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Read Dead Online: How to find Capitale, the new currency in the Blood Money update


Read Dead Online: How to find Capitale, the new currency in the Blood Money update

With the new update “Blood Money” a new currency came to Red Dead Online . In this guide, we show you how to find capitals and what you can actually do with them.

What exactly is Capitale? This is a currency created by Saint Denis gang boss Angelo Bronte to expand his power and bypass the government's tax system.

Originally designed as an exclusive currency for the “crime elite”, it has got into the hands of common thieves and crooks in Blood Money. You are supposed to get it back now.

Read Dead Online: How to find Capitale, the new currency in the Blood Money update

Find capitals in Red Dead Online

How to find Capitale: With Blood Money, two new mission types have been introduced. These are the so-called “crimes and opportunities”.

To get Capitale, you have to complete crimes. While these missions are not guaranteed to reward you with the special currency, it is one of the few guaranteed sources in the game.

This is how you start a crime mission: If you haven't made the acquaintance of Guido Martelli after downloading the update, you should do so first. You can find Bronte's underboss in Saint Denis. It is shown on the map and is located in the center in the garden of Saint Denis.

If you have met with Martelli, you will be introduced to the crimes. From now on you have four contacts who give you crimes:

  • Sean Macguire in Tall Trees or Great Plains
  • Joe in Osman Grove, New Hanover
  • Anthony Foreman: In Rhodes or in the tavern of Saint Denis
  • James Langton at Hennigan's Stead or Lake Don Julio

The contact persons are also shown on the map, so you should be able to find them without any problems.

If you are on such a mission, you should really loot everything that is not nailed down. This includes all chests, corpse cupboards and other things that you can search. A capital letter could be hidden in every box and in every pocket.

But there are also a few other options for getting Capitale. If you have enough gold bars, you can buy a mercenary package that contains capital from merchants. Or you can search unsecured homes and loot camps in Free Mode. Here you have a small chance of catching prey as well.

Capitale brings opportunity

What can you do with Capitals? You need capitals to start a mission of opportunity. These are multi-part raids.

As part of the story of the update, you are supposed to steal the three jewels of the west in order to harm a politician from Saint Denis for Martelli and Bronte.

The starting price depends on the level of difficulty. This is what it costs to start a raid:

  • Normal: 15 capitals
  • Hard: 20 capitals
  • Relentless: 25 capitals 

Any gang member participating in the casual mission must pay the fee.

The level of difficulty determines how high your reward will ultimately be. Currently, only one of the three announced opportunities is available in the game. The other two should follow later.