All Minecraft game modes: Survival, Creative, Extreme, Adventure ...


All Minecraft game modes: Survival, Creative, Extreme, Adventure ...

Minecraft is a huge game, as you will surely be discovering by now. But you should know that it does not have only one way to play. There are different game modes in it, although there is a fairly clear main division. On the one hand, you have a modality that is the most similar to a normal game, with an adventure in which you explore, collect, build and fight both alone and in company. On the other hand, you also have another modality more oriented to bring out your most creative side without any limitation of resources. But they are not the only ones out there.

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We are going to explain to you what are all the game modes that Minecraft has . And is that the title of Mojang has much more crumb than it seems at first glance. With so many years behind it, it has given rise to many of the most interesting and fun variants, in a way that fits every type of player. We are going to explain all that here, although, if you want to know more about this video game, both at a basic level and at a more advanced level, we advise you to take a look at our complete Minecraft guide to read much more.

The main game modes of Minecraft

There are many variants created by the user community, but there are five specific modes that make up the main foundation of Minecraft. Next, we present them to you and we detail them all point by point. As you can see, this game adapts to all types of users thanks to what it offers, both for those looking for a totally relaxed experience and for those who want something difficult and very demanding.

Survival mode

The main mode of Minecraft . Here, both you alone, and with friends if you prefer, you have to explore the whole world that the game puts in front of you to explore, fight, level up, build, trade and do whatever you want . It is a mix between adventure and RPG, with health and hunger bars along with an inventory to carry things or combine them, in which you can improve your character equipping him with weapons of all kinds, or even learn spells to face all threats. An infinite mode, in which you can even face secret bosses like the Wither.

Creative mode

The Creative Mode Minecraft is designed for people who want to create or destroy without having to worry about enemies, life, time or resources. It gives you access to all the materials and objects so you can build whatever you want. In fact, you can instantly drop or destroy items while flying around the map freely. Its controls are slightly different from Survival Mode, since you can fly. You have infinite blocks at your disposal and that can be played for free in its classic version.

Adventure mode

This option was not originally. The Adventure mode was implemented in Minecraft from version 1.3.1 and is almost the same as Survival mode. The only difference between the two is that the blocks cannot be broken with your hands , but with the tools that correspond to them. Its difficulty increases slightly, and it is used quite a bit in adventure maps created by community players.

Extreme mode

Another mode incorporated after the official launch. The Extreme Mode of Minecraft maintains the bases and mechanics of Survival, but there are some very important differences. If you die, you won't be able to respawn again and the world will be completely erased. In addition, the general difficulty is raised and put in Extreme, which causes you to lose more life with each hit, the enemies are much tougher and you cannot change it unless you finish your game.

Spectator mode

The Spectator Mode is one that is activated only by entering a code via the command console Minecraft. In it, you become a spectator during the game. You can see all the players, but others cannot see your skin, only your face. You do not have the possibility to interact with any block in the game, but you can fly freely and move everywhere , going through walls without problem.

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