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How to activate the autopilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to activate the autopilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator is much more than piloting an airplane , it is also enjoying views that on more than one occasion will leave us with our mouths open. The leap in graphic quality with respect to Flight Simulator X is abysmal. It is also true that between the two games 14 years have passed. In all this time the hardware and graphics engines have improved by leaps and bounds.

If when you are at the controls of a plane you prefer to enjoy the views and completely forget about piloting the aircraft, then you just have to activate the autopilot . You can then switch between the outer and inner camera to change your point of view. You have total freedom to move the camera, you simply have to move the mouse while keeping the right button pressed. Not sure how to activate the autopilot? Do not worry, it is very easy. Now I explain how to do it.

How to activate the autopilot

Before explaining how to activate the autopilot there is something you should know. This function can be activated and deactivated at any time . It does not matter if you are in mid-flight or standing on the airport runway waiting for the signal to start take off.

Once on the plane you have to move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen to access the menu. A menu consisting of 12 icons will automatically be displayed. Well, you have to click on the AI Control icon - fifth icon from the left. You'll see three options come out: checklist assistance, managing radio communications, and controlling aircraft. Here it is enough to activate the last option, control aircraft . However, I recommend activating all three, so you also forget about everything related to radio communications and verifications.