CoD Cold War & Warzone: Unlock OTs 9 - This is how you get the powerful MP


CoD Cold War & Warzone: Unlock OTs 9 - This is how you get the powerful MP

With the update for Season 4, there was another burst of new content for Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call Of Duty: Warzone . With the OTs 9, this also includes a powerful submachine gun. We show you in this guide how you can unlock the weapon.

What kind of weapon is that? It is one of the 5 new weapons from Season 4, but only came with the Mid-Season 4 Update. The OTs 9 is a submachine gun that should be quite powerful.

It can be unlocked as an in-game challenge. They are also available in store bundles. We'll tell you how exactly you can unlock it.

Unlock OTs 9 in Warzone and Cold War

How to get the new submachine gun: There are two different ways to get the OTs 9 in the game. Depending on what you prefer to play, you have two different in-game challenges that give you the submachine gun:

  • Cold War Multiplayer and Warzone: 2 double kills in 15 matches each
  • Cold War zombies. Kill 50 Tempests with submachine guns. This must be done within 2 seconds after they teleport.

Alternatively, you can unlock the OTs 9 via the “Inside Job” bundle, which costs you 1200 COD points. That is about 12 euros. With the bundle you get the blueprint of the submachine gun.

What can the weapon do? At first glance, the OTs 9 looks like a powerful submachine gun. At 850, for example, it has a higher rate of fire than the MP5 from Cold War and its stats show that it also has a similar damage output. The weapon can score especially when it comes to hits on the chest.

Like most submachine guns, their strengths are most likely to come to fruition in short and medium range combat.

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