How to be an administrator on Roblox

How to be an administrator on Roblox

 The administrators of Roblox play an important role, especially when it comes to maintaining the system in order. That is why this time we will talk about the functions of an administrator and how to be one of them. Let's get started!

The administrators or moderators of Roblox are a group of direct employees of the platform, who guard to maintain order and security of the game. And it is precisely thanks to these workers that we can enjoy a game free of errors, glitches, intruders, threats, inappropriate content and they are willing to provide solutions to any questions or problems .

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Roblox - How To Add Admin Commands To Your Games

How to become an administrator?

If you have just downloaded Roblox and want to be part of the admin team, and also want to use the special commands on and off the maps, you need to meet all the requirements.


  • Be of legal age and professional.
  • Passionate about Technology.
  • Live near the Roblox Corporation headquarters.
  • Adapt to office hours.
  • Comply with company regulations.
  • Work experience of 2 years or more.


  • Study the options available. The Roblox job board is quite extensive. Check the one that best suits your knowledge and apply. To do this, you just have to choose a «Category, Group and Location».
  • Choose a vacancy. After doing the previous step, you will see several job vacancies in careers such as: Engineering, Relationship Developer, Marketing and Communications, Design, Finance, Accounting and more. Select one of the links to see detailed information.
  • Fill out the form. If you like the job and you have the knowledge and experience necessary for the position, fill in the application form with your personal data + Curriculum, and finally press « Submit Application «.
Now you just have to wait for a Human Resources manager of the platform to contact you to give you the good news. The process usually takes a while since there are many applicants to be an administrator in Roblox .

How to be an administrator on your own Roblox map

To be an administrator on your own Roblox map you do not need so many requirements, much less reach the age of majority. In this case, you only need to have an active Roblox account and be a system developer.

That's how it is! the only essential requirement is to own your own map. Fortunately, Roblox has the Roblox Studio construction tool for you to put your creativity and imagination to work . Instead, if you already have a server, follow these steps:

  • Search and download Kohls Admin Infinite totally free.
  • Once downloaded, log into the Roblox Studio tool .
  • Choose the map where you want to be an administrator or assign roles.
  • Once the screen has started, locate in the menu on the top bar «Toolbox> Models> My Models». Several options will appear, click on "Kohls Admin Infinite" .
  • Now the left sidebar will show a column where you should look for "Kohls Admin Infinite> ThumbnallCamera <Decal". This is generally done to remove the box that appears by default.
  • Go to "Setting" and in the command box click on "Local" . The ranks or roles of your map will appear (Owner, Super Administrator, Administrator, Moderator, VIP).
  • Put the Roblox username in each box so that you can be an administrator or moderator on Roblox. An example would be: LOCAL Owners = {«USER»} , if you want to place one or more colleagues as administrators write LOCAL Owners = {«USER», «USER1»} - The level of each rank can be seen right next to each code.
  • After setting each range, click on "Setting" and you're done.

For those who do not know, Kohls Admin Infinite is a program that grants certain powers to the creators of the map once you install it in Roblox Studio . This SCRIPT will only be modified to establish the ranges, if you move or delete any code by mistake you could alter the operation of the program.

Once these steps are completed, all the administrators of your map in Roblox will have access to a series of special commands that go beyond simple emotes.

As you will see, these are the two possible ways to be an administrator in Roblox , have benefits and be in front of the security and terms of use of the platform.

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