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All about the Formation Manor dungeon and the Orobashi Legacy quest in Genshin Impact 2.0 - how to discover, how to light torches, rewards and tactics


All about the Formation Manor dungeon and the Orobashi Legacy quest in Genshin Impact 2.0 - how to discover, how to light torches, rewards and tactics

"Formation Manor" is one of the new dungeons that has appeared in the game Genshin Impact with the release of patch 2.0. For its passage, you can get a valuable reward, which will come in handy when pumping your characters and help make them stronger, but first you will have to open access to the dungeon by completing a series of quests. In this guide, we will tell you how to do this and what kind of reward awaits you as a result.

To open the passage to the Formation Dungeon, you need to light four torches located in different places in the Inazuma region. But this is hampered by constant rain and thunderstorms, which can be stopped by completing a chain of three consecutive tasks "Legacy of Orobashi".

Passage of the quest "Legacy of Orobashi. Part 1"

To start completing the quest, you need to upgrade to Adventure Rank 30, after which you need to visit Inazuma, namely Yashiori Island. There, between Fort Fujito and Musojin Gorge, there is a character named Kaji, with whom you need to talk in order for him to give you an initial quest. At this stage, you will complete the epilogue, as a reward for which the NPC will give you 20 Source Stones.

After talking with Kaji, you need to move to the stone pillar (a marker indicating its location will be displayed on the map), interact with it and, using the sense of the elements, find the missing part - it is inside the dome, which must be removed using four electric pillars ... Before you tackle the puzzle, deal with all aggressive mobs in the area so that they do not interfere with you.

You need to turn the pillars so that they look at each other, laying a chain of electricity to the desired place (you just need to turn the first, second and fourth pillars, and tilt the third additionally towards the other pillar). After that, shoot at the first post from the bow to trigger a reaction (if you did something wrong, the cut-scene is not activated).

After the dome disappears, you can find the spheres that Kaji is waiting for from you (the first hovers above the round hole, the second is located at the bottom). After picking up the items, return to the stone pillar, and then go to the quest NPC for a reward.

As a thank you for completing the quest “Legacy of Orobashi. Part 1 ”you will receive 40 Source Stones, 30,000 Mora, 4 Hero XP and 300 Adventure Points.

Passage of the quest "Legacy of Orobashi. Part 2"

After you talk to Kaji and receive the reward for completing the first part of the quest chain, you will need to interact with the "Snake Head" talisman. A marker on the map will point to it - an enemy will be waiting for you at the point, which you need to deal with. If you can't interact with the pillar, study the note that lies nearby.

Now you need to find two quest items (the location on the map is shown in the screenshot). The first one lies in the cave, which is located next to the branch of the thunderous sakura. Also, do not forget to pick up an electro granum that will be useful to you in the future.

Jump down, where the electric field will be waiting for you - you can fly through it if you have an electro granum available. Next, interact with the console in the form of a cube, with which you can remove water from the room. When you're done with this, go down the stairs even lower, defeat the three rune defenders, and then hit the three cubes until the same symbol lights up on them.

Follow the formed passage and find the fairy - you need to follow her using the sense of the elements. In the process, you will need to deal with several enemies until you find the amulet of a stone pillar in the form of a gem. Interact with the electric column to open a passage through the grate and get upstairs.

When you find yourself on the surface, you will open another puzzle with a dome and electric pillars. As in the previous time, you just need to turn the monuments towards each other with one exception - the fourth pillar needs to be tilted so that its light hits exactly the next structure. Upon completion, shoot from a bow at the purple sphere of the very first pillar to start the cutscene (as before, if you interacted with some of the pillars incorrectly, the quest will not continue).

After destroying the dome, you can pick up the last quest item, which must be attributed to the Serpent Head ward. As a result, you will be able to receive 40 Source Stones, 30,000 Mora, 4 Hero XP and 300 Adventure Points as a reward.

Passage of the quest "Legacy of Orobashi. Part 3 "

Now we move on to the last part of the quest chain, which will open the way for us to the new dungeon "Manor of Formation".

First, you need to visit the Jakotsu Mine, which will be indicated by a quest marker on your map. The first test will be the already familiar dome, which must be destroyed with the help of electric pillars. This time, you will need to tilt several monuments at once (the 2nd, 4th and 7th pillars), we just turn the rest towards the next structure.

When you complete the placement, shoot at the sphere on the first pillar to start the cutscene with the disappearance of the dome (as before, if you did something wrong, the scene will not start). Now you will have the opportunity to interact with the amulet, after which you need to follow the purple wind towards the first part of the amulet.

First, you will be blocked by the Hydro slimes, which you need to deal with, and then your opponent will be an abyss mage who owns an electrical element. He guards a barrier, which cannot be reached without killing the enemy - when it is finished with him, you just have to pick up the electrogranum that appears. After passing through the obstacle, break the barrier and deal with the hydro-effect mages of the abyss. Next, you need to climb the stone and plan down, where the missing part of the amulet will be waiting for you.

Having obtained the first part, return to the amulet at the bottom of the mine and interact with it. After that, use the sense of the elements - the familiar purple trail will lead you to a hill nearby. There you will have to climb a little higher to see the branch of a thunderous cherry blossom and another electric barrier. Pick up the electrogranum and go through the force field, inside which you will find the second part of the amulet.

Return to the pillar, interact with it and close this task. As a reward for completing the quest "Legacy of Orobashi. Part 3 "you will receive 40 source stones, 30,000 mora, 4 hero experience and 300 adventure points.

How to get to the Formation Manor dungeon

Now that you have completed this quest, the game will prompt you to continue the chain, but at the same time you will notice how the weather on Inazuma improves. Accordingly, now nothing prevents you from lighting torches in order to go to the desired dungeon.

Follow the location of the Jakotsu mine, where you will find a console cube and the first torch next to it. Use any skill with a pyro effect to ignite it. After you do this, you will see how the fairy hovering above the torch will fly to another place - follow her to the next torch.

After repeating the procedure 4 times, a chest will appear next to the cube, after which the panel will be unlocked and you can go to the "Formation Estate".

How to get through the Formation Manor dungeon

Before going inside, we recommend pumping your squad to at least level 90. For the passage it is worth taking characters who own pyro, cryo, anemo or electro elements.

After going inside through the opened gate, you will meet a group of Nobushi samurai. In total, a dozen opponents are waiting for you, which you can defeat slowly - there is no time limit here. It will be optimal if in your squad there is a hero with massive control (for example, Sucrose or Venti), who will gather all the samurai in a heap for carrying out some kind of lethal attack with area damage - this way you will deal with the mobs as quickly as possible.

Note: There are arrow traps in the walls of the dungeon, which can be used to inflict additional damage on enemies.

Reward for completing the Formation Manor dungeon

Having mastered all the quests and defeating the mobs in the dungeon, you will receive:

  • 40 Source Stones;
  • 500 adventure points;
  • 30,000 mora;
  • 5 units of magic ore enhancement;
  • 3 points of experience of the hero;
  • 2 teachings about "Light";
  • 5 Electro seals;
  • One of the items in the Shimenawa Memories set.