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5 tips for solo players in Tribes of Midgard - How to master the co-op game alone


5 tips for solo players in Tribes of Midgard - How to master the co-op game alone

The new co-op roguelite Tribes of Midgard was released on July 27th for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. While the gameplay is designed for co-op, Tribes of Midgard also offers a solo mode. It has a lot to offer. We give you 5 tips on how to survive on your own.

What are these tips? We'll tell you how to best set up your base and which tricks you can use to survive the first few nights in Tribes of Midgard. This way you get better into the "midgame" and have more air to the rear when the game becomes more difficult.

Tribes of Midgard expires in rounds. You start from the beginning in each round and have to purchase new equipment, weapons and upgrades. You will be attacked (almost) every night by monsters who want to destroy your village. Alone and as a newbie you will quickly succumb to the mass of opponents.

In the initial reactions to Tribes of Midgard , one of the biggest criticisms was that the game was extremely difficult. It is therefore important to have the right foundation so that you can build on it later in the game. You can do this with our tips.

In Tribes of Midgard you have to defend your Yggdrasil sapling. It's still so easy on your own.

Is it even worth it solo? Yes absolutely. Although you can better share tasks with friends and probably have a little less stress, the game also scales with the number of players in a round.

Alone you have it a little easier against wild animals and monsters, the life points of the attacking giants are also significantly lower. Nevertheless, Tribes of Midgard solo is a great challenge and only advisable for players who can live with defeat.

1. Ignore the first night

If you start a new round in Saga mode, the first night will be quite short. You will still get a warning that monsters will attack you. Just ignore this message for the first night.

The NPCs of the settlement become active themselves and fight the intruders on their own. Most monsters are wiped out this way before they reach your tree. And even if they get through, they won't do much damage in the short time. Instead, use the time to:

  • Collect resources that you need for expansion and equipment
  • To find teleport points ("shrines") with which you can get through the world faster
  • To hoard materials for later upgrade stages or to discover important points, such as stores or treasures
Your village gets along well without you for the first few nights.

The time at the beginning is extremely valuable, as you are hardly punished for not being in the village and you can better prepare for later. Speed ​​and mobility are especially important in winter as the days get shorter and shorter.

If you are too far from there or have not found a shrine, you can safely ignore the second night. If there are already towers, you don't even have to return for the third or fourth night.

2. Develop the tinkerer and tools

The first thing you should do with your souls is to develop the tinkerer. This can provide you with better tools at higher ranks and upgrade materials. You will need the materials later to expand your base.

With the tools you collect more resources from the environment, the higher your pickaxe or ax is upgraded. So you should build rank 2 tools right away and aim for rank 4 as soon as possible. You should upgrade the tinkerer directly to rank 3. For the upgrade you need:

  • 250 souls for rank 2
  • 500 souls for rank 3
  • 1,000 souls for rank 4
  • 1,500 souls for rank 5 (not mandatory)
You can get souls all over the world. The easiest way to get them is:

  • from NPC camps that contain chests
  • from powerful opponents like trolls
  • or from events that keep popping up.

The dangerous Jötnar also deliver a large chunk of souls.

Additional tip: take a few ramps and floors from the tinkerer. You can place the components in the world to cross rivers or climb hills.

3. Choose the right class

At the beginning of Tribes of Midgard you only have two classes to choose from: Ranger and Warrior. Both classes are good for beginners, but the ranger is a bit better for solo play:

  • thanks to "nimble foot" (two ranks) you are faster on the way and speed is extremely important when you are alone. This way you can get across the map faster to collect resources or to reach shrines
  • the focus on arcs is a little "safer" at a distance. After all, you have no one to revive you
  • With “Piercing Arrows” and “Deep Quiver” you can hit multiple targets with one shot and get your more powerful ammunition back if you use them
  • "Long-lasting weapons" increases the durability of weapons, so you don't have to go back for repairs as often
  • "Eye of the Raven" grants an additional zoom level and thus a much better overview of your surroundings

The warrior has a focus on hand-to-hand combat, which doesn't mean you can't wear bows. The ranger is just better and more effective, which makes him a better choice, especially for the beginning.

Regardless of the choice of your class for the beginning, you should not play guardians or sentinels after the activation. These are tanks that are designed purely for group play. Seers and Guardians are also more suited to co-op play.

4. Build towers and the buildings outside the village

If you have survived the first few nights, you should quickly start upgrading buildings. At each entrance to your village you have a wall and two towers. The towers are especially important to start with, as they can hold off a few waves of enemies on their own. Therefore, build it up to rank 1 very early on. For this you need:

  • 1x wrought iron
  • 2x hewn stone
  • 3x wooden board
  • 100 souls

You can expand the towers later, but rank 1 is sufficient for the beginning. When you have progressed further, you should also build up the walls. Just remember to open the gates again and again when the monsters jam in front of them.

You can equip the towers with arrows. It's best to give them thunder arrows or explosive thunder arrows. These cause light damage, to which the Hel monsters are particularly susceptible.

Around your village you will also find a quarry, a logging area and a farm. These provide you with resources every 10 minutes that you need for further expansion. Develop this as early as possible. For this you need per building:

  • 6x wrought iron
  • 9x carved stone
  • 12x wooden board
  • 600 souls

You should first expand the quarry, as it supplies you with both iron and stones, with which you can expand the other buildings more quickly. Afterwards, the farm is ideal for better armor or logging for construction timber and alchemical ingredients.

5. Make a light weapon early and watch the titans

The Hel creatures that attack you at night have the element "darkness". There are four elements in Tribes of Midgard, each of which is strongly opposed to one another in pairs:

  • Light (thunder / paralysis) against darkness (emptiness) and vice versa
  • Cold (ice) against fire and vice versa
Since you will be busy for some time to stop the enemy at night, you should forge a light or thunder weapon early on. For this you need a blacksmith of at least rank 2. You can choose from:

  • Norns bow
  • Alvíss' hammer
  • Norn ax (requires rank 3)
  • Baldr's Blade (requires Rank 4)

The advantage of a light weapon is that you do not have a penalty with any of the Jötnar except for Járnsaxa and Járnsaxa is one of the easier opponents. For this you have a damage bonus against Angrboða, which is considered the heaviest of the four giants.

Each of the giants also appears only once for the time being. So you can always narrow down who you are dealing with and at the latest with the fourth giant you need an elemental weapon that counteracts the element of the Jötun. May appear:

  • Járnsaxa - light element (weak against darkness)
  • Angrboða - dark element (weak against light)
  • Geirröðr - ice element (weak against fire)
  • Hálogi - fire element (weak against ice)

Bonus tip for PC: Change the button for looting

As you have probably noticed by now, speed is an extremely important factor when playing solo. You should optimize your controls accordingly.

At least on the PC with a keyboard, the standard keys for expanding (G) and looting or interacting (F) are extremely impractical. Since you are moving with WASD, you can hardly reach the two buttons without twisting yourself or letting go of the mouse.

Therefore, put the two functions on easier-to-reach buttons. The best way to do this is to use additional mouse buttons, such as thumb buttons, as these can be reached quickly. Many MMO mice offer such buttons.

With these tips we have made it to the 14th night and the round is still running - so there is definitely more to be achieved. Did our tips help you? How do you play Tribes of Midgard solo? Do you like the game or is it just more fun in co-op? Write us a comment!