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Commands in Roblox: what are they and how to put them

Commands in Roblox: what are they and how to put them

 Roblox is a platform that allows you to create your own online video games and live unique immersive experiences. Much of its popularity is due to the fact that you don't have to have a super team to start playing with friends and it is available for PC, Xbox One and mobiles totally free .

If you already have some time playing Roblox, you may have read, both in forums and chats, something about the commands on the platform . That's how it is! multiplayer gives you the ability to enter certain codes and acquire skills . And so that you are clear about how they work, what the commands are and how to put them, keep reading this note.

What are Roblox Commands?

The commands Roblox are formed by letters codes that are used so that the character or avatar in the game perform some action or special move . The nomenclature of the command is made up of three main aspects:

  • The symbol /: represented by the division sign or slash.
  • Letter e: there should be no space between the sign and the letter.
  • Action to take: you must write the action you want your avatar to take in English. Between the symbol and the word if there should be a space.

It should be noted that you can also type the command / help within the chat and thus have a complete list of all the commands available in Roblox .

Note: it is vitally important to correctly write the symbol, the letter e and the word corresponding to the emote for the avatar to make the move. Otherwise, it will send you an error.

How to put the Roblox commands?

To enter the commands in Roblox you will not need advanced studies and much less programming experience, the task is very easy, follow the steps that you will see below and you are done.

  • Log in with your Roblox account and enter the preference map.
  • Once you are in the game, press the / key to bring up the chat window .
  • Now write one of the commands from our free list. Example: / e dance .
  • To finish, press the «Enter» key . You will immediately see your avatar dancing.

Remember that the commands are established in the Anglo-Saxon language and can be used in all maps, as long as they are enabled in the chat by the developer.

Are the commands free?

Although the Roblox system is free and provides you with some basic commands , it has a store where you will not only get clothes and accessories , but you can also buy exclusive packages of emotes with Robux . If you want to see the product catalog , go directly to the platform's official store.

Once you acquire the desired emotes, you must know what is the command to use it within the game and give your character movement and fun .

List of basic commands in Roblox for free

The commands that we will show below are completely free and are available to any member of the system.

  • / e dance
  • / e sleep
  • / e wave
  • / e thumbsup
  • / e beg
  • / e blowkiss
  • / e bow
  • / e cell
  • / e watch
  • / e excited
  • / e cheer
  • / e chestpuff
  • / e choke
  • / e clap
  • / e terminal
  • / e confused
  • / e flirt
  • / e no
  • / e drink
  • / e head
  • / e eat
  • / e strong
  • / e fistpound
  • / e flex
  • / e pose
  • / e laugh
  • / e evillaugh
  • / and observe
  • / e pickup
  • / e picture
  • / e point
  • / e read
  • / e rude
  • / e salute
  • / e search
  • / e smokebomb
  • / e bringit
  • / e walkie
  • / e wary
  • / e cry
  • / e shake
  • / e rest

Are there Administrator commands for Roblox?

There are other types of special commands in Roblox for administrators and system moderators , which grant certain privileges within Roblox in order to keep the place safe.

In addition, if you are a developer and you have your own map, you can also access these commands and acquire skills such as screaming, flying, exploding, and you can even expel other players.