact with the treadmill, and then get the key and the position of "Nut Tightener". Exit the office, go up and to the left to find a pipe with a valve. Interact with it and tighten the nut. Go back to Oluvademilad, talk to him and take another test. Return to the pipe with the valve and loosen the nut. Talk to Oluvademilad again, take the last test. You will be assigned as a firefighting expert and asked to go down to the factory to replace Keith. When you find yourself on the lower level, go to the first building and deal with the workers (or negotiate with them). A certain Luna Moon is hiding in the room on the left. Not a single quest is associated with it. A little further there will be a computer responsible for assembling the chassis for a military robot. Next to him is a door. Hack it (requires level 8) and talk to Keith. Choose one character, equip him in a pyro-protective suit and stand on the button. Let Keith go. Follow him too, having successfully run through the fire. By the way, there is a cassette tape in the box next to the button, which confirms the mistreatment of workers by Ludlow. Return to Oluvademilad for your reward. which confirms the mistreatment of workers by Ludlow. Return to Oluvademilad for your reward. which confirms the mistreatment of workers by Ludlow. Return to Oluvademilad for your reward.

Reward : x10 Telluric Steel, Elite Fire Suppressor Sprayer, Elite Heavy Fire Suppressor.

Gifts of the Magi (side quest)

In the laboratory where Abigail Markham is located, look for Ivan (on the left after entering). Talk to him and agree to help with the search for a biometric regulator, which is in the electroencephalograph at the administrative level. Another scientist is standing nearby - a woman with the initials B.F. Talk to her. She will offer a counter task - to bring the biometric regulator to her. For this, in addition to an elite energy protective suit, you will receive 8 destabilizing traps and 5 chemical neutralizers.

At the exit from the hall you will be stopped by Enrico, who will ask you to bring him both biometric regulators. Agree. Move to the administrative level and open the room next to Benny. There's an electroencephalograph here. Remove the biometric regulator from there. When you collect a military robot in the quest "Showdown in the factory", go further past the corpse of Newt's mother and open the storage room on the right to find Ivan's installation. You can put the biometric regulator stolen earlier in it, or you can steal this regulator and install it in the electroencephalograph. And if you steal both regulators, then carry them to Enrico.