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New World: 3 Strong PvP Builds You Must Check Out


New World: 3 Strong PvP Builds You Must Check Out

In the mid and end game, New World offers some content, especially for PvP fans, including duels in the open world, wars for fortresses and the new mode outpost rush. Our editor introduces you to 3 strong PvP builds in this guide: It is a selection of skill trees for rapier and bow, spear and musket and war hammer and life staff that you can find in New World for solo and group PvP should definitely try.

What kind of builds are these? The main purpose of the builds compiled here is to help you successfully master your first steps in PvP.

All three are well suited for the instantiated content war and outpost rush. The two duel builds also work great on their own in the open world. The Warhammer build, on the other hand, also relies on healing for fellow players, which is why you should only play this if you are in a group.

The finished skill trees, which you can see embedded as images, come from the website, which already has a tool for creating builds. 

Rapier and Bow - Dueling Build in New World

Why is this combo being played? The rapier and bow combo is so strong in PvP because you inflict damage over time (DoTs) on the enemy while avoiding many attacks by the enemy yourself. In addition, you have skills such as Evade on the rapier or Evade Shot on the bow, as well as a number of passive effects that help you avoid damage.

The bow is also great for inflicting damage on enemies who are only carrying melee weapons before they can even reach you.

However, this is a so-called glass cannon build. If you are bad at dodging, you will have problems with this set.

How do I distribute the attributes?  Skill is the main attribute of the bow and the rapier. Accordingly, you invest 300 points or even more in this path. You can supplement with points in strength or in constitution, if you want to have a little more life.

Which skills do I use in rapier?

  • Round picture
  • Cut flurry
  • Evade

Basically, with the rapier, you first skill the respective lines of the three skills down to the bottom. It is noticeable that you do not choose any of the passive abilities from the highest animal. They both increase your direct damage, but that's not what matters with the rapier.

Your focus is on inflicting bleeding on the enemy, using it to cause damage, and otherwise avoiding enemy attacks. That is why you also practice the passive skills Infallible in the Blood Tree, for more damage to targets that have a bleeding, and Deep Stick, which increases the duration of bleeding from heavy attacks.

In the grace tree, on the other hand, agility for more haste after a hit.

The skill trees of the rapier.

Which skills do I use in archery?

  • Evasive shot
  • Poison shot
  • Fragmentation shot

Similar to the rapier, the focus is on inflicting poison on the enemy, which in turn causes damage over time. Again, you have an ability to evade enemy attacks with the evasive shot.

In the skirmish tree there is both damage and survival. With the passive “Mark” effect, you deal more damage to targets that have a debuff - in this case Bleeding, Poison or Slow. The slowdown comes from the passive knee shot ability at the end of the tree. Also strong is the passive precision combat, which increases the duration of debuffs. The final strong passive from the tree is evasion tactics, which increase your damage after you evade.

In the hunter tree, you mainly practice the splinter shot ability to the end. Also included are the passive arrow range and hit the mark.

The skill trees from the arch.

What does the equipment look like? The build is heavily focused on damage and evasion. Accordingly, you choose the lightest equipment you can find. Above all, you should focus on skill and skill + strength as values.

What is the rotation of skills like? Typically, you start combat with a poison shot, followed by light attacks and an evasive shot as soon as the enemy gets too close.

In hand-to-hand combat, you use the panoramic ability on the rapier to bleed the enemy. Cut Flurry inflicts further damage as you try to evade enemy attacks. The ability to evade also helps you here, making you invulnerable for a short time when evading.

Spear and Musket - Dueling Build in New World

Why is this combo being played? The spear and musket combo is primarily aimed at strong long-range damage. In wars you can defend a fortress from the wall or take defenders on the wall out of the game.

Your main weapon is the musket, for which you should always have enough ammunition. Among other things , you need saltpeter and here we reveal where you can find it in New World.

The spear, on the other hand, is used for CC and the powerful throwing spear skill.

How do I distribute the attributes?  The build relies on skill, which is also the main attribute of both weapons. In addition, you put the 200 points in constitution in order to have a little more defense.

Which skills do I use with the spear?

  • Javelin
  • Leg sweep
  • Jump kick

All 3 skills from the spear bring you CC. The javelin throws enemies to the ground, the leg sweeper also throws them to the ground and the jump kick stunts them for 1.5 seconds.

In the Zone Mastery tree, you can practice both skills down to the bottom. In addition, you use the passive skills Deadly Range and Merciless Strength for more damage, as well as evasive maneuvers for less stamina consumption when dodging backwards.

In the Impaler skill tree, you use all the talents of the jump kick and also rely on the passives precise stabs and killing blows for more damage to enemies, as well as aggressive maneuvers, which reduce the recharge time of your spear skills if you immediately return to an enemy after dodging meet.

The musket's skill trees.

Which skills do I use with the musket?

  • Powder burn
  • Shooter stance
  • Falling

Powder burn causes enemies to burn and the passive effect of smoke explosion causes 12% more damage to burning targets. Then you have to fire as many shots as possible as quickly as possible. The shooting position helps.

In the Precision Shooter skill tree you will also find the passive effects Empowering Headshot for additional damage after a headshot, Critical Reload for skipping reloading after a headshot, and Balistic Advantage, which allows you to continue targets more than 50 meters away can hit well.

From the trappers tree, you mainly rely on the passive effects tactical reloading, which means you don't have to reload directly every 6 seconds, and sprinkle salt into the wound for extra damage to targets that have less than 30% health. In addition, you can skill the trap almost all the way down.

The skill trees of the spear (note: the ability double trap could not be selected, but should be used).

What does the equipment look like? In terms of equipment, you rely on light to medium armor, as your focus is on damage and evasion. Useful attributes are skill and constitution.

What is the rotation of skills like? Basically, you spend most of your time on the rifle. There you cause a lot of damage from the aforementioned combo of powder fire and shooting stance. It is also useful to set up traps between you and your opponent if he does try to attack you.

In the spear, the strongest skill is the throwing spear. With Deadly Distance, the damage is huge when you hit targets far away, and increased again when you have full stamina. You also have the CC with you to throw it to the ground. Otherwise you mainly use the spear when enemies get too close to control them with CC.

War Hammer and Life Staff - Team Build in New World

Why is this combo being played? The combination of war hammer and life staff makes you a PvP healer who can also take a lot of damage and stun the enemy and give him debuffs. A useful combo if you are in a group during a war or an outpost rush, for example.

The life wand brings healing and buffs for you and your group. The war hammer, in turn, has damage, debuffs, and CC.

How do I distribute the attributes?  You should invest 200 points in focus. This gives you additional healing, additional mana and longer buff duration. However, more points are not worthwhile in focus.

Instead, put 100 points in constitution for more life and armor and the rest in strength for additional damage with the war hammer.

Which skills do I use with the war hammer?

  • Armor breakers
  • Mighty hammer
  • Shock wave

The Armorbreaker skill is ideal for reducing enemy defenses, which will benefit the entire group. With the shock wave, in turn, you fine ones in your vicinity marvel.

In the Moloch talent tree you can skill the Mighty Hammer all the way down, while you do without the last talent opening act at the Armor Breaker. The bonus is usually not worth it. The other passive effects are Crashing Spawn for more damage, Exhausting Attack to keep enemies from dodging, and Strength through Pain, a very strong passive for more damage.

In the Mass Crusher tree you can skill the two talents under the shockwave, as well as Concussive Strike for more damage and Enduring Spirit, which heals you for the damage caused by the shockwave. Also strong is Enabled Expedition, which gives you movement speed when you hit a weakened target. Weakness refers to debuffs caused by armor breakers and all Warhammer abilities in general.

The Warhammer Skill Trees.

Which skills do I use with the life stick?

  • Blessed ground
  • Embrace of the light
  • beacon

The Beacon ability is your damage to the life staff and at the same time heals allies who stand between you and the target. With the Embrace of the Light you have a strong healing skill for allies, while you use Blessed Ground rather just before you switch to the hammer and attack enemies in close combat.

In the tree protector you will skillet the lines from the embrace of light and beacon down to the bottom. Basically, you should avoid healing in order to activate the passive light breaker. After dodging, your healing is increased by 20% for 5 seconds. Also strong is the ability “Protector's Touch”, which gives you Fortify after an attack with the life staff and thus reduces incoming damage.

In the healing tree you will practice the Blessed Ground skill. You also use Passive Absolution so that your attacks no longer cost mana, Strike of Bliss, for passive healing from attacks, and Enchanted Justice, which gives you a passive aura that heals you and allies in the area.

The Skill Trees from the Life Staff.

What does the equipment look like? It should be medium to difficult. This reduces further incoming damage. Stats like Constitution and Strength are useful to increase your survival and damage.

What is the rotation of skills like? It is very different. Basically, you want to be in long-range combat with your staff in order to hit enemies and heal allies who stand between you and your enemy. Should damage be needed or enemies attack you in close combat, the blessed ground of the healing staff and then switching to the hammer will help.

With the hammer, the following applies: First use armor breakers to reduce the target's armor, and then the shockwave afterwards. If the enemy is stunned, you use the Mighty Hammer attack.