Scarlet Nexus Walkthrough - Action RPG Guide


Scarlet Nexus Walkthrough - Action RPG Guide

Here's how to complete all Scarlet Nexus story missions, defeat each boss, and get the best ending

At the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose the difficulty level and the main character - a guy or a girl. But here you choose not only the gender, but also the play class. The guy is a melee fighter, the girl is a ranged mage.

Our pick : Yuito's story.


This will be a tutorial activity in which you will learn the basic controls. Use the WASD keys to move . By holding Shift , you can accelerate. Pressing Shift and the directional key at the same time will allow you to dash / dodge to the side, back or forward. Use Space to jump . Defeat the first enemies using telekinesis. To do this, hold RMB . Pay attention to the purple bar above the health bar. These are points of magic, which are spent for telekinesis and are restored automatically. You can also speed up the process of magic regeneration by attacking enemies with your main weapon on LMB .

J and L let you switch between selected targets. The target is locked on the Q key . It also allows you to cancel the capture. Among other methods should be made circular attack on the C . After attacking LMB or C , hold RMB for a powerful telekinetic throw. And also " Space " with LMB allows you to attack enemies with a swing from below. You will throw lighter opponents directly into the air. Follow the only route and follow what the game suggests. At the end there will be a mini-boss, and after the task will be completed.

Phase 0. Prologue: Reunion

Follow the red marker. You can communicate with different people. Walk down the left street. Here you will find the first item (green holographic cube - all loot looks like this) and a chronicler. This NPC in yellow allows you to create manual saves, but at certain points the game is also saved automatically. Nearby there is a store that opens with the Z key . There are three tabs. If you have any rewards, get them on the "Get" tab. Some items can be traded, although this is not required. To equip new equipment, press P and go to the appropriate tab.

Follow the marker, go up and watch the cut-scene. Pick up the item and head back down to the main street. You can cross the road over the bridge above it and collect other green items. Get to the cafe, watch the cut-scene and run along the marker to fight the first enemies. Use target lock, dodge and LMB + RMB and Space + LMB combinations... At the end of the battle, a Sabbath will appear - a huge ram. Try to do a perfect dodge. In this case, time will slow down. After winning, you will receive your first brain points. Open the menu on P and go to the Brain Map tab. All three of the available skills are perhaps particularly useful, but I preferred to unlock an additional expansion slot in the gear menu. After that, don't forget to install some add-on. During the battle, the keys " 6 " and " 7 " are used to change the quick access item in the lower left corner of the screen. The T key allows you to apply the current item.

Phase 1. Faith in the road to the future

From now on, you can navigate the map to other cities. So far, the current city and Kukichiba are available. Also, a new companion will appear in your team - Hanabi Ichidze. On the "Equipment" tab, you can equip the girl with a new weapon or add-on. You can walk around the current city and collect all the "green" items, then open the map of regions on TAB , select Kukichibu and move to the shopping area. Go ahead and chat with Seto and the other members of the OPI group.

Move forward and kill the first enemies. The truck on the right will have a special item lying around - Kukichiba's eco-data. They can be sold in the store. Climb up the stairs and clear the next tier from four flying enemies. There is another eco-data behind the building on the right. Others are outside the gate nearby. Climb even higher up the stairs, kill enemies and use special items. They cannot be picked up by telekinesis on RMB . The G key is used instead . The corresponding hint will be on the predets themselves. Usually these are vending machines, cars and other large equipment. When using G , after first hitting an enemy with the object, press A and D at the same timeto make repeated hits with two objects at once. This is a very powerful attack! After the victory, climb the stairs above and watch the cut-scene. Do not forget to look at the Brain Map to distribute the brain points.

Go to the next location - construction site. In the future, large items will require different keys. For example, red barrels after G require holding the W key , and enemies will then be doused with a combustible mixture, which can be set on fire if desired. Keep driving. Be sure to look around corners to find Kukichiba eco-data. Use telekinesis with special objects on G whenever possible . You will also learn SAS attacks from squadmates. The corresponding tab will appear in the game menu. You can go to it and inspect which SAS attack is available for Hanabi. It is activated by the " 3 " key . To cancel special attacks, click on " 5". At the first level, Hanabi gains Pyrokinesis and a Weapon Combo Expansion.

Boss Butter Trawler

Use the shop and climb higher to meet the first boss. You can defeat him in any way, but it is much faster to use pipes suspended from the ceiling. Stand under any pipes, staying at a distance from the monster. Wait for him to jump in your direction. Dodge by Shift . The enemy will be temporarily stunned. Look up at the pipes - the G icon will be highlighted active. Hold G to drop pipes directly onto the monster. So you take away 25% of his maximum health from him. There are four stacks of such pipes, so it will be quite easy to kill the enemy.

Return to the center of the OPI and watch the cut-scene. A new location will appear on the map. Move to the Mizuhagawa area, to the construction site. Learn crushing attacks. Enemies have a yellow brain damage bar under their health bar. If it is emptied, a tooltip with the G key will appear on the enemy . Pinch to defeat your opponent in one hit. To reduce the streak of brain damage, use standard telekinesis throws on RMB and step strikes on LMB . Defeat two enemies using new mechanics.

Keep moving and slay several enemies near the huge crane hook. You will learn that some of the Others are protected by a hard shell, but it is easily penetrated by telekinesis. Continue moving, collect resources near the store and go downstairs. You will meet your new allies - Gemma and Arasi. Arasi has a SAS ability that slows down time. Activate it on " 2 " and defeat fast enemies. Gemma will have another ability that strengthens the defense of the protagonist. Moreover, it turns off not after a certain time, but after receiving a sufficient amount of damage. If you do not take damage, then energy is not consumed. After the victory, watch the video.

Rest phase 1

You will be taken to the Secret Base. This is your hub throughout the game. You can return to it at any time. Here you automatically restore your entire health reserve, as well as fortify your bond with allies, increasing the power of their SAS abilities. This is done through communication and gifts.

Communication history: Hanabi 1

Communication stories are triggered when communicating with characters or receiving messages from them. Chat with Hanabi at the base and select the "Communication history" option. Complete the dialogue, watch the cut-scene and return to the base. This concludes the story of the bond, and you will strengthen the bond with Hanabi to the second level and receive new SAS-abilities. Also, be sure to reply to messages to build a bond with the characters.

Communication history: Kasane 1

Go to a table nearby with a "magnifying glass", interact with it and reply to Kasane's message. You will be transported to Kukichiba, but this time you will have to complete a side quest. You will need to overcome the same path through the Kukichiba, defeat more powerful enemies and in the end fight with a whole group of Others (instead of the boss). Also pick up eco-data marked on the mini-map. They may not be visible on the screen, but just stand in the place indicated by the minimap marker.

Phase 2. Days of anxious stagnation

When you're ready to continue (conversations with Arasi and Gemma will get you nowhere), interact with the table in the main room and agree to rest. Go down to the main street and then go to the OPI training hall. On the next mission, you will go with Kagero and Shiden. Move across the location and use the abilities of the characters. On " 3 " you can activate invisibility to sneak up on the enemy and attack his weak spot. The " 2 " key launches abilities that impart electric shocks. Don't forget to use special objects. At this location, after G, you need to rotate the mouse counterclockwise. Look around corners to find Kukichiba eco-data. Take the flag from the bottom, return upstairs and go to the exit to the right.

Make your way through the shopping area killing enemies until you meet Kasane. It is not necessary to defeat her. You may even lose. Then the task will end. Back in the main city, go to the vicinity of the tomb. Travel to Hirasaka Station in the abandoned subway on Suo Line 9. All this through the global map.

In this activity, you will learn about a new function - brain acceleration. The bar fills up automatically when you kill enemies or take damage. It also activates automatically upon filling, increasing damage and other abilities. Look on the left for eco-data of the abandoned metro and move along the tunnel. By the way, you will be accompanied by Kagero and Tsugumi. On the "2" key, Tsugumi's ability is activated, allowing you to see invisible enemies. And on "3" - Kagero's ability, invisibility.

Keep moving and use the cars on G to crush the enemies on the tracks. Examine side rooms and corridors. After going downstairs, go to the right. There will be aisles with boxes on the right and left. Remove them with telekinesis and collect eco data and jelly. Move to an abandoned metro line, use invisibility, go around enemies and send a train at them. If you go to the optional adit on the right, don't touch the rails. Defeat common enemies and leave the tracks for a more powerful enemy. When throwing the rails, use mouse rotation or alternate clicks on A and D. Continue moving. When you walk past the store, turn invisibility on and walk past enemies to launch a train at them. Eventually you will reach Osukuni Station.

Boss Naomi Randall

Follow the marker until the boss battle begins. The battle is divided into two stages. The first is to attack Naomi and then retreat before she hits the ground. Every time she does this, a shockwave is created. After that, she will lose strength and collapse to the ground. This is the perfect moment to attack. Continue until the boss has 75% of his maximum health points.

From this moment on, Naomi will have a scale of resilience. Continue to fight the enemy, dodging to the sides in time and using telekinesis to throw various objects. It will be great if there are several special objects left on the location that you can throw on the G key. Whenever Naomi disappears (plunging into layers of dust), activate Tsugumi's ability, which allows you to see enemies even through obstacles. Moreover, during the activation of this ability, you will hit the "udder" under Naomi, and this is her vulnerable spot. Once per battle, you will be able to empty the Toughness scale. And then use a crushing attack on G. At the end of the battle, when Naomi does not have HP, repeat the same actions by pressing the G key. Run along the marker, killing enemies, and soon you will reach Kasane.

Rest phase 2

And again you will find yourself at the base. Reply to Arasi's message to get her communication history.

Communication history: Arasi 1

However, there will be no gameplay here. Just watch the cut-scene.

Communication history: Tsugumi 1

Just talk to Tsugumi at the secret base. From now on, gifts are available. You can give a creeping rose to Tsugumi, and a fashion magazine - Hanabi. Of course, if you found them in previous locations.

Phase 3. Reality Upside Down

Move to Kunadskoe highway, to the exit from "Suo". Follow the only route, collecting supplies and eco-data scattered at the edges of the road. Destroy enemies. At the end of the path there will be powerful opponents, but you can easily destroy them using huge trucks through the G key. Go to the fork, move up the road and use the bus on the G key. Drive it and ram the enemies. Click on G near a powerful enemy to blow up the bus and inflict maximum damage. Take another bus and drive forward along the road. Kill opponents, which will be many. Note that there is also a wagon at the bottom that you can blow up.

Fight General Karen Travers. The main thing is to survive in the first minutes, until he activates the "Brainstalker" ability. Here he will be able to incapacitate you, so wait and watch the cut-scene. Follow the road, killing the soldiers, and approach Nagi. Defeat a powerful opponent. When he pours water on the area in front of him, keep your distance, otherwise you will get a wet effect, which prevents rolling.

Chat with Hanabi at the base to complete her Communication Story: Hanabi 2. You will get a level 3 boost.

Phase 4. Fate Split in Two

Move around the city and kill enemies you met earlier. Smoke Cepellins will appear among them. They will blow up smoke in which you cannot see anything. Fortunately, there is Hanabi in the squad with her remarkable ability to see enemies despite any obstacles. Activate if Smoke Zeppellin manages to summon a layer of smoke. At the end of the path, another battle with Kasane awaits you. Let her attack you with a three-hit combo. After that, counterattack the girl with 2-3 hits and retreat. If Kasane throws debris at you, use well-timed dodges. And if they are perfect, press RMB to send the projectile back. Then activate a feature that will provide significant benefits. Beat Kasane with telekinesis as much as you can until the timer near the health bar shows 3 seconds. Then a prompt will appear: if the mode is not turned off in time, the hero will die. So press B to get out of the thought field and watch the video.

While resting, reply to Keka's message to receive the quest "Communication History: Keka 1". This will be a regular meeting. Alternatively, you can reply to Shiden to start Communication History: Shiden 1. Also chat with Tsugumi to unlock Communication History: Tsugumi 1. All this will be banal communication.

Phase 5. Change and anxiety

Inspect the OPI hospital, walk through the premises and soon discover a new location. Use the map to move to the old building of the old OPI hospital. Move through the corridors of the hospital and collect various items. Kill the enemy in the central room and go up to the second floor. Go to the room with the grate. Press "1" to activate Tsugumi's SAS abilities, and use Shift to teleport behind bars. Defeat all enemies until a large Inoi appears that shoots fire orbs and assumes a defensive stance if you get close to him. Use Tsugumi's ability again. And from a distance teleport to this Other in order to break through his defense. Get to the following rooms, where you can save with the archivist. On the way to it, behind the bars there will be prey in the form of a fire barrier. Use teleportation again.

Keep moving and fight the enemies in the next room. Leave the grate for a larger opponent. When plucking it on G, be prepared to press on S and several times on Shift to get the most out. Follow on, use teleportation to go through the gratings and take the loot. In the back room, you will fight at once with two enemies who resort to a defensive stance. Fortunately, there are two gratings here that should be used against them. Continue after the cut-scene. Additional corridors behind bars always lead to valuable loot. Also, you will face a powerful enemy. You can spend the thought field on it by pressing B, or save this function for the boss who will appear at the end of the level.

Boss Butter Fisherman

During the battle with him, use different skills, dodge the jet of oil and wait. When the enemy is on the ceiling, avoid moving "puddles", but do not move far from him. At some point, you will receive a hint that it is time to bring down the floor. Hold G to bring down the floor with the boss. So you will spend a large supply of stamina and several points on the health bar.

Move to the Kikuchiba shopping area, take the only route and fight Kasane and her squad at the end. Defeat her two partners, and then deal with Kasane. Note that she will also be able to use thoughtfield and acceleration. But you have a great teleportation companion. Be sure to use all its possibilities, even in the thought field. Teleportation allows you to quickly move behind your back to the enemy, avoiding any damage. A very, very useful skill!

Once at the secret base, continue to strengthen ties with the members of the squad. Don't forget to reply to Kagero and Kasane in the messages. You can talk to Gemma at the most secret base twice! Luka can be gifted a squash racket and a hero figurine part 1. The racket is also needed by Tsugumi, Hanabi and Gemma. You can also donate a first aid kit to Gemma.

Phase 6. Face it

Navigate to the construction site of Mizuhagawa across the world map. Move along the marker and fight the enemy. Next, you will move to the basement. Continue to endure until you regain control and defeat your opponent. Climb up and kill a few more enemy groups. Flying monsters will be especially irritating. Please note that there is no way to use a bulldozer against them. In an open area, remember to use a crane hook. Get to the boss and fight Kagero. You can ignore Keku. Use the barrels to slow Kagero down, and use Bow's SAS to teleport behind him.

You will find yourself in the ruins of the museum, in the Research Institute "Superforms of life". On the left you can find eco-data. Go to the door and examine it to get a keycard # 1. A little further to the right there is a door that requires a keycard # 4. Therefore, we go through the first passage. To get to the experiments department, you will have to get a key card number 4. First, move up the floor to the large staircase. Go upstairs and find a door that requires a keycard # 2. Walk left and find a grate through which you can teleport.

Go back and open the door with keycard # 2. Follow forward through the corridor with doors, which are suitable for key cards # 4. Go down the steps. The path to the left leads to a dead end with enemies and maximum jelly. The way to the right is to the room with the keycard # 3. You need to move there using teleportation. Go back and open door 3, find keycard # 4. In the room with her there will be many special objects that it is advisable to save for the last wave. Open the door in the yellow corridor (there are two of them, but one leads to the beginning) and go to the experimental department. Here you will find another battle against Kasane. Act as usual with thoughtfield and other benefits.

Phase 7. Lost Memories

Having appeared at the location, take the squash racket on the right. After that, move to the old OPI hospital. There are two loots in the central room. Kill enemies and pick up a selection of the best alcoholic drinks. This is another gift! Find the mysterious text data by the stairs and run upstairs.

At the top, teleport through the grate and kill opponents. Go into the open passage and teleport through another grate to get some text data. Keep driving and look for the following text data near the archivist (savepoint). Please note that this data needs to be studied in a thoughtgram! Press F5 to do this.

Go further and move in a circle to find the fourth records in the far corner. In the same corridor, there is a grate that leads into the room. Teleport and find the fifth records in the adjacent room. Do not rush to follow the marker after the room with many enemies. Take the corridor on the left. At the end, opponents are visible. But in the room on the right there is the sixth text data, and in the back room on the right - 2000 credits. Keep moving until you fight Nagi. Use teleportation as your main weapon. If possible, activate the thoughtfield. There will be many enemies on the way to Nagi. Kill some of them by teleportation (if they use a protective stance when approaching), the sawpaw - with a skill that allows you to identify invisible targets (key "2"), and more powerful enemies, if there are barrels, douse them, and then attack with fire weapons (key "4")...

Phase 8. Pieces of an Unknown Story

You will find yourself on Mount Hieno. Move through this location, breaking ice obstacles (with normal blows). Also bring down huge blocks of ice in the shape of beasts. They will break into small pieces that you can throw at enemies. Telekinesis is best used with howling zeppelins. For two hits, they can be brought to the state of finishing. Eventually, you will enter inside the church.

Boss Snow breaker

Examine everything that is inside, then get outside and run to the marker until you meet the boss. The boss will have armor in the form of a thick layer of ice. Attack until you break this ice. You can use fire (key "4"). When the ice is destroyed, the breaker will temporarily fall to the ground. He is immobilized, so attack with whatever is. Regular blows deal, rather, damage to the crush scale, but telekinesis allows you to slightly reduce HP. From time to time, the breaker will go underground. After that, he returns again with armor made of ice. Repeat actions until victory. If possible, use the thoughtfield. Do not forget that there are consumables that speed up its charging. After the victory, run along the marker and talk with all the characters. And then move to the secret base.

Explore the communication stories of all characters. With Tsugumi, who is sitting on the couch, you will have to complete a gameplay task! In principle, nothing special: go through the location and kill the mini-boss. By the way, it is not necessary to destroy all opponents on the way to the goal: stay only where magic barriers appear and you simply cannot go further.

Phase 9. Eternal Vow, Eternal Connection

Defeat Nagi and run to the OPI headquarters. Then move to the "Arahabaki" bunker. Follow the only route, bringing down the building and constructing a bridge. Kill enemies. To open the gate, use the remote to the right of it. You need to teleport through the red barrier with one of the SAS skills. Make your way through the sanctuary, repeating the same steps until you find yourself in the prayer hall. Walk past the gate. The button opposite is inactive. Teleport behind the bars on the left. There will be another inactive remote control here. Continue moving deeper, defeat the coven and activate the third button. Go back, simultaneously clicking on the previous two buttons, and go through the gate. Defeat Karen in battle. Save the thought-field for him, and there will be no problems. Moreover, it is quite easy to charge it during the battle. If Karen himself uses the thoughtfield, then just run and dash until it disappears. Return to Suo.

Phase 10. Conclusion and chance encounter

Now you have all the companions, so at the secret base you can choose which of them will follow you. Remember that the fourth companion is always an auxiliary companion and you only use its SAS skill. Climb to the top and fight Kagero. You won't be able to use SAS abilities, but the enemy is weak. Attack more with your main weapon than with telekinesis, which he often dodges.

Drive over Mount Hieno. It is not necessary to kill enemies. Go to the church and go through the first floor of the BABY complex. It is obligatory to kill enemies only in one place. Next, use teleportation, and at the end - electrokinesis. Press P and study the SAS tab to understand where electrokinesis is attached. In game, use the X key to switch between tabs with SAS skills. Repeat the same steps. There will already be more obligatory battles on the second floor. In the end, teleportation and electrokinesis will also be needed. The third floor will have the most difficult battles, especially at the end. Run to the right of the monster. Move to the sides to avoid collisions with flying creatures. And when the monster shoots, snuggle to the bottom of the screen.

Move to Kunadskoye Highway, walk to the marker and study a childhood memory.

Phase 11. Untangle Time Together

Agree to go to the time terminal. Defeat two enemy groups and move towards the large pink nodes. Walk so that the number of steps to the goal decreases. Defeat the enemy group and untangle the three knots while holding G. There is no point in doing this until you win. Then run along the path of red flowers and get to the next nodes. If you unravel them earlier, all enemies will disappear. Or defeat the enemies first to make it easier. Again, I picked up the moment and untangled the next three knots before killing two dangerous plane trees. Watch a few cutscenes and chat with all the characters.

Phase 12. The path to the future and freedom

This will be the last rest at the secret base before the game ends. You will travel to Sumeragi's tomb. The one that could have fallen into at the beginning of the game. This is the tomb of the Founding Father. Go down any stairs and move to the very bottom. Go into the narrow passage between the walls and defeat all enemies. Keep moving along the markers and fight enemies. There will be many exciting and dangerous opponents. But you have encountered all of them before.

Boss Great Circus

It will be a protracted battle as the boss will take on several forms at once. And each will have its own health bar. In the first form, the boss uses a shield. Do not get close to him, if possible, attack with telekinesis so that objects fly from the side or behind the enemy. Prepare teleportation. When the boss summons a powerful water barrier, teleport through it and attack. Repeat until you win.

In the next phase, he will use a long trunk. Attack close, dodge the trunk and throw objects with telekinesis. Near attacks are needed to charge telekinesis. When the boss uses a smoke screen, turn on the Hanabi skill and look for it. He will tilt his head, and you can do a lot of damage. Alternatively, instead of attacking through LMB, use telekinesis in smoke. Then you will do a lot of damage to his toughness scale.

In the third stage, he will swing a huge hand. This hand deals a lot of damage, but is also a vulnerable spot. That is, dodge and attack on the arm. Well, finish off with telekinesis. In general, despite the huge damage from the hand, this stage seemed to me the easiest.

Finally, in the last stage, you will fight against all these parts of the Circus. I recommend waiting for the moment, attacking the club with which he hits the ground, using teleportation when the boss is hiding behind a barrier, as well as Hanabi's skill if he uses a smoke screen. Be patient - there is nothing difficult here, just take your time!

The next flashback will contain only a few battles. Go to the fifth. Move inside the building, kill all enemies on the second floor. There is a door opposite the stairs that requires a key card. When you kill all enemies, look for a grate in the corridor to the left of the door. Teleport through it and take the key card. Open the door to the memories of the nightmare with it. Kill enemies on the level. Use G finishing moves to charge the thoughtfield. Always activate it on the second wave, since it will contain plane trees and so on. This will be the last memory, and then you will be taken to the hall of the millennium.

Final boss

Attack Karen until you defeat him in the first fight. It works the same way as in previous times, only slightly stronger. After the victory, attack the statue of Sorrow until it has no HP left. Then strike the fan that appears until it has no durability left, and throw it into Sorrow. Once you destroy the mask, you can attack Karen. Repeat actions until victory. Then fight Karen again. Gradually, your allies will join the battle. Watch the final video.

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