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Walkthrough The Ascent - game guide


Walkthrough The Ascent - game guide

Detailed walkthrough of all plot and side quests of The Ascent

The Ascent can be played alone or with other players - through local multiplayer or online. At the same time, there are no difficulty settings: the only way you can simplify your task if you play alone is to select high aim assist in the game settings.

Arcology Blues

Use the WASD KEYS to move. Press F to interact with objects. CTRL will allow you to sit down. In a couple of places you will have to get under the pipes. You can also press O at any time so that a projection appears on the floor, which indicates the route to follow to the goal of the current main task. Get to the desired goal by activating a couple of terminals and talk to Trammer.

Continue moving along the markers, killing enemies. Crack the terminal using kiberdeki: Stand next to and click on the C . Examine the target terminal by holding the F . Once you have received your access codes, visit two locations. About one will have standard opponents, the other - turbo bandits. They will still have to be killed. You will also find new weapons and a headgear chest. Crack the last terminal, holding the F .

Go back and start the SI. After rebooting, move to the beginning of the location until you run into an obstacle. You are asked to proceed through the technical tunnel. Use O and follow the indicated route, killing enemies, hacking terminals, searching chests, squatting to sneak under pipes, and so on. Finally, you have to fight Daddy. I recommend that you first circle around the location and kill ordinary opponents. They will stop appearing sooner or later. Then focus on Daddy, who can attack close if you are standing nearby, throw grenades (watch the red circles on the floor), or attack with a jump kick. In any case, your best assistant is the space bar roll. After the victory, get to the elevator and leave the area.

Follow the marker until you find yourself in Cluster 13. Get to the lead Ebba's hologram and interact with it. The task will end.

Mutual dependence

Talk to Poon at the bar and follow the marker. We'll have to go through the rooftops, which are full of enemies. The main thing is not to rush, dodge more often, especially after the enemies recharge, to avoid unnecessary damage. Continue moving and you will find yourself in front of the turret. Either destroy her by dodging the shots, or quickly run past, still dodging the shots. You decide!

In the next area, you need to destroy four Polnochromes. They all use rocket launchers, so stay away. Do not forget about your augmentation ( Q key ), which allows you to deal damage in melee. It takes about 50% of Polnochrome's health. Don't worry if you lose: killed Polnochromes won't revive, so you have unlimited approaches. In the settings you can increase the aiming assistance to the maximum, which will simplify the task. There are no game difficulty settings here.

Continue driving and reach the meeting point. You are attacked by a group of mercenaries. Stay away from them, run and dodge. Hide in shelters by pressing CTRL so that they cannot get in. They will be forced to go around cover, and here you can meet them with your most powerful weapon. I had a submachine gun.

When there are few enemies left, two elite opponents will appear, which are called the Hammer Hand. These are very dangerous enemies, so run away from them until you destroy the usual opponents so that they do not interfere. Then switch to Hammer Hands. Shoot them, and when they swing, dodge to the side. If they hit in front of you and hit you with a shock wave, you will lose about 30% of your total health. So the recipe is simple: stay away and dodge. Don't even think about getting close and attacking with melee augmentation! After the victory, the task will be completed.

Change of terms

Exit the building and get a new quest. Walk back to Poon and chat with him at the bar. Along the way, you may come across a wanted target. These opponents are slightly stronger than normal opponents and are marked on the radar with a large yellow polygon. If you kill the wanted target, be sure to visit any bar (all bartenders on the map are marked with a "blue bag") to receive a reward. Also explore other attractions in Veles. There is an artisan here (hammer icon) who can improve weapons if you bring them basic components - purple items hidden in different places on the map. Inspect buildings often to find these components. In addition, base components are always dropped from wanted targets. But be careful with which weapon you upgrade. There are simply not enough basic components for all weapons.

Also in Veles there are merchants of armor and weapons - the symbols of "shield" and "pistol", respectively. You can sell them extra weapons or armor and buy better equipment. Finally, the symbol "DNA" (or "candy") marks a person who is able to remove / install augmentation. And there is also a metro in Veles. On it you can travel to previously visited locations. Look for the red "M" marker on the map or radar.

After talking with Poon, head to Black Lake, killing enemies and searching buildings in search of base components along the way. After arriving at Coder Bay, talk to Tupizza. Once outside, you will learn about the taxi. You can call a taxi at any time outside of the battle by pressing the T key, but the trips will be very expensive (from 1000 ukred). It is much cheaper to go back a little on the marker and use the metro service. They are free. Select the station "Arcology: Anthill". Get to the elevator and go to the High Street level.

Move along the marker and chat with the specified character. After that, follow to the marked area, take the elevator and find the operator surrounded by ordinary enemies. Kill simple opponents first. Use a melee strike to take out melee enemies that are charging you. Then focus on the operative. After receiving a token from him, return to the quest giver, and then go to the spaceport, killing many mercenaries along the way. If one of them installs a recovery field, run into its area of ​​effect to heal. On the radar, there are also machine guns marked with white markers that allow you to buy small health regains or whole first-aid kits. Be sure to use this moment, although in most battles, first-aid kits are guaranteed to drop from the last enemy.

In the end, you will find yourself in the spaceport, and here you are attacked by a heavy monobot. Run away from him and dodge occasionally, but don't stop shooting from afar. You need to dodge the red circles (grenades), the curved line (machine gun) and the large rectangle. If you dodged a machine gun or shelling in the case of a rectangle, immediately turn to face the monobot and shoot while he is doing, do not understand what. There are a couple of first aid kits at the top of the area. After the victory, go down to the ship and hack the terminal. And then go inside. Kill enemies and free the captives. Clear the area on the right and disable the life support system, and then watch the cut-scene.

New opportunities

Talk to Poon and take the Veles subway to get to the Arcology anthill. Then follow the marker and travel to Deepwater. Follow the only route, killing enemies, and soon you will find yourself inside the reactor. Here I recommend walking not along the path that is shown through the O key, but looking into the side corridors. There are a lot of interesting things. In the beginning, you will have to fight with small robots, for which even conventional weapons are suitable. But when opponents with firearms and robots with rods appear, switch to energy weapons. For example, the pistol "Suppressor EP4". Also, I recommend replacing the armor: choose armor for the head, torso and legs with maximum protection against energy damage. Walk through three different locations, killing enemies and interacting with terminals.

At the very end, there will be a battle with the Megarchnoid mini-boss. He uses fire and summons small spiders, which jump and explode when they approach you. Try to kill small spiders before they approach the hero, or dodge in time. Since Megarchnoid uses fire, I recommend switching to armor that increases fire protection. After the victory, watch the video, and the task will be completed. Leave this building through the upper passage from the reactor, opening the bridge and two chests.

Data hunt

Return to the elevator and go upstairs to the anthill. Call a taxi and go to Cluster 13. I recommend visiting a surgeon and buying the Dexterous Dodge module, which will allow you to teleport a short distance instead of somersault. You can install it directly in the inventory menu. Chat with Kira at the indicated location. Then move to the towers on the Black Lake. Chat with a cracker in the coders bunker. You may not see the marker, so I recommend immediately moving to Arcology. Descend into Deepwater. Take the indicated elevator and you will find yourself in link D. Move around the location, opening bridges using the terminals. Kill different enemies and then detonate the marked device with any weapon. Proceed further, take the elevator down and proceed with the break-in procedure. While the hack is in progress, kill all appearing opponents. Then return to the place where the device was detonated and interact with the terminal. The task will end.

Alien code

Leave the location and take the elevator to the anthill to listen to a message from Kira. Then go left and take the elevator to High Street. You can call a taxi and move to the Node. AI will contact you near the building. Follow the marker, open the bridge and hack the terminal. Enter the building through the back door, collect resources and examine the terminal. Make your way to the Dream World Club and fight the enemies inside. Get out of the club and enter the building on the right. Strip it and get to the marker. The ship will fly off in the direction of the docks. Take a taxi to transfer to the cosmodrome. Move along the marker, destroying enemies. The Fighters will appear. Everything is simple with them: first you kill ordinary enemies, then you shoot the Fighter from energy weapons, gradually moving away to a distance so that he could not reach you with his huge hammer. Inside the building, block the hangar gates, and then go down to the ship. You need to fight the flying drone "Collapse". Avoid the areas highlighted with red circles, simultaneously shooting the enemy when he is closer to the ground. When spinning discs appear, blow them up first, not allowing you to get close to the main character. After the victory, go inside and watch the video.

Trace protocol

Take a taxi to Arcology: High Street, take the elevator to the anthill and take another taxi to Cluster 13. Talk to Kira. You will then be contacted by Poon. Chat with him and find out how to get to Steamtown. Call a taxi to the rooftops. Tell the guard at the entrance that Poon sent you. Give the bag to the bartender and then chat with Palu at the bar. Return to Cluster 13 and follow the next marker.

Talk to the character and make your way to Lanier's residence. Unfortunately, this is not easy, especially if you have not completed side quests and have not additionally pumped your character. But I was able to. Once in the apartment, examine the corpse. Be sure to search the apartment to get a skill point, weapon upgrades and credits from the container. Go further along the corridor, hack the terminal with the cyberdeck (key C) and pick up another cyberdeck from the floor. Download data from the terminal to update the task.

Move to High Street in Arcology, take a taxi to the Corp. and follow the marker. Get to the laboratory and go inside. Along the way, you will have to fight with different enemies, and among them there will be huge robots. I recommend destroying them as they drop good loot. It is not necessary to kill enemies outside, you can run past. Kill enemies in the corridors and hack the terminal. Go to the next one, and when the hacking procedure starts, you will have to fight off enemies. I recommend using augmentation, which allows you to summon a robot or drone. He will distract the attention of opponents. Selina will appear soon. This is a very dangerous enemy. Use equipment that enhances protection from electricity. And attack Celina with electric weapons. I recommend running in circles until the countdown ends. Then kill all normal enemies. Continue to run from Selina in a circle and shoot her exclusively from a distance. In this case, she will not be able to oppose anything to you. Go to the terminal.

Syntax error

Chat with Kira via the spectrophone to find out the details of the next assignment. Then leave the laboratory and go to High Street. Get to the marker. You need an access card, and Abbott will give it if you find the item he lost. Take a taxi to Corpzona, kill enemies in the designated area until a card drops out. The task will be updated. Return to High Street and speak with Abbott. Now ride to the top of Arcology. Make your way to the Ascent Group headquarters, examine the conference room door and go to the terminal to switch to AI. But it will not be found. Nearby lies an excellent component needed to upgrade the weapon. The task will end.


Talk to Kira. Take one elevator to High Street, the other to Anthill, and then call a taxi to the towers on Black Lake. Enter Coders Bay and talk to Tupizza. But before you do this, clear the area in front of his house. We'll have to sweat, since there will be Dozer using a powerful shield. I recommend using water hammer against him. After talking with Tupizza, take a taxi to Anthill and descend into Deepwater. Go to link D again, I recommend killing large spiders, as they drop useful items. When you find the entrance to the core, walk to the right of it, across a couple of bridges, to find an excellent component. After entering, take the elevator down and kill Megarhanoid. Start a reload and fend off enemies. It will be difficult, but here's a good advice for you: hammer into the upper right corner. Enemies will only walk from one side. Take care of the water hammer if enemies surround you, and so duck down on CTRL, hiding in cover, hold down the RMB and shoot from behind cover, aiming manually. After the victory, run along the marker and go up to the headquarters to meet with Kira.

Council meeting

Follow the marker to the meeting room, open it with the terminal and fight Stallions 438. I recommend that you kill the Stallion's left and right hand first, using energy weapons and water hammers. When you are alone, use the summon robotic melee robot. The stallion will be distracted by him, and you can freely shoot the boss. After the victory, the task will be completed immediately.

Superuser access

Take Link D to Waterdeep. You will need to fight your way through the dense redoubts of opponents, but you don't have to kill everyone. Moreover, at some points, opponents appear one after another, so it is best to run through these areas. At the very end, you will have to fight a huge walker and other enemies, and then you can go to a new location.

Unhandled Exception

Make your way through the complex. This will not be an easy task since you are on the final mission. I recommend leveling up to at least level 28, although I managed to reach level 30 by completing all the side quests listed below. There are actually few of them. Also try to pump your favorite weapon to the maximum. To fully upgrade any weapon you need:

  • 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 = 11 basic sets
  • 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 improved kits
  • 1 + 2 excellent sets

Again, you can run past all the enemies until you find yourself at the door. Here you should sit in cover and fight off opponents until the countdown time expires. I recommend using modules, augmentations and tactical equipment aimed at healing on the final mission. So, as a tactical equipment, I chose a module that allows you to install an item that heals you and your enemies in the area of ​​effect. One augmentation memorized vital signs and, after the expiration of time, returned them to their default state (turn on when you have full health, and do not be afraid of anything, after a while it will be restored). Another augmentation put marks on nearby enemies, and when I dealt damage to them, then my health reserve was restored. Finally, one module was aimed at improved evasion,

When the countdown expires, go through the gate and prepare for the final battle. The battle has four stages. On each, you need to interact with the monitor in order to move forward. But while you are doing this (it takes about 6-8 seconds), you cannot shoot back. Thus, you need to clear the location, and when there are few enemies, quickly activate the monitor and close the gate. Savages appear endlessly. This is cannon fodder that you can use to heal if you took augmentations like mine. Again, if you did this, then from the very beginning of the battle, turn on the first augmentation and run to the first monitor. Let the enemies attack you, your health will still be restored later.

After activating each monitor, other opponents will appear on the location. They need to be killed before moving on to the next monitor, otherwise they will inflict more substantial damage. And when there are only savages left, it will be easy to neutralize them and activate the next monitor. As soon as you deal with the last monitor, watch the final video that concludes the walkthrough of The Ascent .

Cluster 13 side quests

Quest givers from whom you can take side quests are marked with yellow diamonds. These missions are available from the very beginning of the game, but new ones appear as you progress through the storyline.

By the very eggs

Travel to Anthill and take the elevator down to Waterdeep. Move around the location, killing savages (the easiest enemies in this area). Savage Seeds will drop periodically. If you have killed everyone, you can return to the elevator (even by taxi), climb the Anthill, and then descend back to Deepwater. All enemies will appear again. Then take 10 seeds to Hans in Cluster 13.

Reward : 2200 experience points, stimulant (module for augmentation) "Vitality" (increases the maximum health points).

Muscle Express

Travel to the High Street Node and speak with Merle. After receiving chemical enhancers from him, return to Cluster 13 to Atticus.

Reward : 4400 experience points, 8800 credits.

Another approach

The task is taken from the same pitching after completing the quest "Muscle Express". Go to Steamtown, pick up chemical boosters for carlan and give them to Atticus.

Reward : 4400 experience points, 8800 credits.

Doctor "Humidity"

Move to the tower of the black lake, get to the destination point by going down the elevator, and enter the building by hacking the shutters with a cyberdeck (key C). There are three earth containers inside the search area. Interact with them to plant bacteria. Next, do other things until you are contacted by a mad doctor who will inform you that it's time to reap the benefits. Return to the designated location as soon as the doctor contacts you.

Reward : 9000 experience points, 600 credits, the "Fast Heal" module.

Organosilicon Optics

Go to Gratitude, which is at the same level. You can take a taxi. Move there and install the camera, and then contact Harlan. You will have to kill enemies along the way. Then go to the Grinder and move to the camera installation point. Along the way, in one of the buildings in the upper part of the location (if you look on the map) you can find a tablet with a side quest "Cache". Next, drive to Anthill and climb High Street. The umbilical cord is located near the elevator. But the enemies here will be more serious. Next, you need to get to Technoswalka. Drive to the Node, which is on the same level, and move to the marker. He's not far. The Technoswalk is not immediately available. It is closed during the "Unhandled Exception" story mission. It will open during the execution of the side quest "Bot-Gas", which is taken in Steamtown. Once at Technoswalk, install the camera and contact Halan. Then head to the Summit. This can be done via High Street, by elevator. Then return to Harlan in Cluster 13 for your reward.

Reward : 55,000 experience points, 22,000 credits.

It's time to clean up!

The quest can be taken at the Serenity and Beyond nightclub in Cluster 13. Talk to the quest giver, then visit the weapons, armor and sewer dealer - the “pistol”, “shield” and “DNA” markers, respectively, on the territory of Cluster 13.

Reward : 600 experience points.

Magic bubbles

The quest can be found at the Serenity and Beyond nightclub in Cluster 13. Go down to just below the bar and enter the morgue. Hack the terminal and follow deep into the morgue. Take the tablet with shipping information. Return to the quest giver in the bar and then take the Nitro Track. Enter the territory of the plant, kill the enemies and hack the passage further with the terminal. Follow deep, deal with other scientists and use another terminal twice. Talk to the quest giver on the device nearby, pick up a sample of alien material, download the data from the computer and take the disk. Talk to the quest giver on the device again, and then visit him in person, at the bar of Cluster 13.

Reward : 4500 experience points, "Biometric timestamp" augmentation (records vital signs, and then, by clicking on them, allows you to return health to the default value).

Double charge

The task is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to know what to do. You need to kill enemies during stasis. Go to the Tactical Equipment Merchant. It is marked with an "eye" marker and is even in Cluster 13. Buy a stasis drone from him and install it as tactical equipment. Move to Deepwater (you can also go to another location, but there are simple savages here and it will be easier to perform actions) and go through the corridors, killing the savages. When you have accumulated a charge of tactical equipment (circular blue scale near the lower weapon (lower right corner), find many enemies and press G to launch a stasis drone. It attacks one of the enemies, and it will be highlighted in blue. Kill this enemy, and that explodes, and you get an overload kill.Maybe you need to kill enemies with energy weapons.

Reward : 2200 experience points, "Stasis stomp" augmentation (tosses nearby enemies into the air and puts them in stasis).

Side quests "Crusher"


In one of the buildings in the upper part of the area is a tablet. Examine it to start the quest. You will walk by during the mission "Silicon Optics" to connect a VR camera in the area. Go to Anthill and take a taxi to Gratitude. Follow the marker. It may not be on the radar, but you press the O key and you will see the correct route. Then go down to the very bottom of the search area, as the pizzeria is located there. Go inside and hack the door by clicking on C. The current cyberdeck will be enough. Take the old weapon from the shelf and follow to Cluster 13, where you need to talk to Iris, who is in the bar.

Reward : 2500 experience points, money or a new weapon (shotgun with fire damage) "Burner".

Side quests "Nitro-track"

Freeing operation

You can move to the towers of the black lake, and you will see a yellow diamond at the top left. Go to him, enter the building and take the task. Drive to the Anthill and climb High Street. Take a taxi to the Knot, and from there go to the elevator leading to Technosvalka. But keep in mind that the location is not available for the time being. It will open during the execution of the side quest "Bot-Gas", which is taken in Steamtown. When you find yourself on Technosvalka, get to the indicated place, go down to the first floor of the building and talk to the target. Kill the enemy and his companions, and then return to Locksley on the Nitro track.

Reward : 40,000 experience points, special weapon "Buster".

Arcology: Highstreet side quests

H2O (9th generation)

Move to this location and go right to find a character with a task on the market. Take a taxi to Korpzona, enter the indicated building and take a water sample from the pool. And then take it to the quest giver. Easy money and experience!

Reward : 22,000 experience points, 14,000 credits.

Blossoming Hills side quests

Nightmare situation

Move to the location by taxi and immediately see the quest giver, next to which is the basic set. At the same location, you need to get to the "Shining Rose" establishment and destroy all enemies. It will not be easy, since this assignment is designed for high levels. Also, be sure to search all the side rooms - they contain many components for improving weapons!

Reward : 70,000 experience points, 17,000 credits.


The next task from the character from the Blossoming Hills, which he will give right after the quest "A Nightmare Situation". Go to Anthill, and from there climb up to High Street and move to the cosmodrome (by taxi). Get to the smugglers' warehouse and pick up the cargo. It needs to be delivered by two different characters. Look for the girl in the Dream World club in Corpzon, and in search of the guy, move to High Street, go down to Anthill and take a taxi to Steamtown. And to complete the quest itself, follow Krog to Blossoming Hills.

Reward : 38,000 experience points, 18,000 credits.

Side quests "Steamtown"


Move to Anthill and take the elevator to High Street. Go to the Node, talk to the technician, and he will let you to the Technoswalk. Destroy the robots until you collect 5 parts (they drop out and are picked up automatically), and then return to Gregory in the Node. After getting the bot, go to High Street and go down to the Anthill. Follow back to Steamtown to transfer the bot to the quest giver.

Reward : 70,000 experience points, augmentation "Death by touch" (several robotic tentacles emerge from the ground, which inflict damage on nearby enemies).


Move to Cluster 13 and talk to Flamingo marked with a marker. You will be asked to get to the chef's quarters. Ride the Blossoming Hills, follow the marker to kill enemies, climb the stairs and enter the building. Search the chef's apartment. There are several tablets inside, but the recipe is on the top floor. There is a bug here: you have to read the whole recipe and click on Finish, not just walk away from it. But the text box is too big. I recommend holding down the RMB and trying to lower the screen down. If it works, you will see a Finish button and can click on it. At least that's what I did. Only after the search area disappears can you return to the quest giver.

Reward : 38,000 experience points, 10,000 credits.


Inside the Mud Leap Bar in Steamtown. Take a taxi to the Grinder, follow the marker and see the dismantled bridge. There is a remote control in the building nearby. Interact with him and then go to the other side. talk to the Kaiser, kill a whole bunch of savages, and then return to Ivan.

Reward : 26,000 experience points, 16,000 credits.

That dude

Inside the Dirt Leap Bar in Steamtown, on the first floor. Move to the Grinder and follow the marker to the "Edge" location. Get to the marker and clear the location. This is going to be a tricky fight, so distract your attention with a robot and use a stasis drone whenever possible. After the victory, be sure to search the location. There are weapons and a superb component here! Return to the quest giver.

Reward : 100,000 experience points, 20,000 credits.

Side quests "Knot"

A dark horse

To be completed at the High Street level. Move to Corpzon, get to the marker, kill all enemies and install electromagnetic wires on 5 transport capsules. After that, enter the adjacent building and contact Yubi. He will ask for help. Move to Surplus and destroy opponents, then talk to Yubi. The task will end.

Reward : 22,000 experience points, "Jet Jump" augmentation (allows you to rush into the thick of things and call out a deafening explosion in the landing area).

Exotic Dinner

To be completed at the High Street level. Go to Korpzona, go down to the butcher's basement and kill the enemies. Open doors with terminals. Talk to the leader, then defeat him and the monster. Return to Francon at the Node for your reward.

Reward : 56,000 experience points, 8,000 credits.

Lost and found

To be completed at the High Street level. Follow to Tam's gate, there will be two markers. You are interested in the distant one. Explore the terminals and inspect the stacks of suitcases, where on top is a yellow case. One of them is the one you need. It is located under the roof of the lost property office where the terminal workers are seated. Look there. Then take the bag to Taoka in Corpzon. Take the elevator outside the club and enter the Dream World.

Reward : 38,000 experience points, 16,000 credits.

Surplus side quests

Jail break

To be completed at the High Street level. Move to Surplus, enter the building and kill all the captives, and also destroy the large robot. If there is no one in the building, restart the game. Return to the quest giver after the victory.

Reward : 4500 experience points, "Razor Microdrones" augmentation (unleash a swarm of drones that damage enemies in the area of ​​effect).

Side quests "Technosvalka"

Taking a nap means losing

The task is taken in one of the buildings of Technosvalka, from a person sitting on the floor. The building is located next to the place where you set up the VR camera for the "Silicon Optics" side mission. Go to the laboratory nearby, clear the room. You can shoot enemies from outside through the door. In this case, a bug will be triggered, and they will not even react to you. Return to Voight after the victory.

Reward : 70,000 experience points, 14,000 credits.