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WoW BC Classic level areas - where to go with which level?

 Do you want to know whether the next area in WoW BC Classic is already suitable for you? Have you reached a new level in the Classic areas and don't know where to go now? We shows you all level areas and reveals when and where to level best.

Since June 2nd you can explore Outland in BC Classic and reach level 70 with it. In seven new areas you level yourself to the new maximum level and are slowly being prepared for the new challenges.

Here we give you a brief overview of when you are allowed to visit which area. The levels in brackets indicate the minimum level you should have reached for the start and when you should slowly move into a new area.

We will explain to you which dungeons you will find there and what you may have to pay attention to. You can read more about the history and the background of the individual areas in the new special issue for BC Classic .

You will also learn how to level at level 60 or 58 in Classic in order to be able to visit Outland. Because, especially in the old areas, you can quickly lose track of where to go next.

WoW BC Classic level areas - where to go with which level?

Hellfire Peninsula (58-63, recommended 59-62)

You will take your first steps in Outland in Hellfire Peninsula. You reach the zone through the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands, in the far south of the Eastern Kingdoms. From level 58 you can accept the first quests here.

Horde and Alliance have largely the same tasks on different sides of the island. Have you done all the quests in the area, you should have reached about level 62. If you don't have enough experience, think about visiting the area's dungeons one or two more times.

What dungeons are there? Right in the center of the Hellfire Peninsula you will find Hellfire Citadel. There are four instances built into it that you can visit:

  • Hellfire Bulwark (58-63)
  • Blood Kettle (60-64)
  • Shattered halls (70; needs keys)
  • Magtheridon's Chamber (70; Raid)
The Dark Portal on the Hellfire Peninsula. It was from here that the orcs began their invasion of Azeroth.

Zangarmarschen (60-64, recommended 61-63)

To the west of Hellfire Peninsula you will find the Zangarmarsh. Here you can accept the first quests from level 60, but it is recommended to stay on the Hellfire Half-Island until at least level 61. There you will also receive a quest at the end that will lead you to the next area.

Many opponents in the Zangarmarsh are around level 63. All over the area there are bases of the Horde and Alliance as well as of the expedition of Cenarius and of Sporeggar, two neutral factions.

What dungeons are there? In the large snake lake in the north you will find the Lizard Cauldron, where three dungeons and a raid await you:

  • Slave accommodation (61-65)
  • Deep swamp (62-65)
  • With steam chamber (70)
  • Serpent Shrine Cave (70; Raid)

Terokkar Forests (62-65, 63-65 recommended)

You can reach the forests of Terokkar via the Hellfire Peninsula in the southwest or via the Zangarmarsh in the south. In theory, you can skip the forests, as the level area is exactly where the Zangarmarsh and Nagrand intersect. We still recommend doing at least a level or two here to make it easier later or to catch up.

You will get the first quests in the Zangarmarschen, which will send you to an outpost in the north of the woods, as well as in Shattrath. The introductions lead you to the outposts of your faction and the neutral posts.

Tip: Visit the forests of Terokkar a little earlier to get the flight point in Shattrath and, if necessary, to set the hearthstone there. Shattrath is the capital of expansion.

What dungeons are there? In the south of the zone you will find the huge ruin of Auchindoun, a sacred site of the draenei. There are four dungeons here, some of which you can visit while leveling:

  • Mana Call (64-66)
  • Auchenai Crypt (65-68)
  • Sethekk halls (67-70)
  • Shadow maze (70; key required)
Auchindoun is one of the major dungeon hubs in BC Classic.

Nagrand (64-67, recommended 65-67)

The best way to get to Nagrand is via the forests of Terokkar in the west or via Zangarmarschen in the southwest. A small pass leads you into the green area. In the north of the center you will find the Horde base, south of the center the base of the Alliance.

Nagrand is a very popular area, which is why it could get a little more crowded here than in other areas. We do not recommend switching to this area directly at level 64, as the enemies here can quickly become deadly due to their levels and skills.

There are no dungeons to visit in Nagrand. There are several quests in the arena of Nagrand, which are extremely worthwhile in terms of experience points and loot. The ring of blood is to the north of the area.

Blade's Edge Mountains (65-68)

In the north of the Zangarmarschen mountain passes lead you into the Blade's Edge Mountains, where you can accept quests from level 65. In the zone, however, make sure that there are several elite opponents patrolling there who can happily knock you out with a blow or two.

Due to the many mountains, the journey through the Blade's Edge Mountains can be a bit difficult, but the quests are often very close together. So many tasks can be done quickly, which makes the Blade's Edge Mountains a rewarding area.

What dungeons are there? There is no dungeon per se in Blade's Edge Mountains, but once you're ready for the raids, you'll find Gruul's hideout in the center of the zone. This raid has only two bosses and is one of the "T4 Raids", the first raids in the expansion.

Netherstorm (67-70)

Northeast of the Blade's Edge Mountains you will find one of the two end areas of the level phase of BC Classic, Nethersturm. You can already accept quests from level 67 and if you want, you can switch early. If you finish "too fast", you can collect the remaining experience points up to level 70 in Shadowmoon Valley.

Since you will find significantly more blood elves than demons in Netherstorm, you should prefer this area if you have joined the seers. Here you will find the items you need for more reputation while you are quests.

The instances in Netherstorm and the Tempest Keep. One of TBC's toughest bosses is waiting here: Kael'thas Sunstrider.

What dungeons are there? The last major dungeon hub can be found in Netherstorm. To visit the dungeons, however, you must be able to fly or have someone on hand who can summon you to the dungeon.

  • Mechanar (70)
  • Arcatraz (70; requires key)
  • Botanica (70)
  • Tempest Keep (70; Raid)

Shadowmoon Valley (67-70)

On the other side of Outland is Shadowmoon Valley, which you can enter to the southeast of the Terokkar Forests. Like Nethersturm, it is worth entering from level 67.

Unlike in Netherstorm, you will find more demons here, which is why Aldor supporters should prefer Shadowmoon Valley. So you already collect items for reputation increases while quests.

Tip: Paladins should choose Shadowmoon Valley if they want to level up faster. Since there are many demons around here, exorcism can often be used.

What dungeons are there? You won't find any dungeons per se, but there is one of the last raids of the expansion in Shadowmoon Valley: the Black Temple. Here you fight against Illidan Stormrage, the charismatic antagonist of Burning Crusade.

Leveling in WoW Classic - Where do you level up to level 58?

If you haven't reached Outland yet, you'll probably find your way through the Classic areas first. Here it is not always clear where to proceed, as the level area is not shown on the map.

We show you in clear steps of ten which areas are suitable for your level and give you recommendations for zones that are particularly worthwhile.

Where can I level with level 1-10?


  • Azuremyst Isle (1-10)
  • Dun Morogh (1-10)
  • Elwynn Forest (1-10)
  • Teldrassil (1-10)


  • Durotar (1-10)
  • Mulgore (1-10)
  • Eversong Woods (1-10)
  • Tirisfal (1-10)

The areas are the starting areas of your respective people. You can easily start where you will be dropped off. But you can also go on the journey to a different starting area.

This is useful if you want to gain reputation with a certain faction, for example for a mount. This saves time by combining reputation gathering and leveling.

Where do you level with level 11-20?


  • Bloodmyst Isle (10-20)
  • Darkshore (10-20)
  • Loch Modan (10-20)
  • Westfall (10-20)


  • Ghostlands (10-20)
  • Silberwald (10-20)
  • Barrens (10-25)


  • Red Ridge Mountains (15-25)
  • Stonetalon Mountains (15-27)
  • Ashenvale (18-30)
  • Duskwood (18-30)

Most of the neutral areas are aimed more at Alliance players, but the Horde will also find many or even more quests in Ashenvale as well as in Stonetalon Mountains. Alliance players should definitely visit Gloamwood, as there are rewarding quest lines here, Horde players are in good hands in the Barrens and Stonetalon Mountains.

Gloamwood is a lovely and rewarding area for the Alliance.

Where do you level with level 21-30?

  • Red Ridge Mountains (15-25)
  • Stonetalon Mountains (15-27)
  • Ashenvale (18-30)
  • Duskwood (18-30)
  • Hillsbrad Foothills (20-30)
  • Marshland (20-30)
  • Thousand needles (25-35)

In the marshland, especially alliance players will find many quests that they will continue later. A thousand needles is more occupied by the Horde, which is why there are more quests for this faction.

In the east of Thousand Needles, however, there is the neutral Shimmering Level for players with level late 20. The quests here are close together and both factions can quickly gain experience points. The foothills of the hill country should visit Alliance players a little later than Horde players, as the quests here start later, around level 25.

Where do you level with level 31-40?

  • Thousand needles (25-35)
  • Alterac Mountains (30-40)
  • Arathi Highlands (30-40)
  • Desolace (30-40)
  • Stranglethorn Valley (30-45)
  • Dustwallow Marsh (35-45)
  • Wasteland (35-45)
  • Marshes of Sorrows (35-45)

Desolace and Stranglethorn are both areas where you have many quests together and which are linked with worthwhile ranks. You should start here early and then switch to the other area to catch up on levels. So you get the most out of both areas.

Alternatively, Horde players will find many quests in the Marshes of Sorrows, Alliance players in Dustwallow Marsh. Both areas have interesting surroundings and are well worth a detour.

Where do you level with level 41-50?

  • Feralas (40-50)
  • Hinterlands (40-50)
  • Tanaris (40-50)
  • Searing Gorge (45-50)
  • Azshara (45-55)
  • Desolate Lands (45-55)
  • Un'goro Crater (48-55)
  • Devil's Forest (48-55)

Tanaris is worth the most here, as you get long quest lines to prepare for the Zul'Farrak Dungeon and learn many recipes for professions in the cities. Tanaris, the hinterland and Feralas are linked by several quests, so that you can do tasks in all three areas at the same time and switch between them.

The Searing Gorge is especially interesting for mountain farmers who want to improve their skills, because there is dark iron here, which will get you through an otherwise arduous phase. The Devastated Lands are only partially worthwhile because the quests here are far apart and there isn't too much to do anyway. But secure your flight point here to get to Outland faster.

The Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands - your journey into Outland begins here.

Begin the quests in Un'goro Crater and the Devil's Forest in your late 40s, in order to get better rewards and prepare the quests later in the 50s.

Where do you level with level 51-60?

  • Azshara (45-55)
  • Desolate Lands (45-55)
  • Un'goro Crater (48-55)
  • Devil's Forest (48-55)
  • Burning Steppes (50-58)
  • Western Plaguelands (51-58)
  • Eastern Plaguelands (53-60)
  • Winter Spring (53-60)
  • Silithus (55-60)

In the crater of Un'goro and the Devil's Forest you should bring your quest series to an end, since towards the end you often get easy tasks for a lot of experience points. In the Devil's Forest you also prepare for the trip to Winterquell, where you can complete the level areas of Classic.

Winterquell and Silithus are also starting points for finishing the last quests so that you reach level 58 (or 60). At level 55 the areas can still be a bit tough, but at 57+ you should make quick progress here.

The plaguelands are a bit of a hassle, but especially worthwhile for paladins. Since there are many undead here, you can often use Exorcism and Holy Wrath to deal more damage and level up faster.

70 levels - how long does it actually take?

If you are starting WoW Classic from scratch, you should roughly orientate yourself to one hour per level. At first it will be even faster, but from level 40 or 50 an hour is already realistic. There is also a one-time level 58 boost available to purchase, but there are a few reasons that speak against the level boost .

In Outland, 2-3 hours per level are no longer uncommon, so it's best not to do too much and don't be frustrated if it takes longer. It's faster too, and some players got to max tier just a few hours after release, but with boring methods.

In principle, it is also true that in most cases it is worthwhile to close off an area completely. The last quests in long series often give more experience points than new quests in a fresh area. So don't necessarily switch to a new zone just because your level allows you.