How to create an amusement park on Roblox

How to create an amusement park on Roblox

 Games free to play there are many, but few that capture the attention of gamers, is one of those games Roblox . This famous title is home to more than 100 million users so far , and is full of totally free maps. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to play it on different platforms, be it PC, mobile and Xbox One.

Much of its popularity is due to the fact that you can live hundreds of experiences thanks to the variety of maps , among them we can find games of: action, racing, RolePlay, fantasy, battle royale and many more.

And if that wasn't enough, the system gives you the possibility to design your own universes and even live the experience of creating an amusement park in Roblox to invite your friends . If you don't know how to do it, here we show you each step.

Theme Park Tycoon 2: a map to start building your own park

Being able to create your own amusement park and make it grow is extremely easy, and this is thanks to the Theme Park Tycoon 2 map . This Roblox server specializes in the creation and management of amusement parks , with the possibility of having a gigantic park.

When you enter the theme Park Tycoon 2 map, you will have a piece of land at your disposal, where you can build your own theme park. At the same time, you will see hundreds of attractions to choose from and be able to customize it as you wish.

And if that was not enough, you can decorate with the entire range of scenographies and explore among the available subcategories , place fences, plants, lights, poles, ceiling and much more.

How to make the best amusement park in Theme Park Tycoon 2

You just have to enter the map like any other Roblox map , and at the moment you start the game you will have already created the terrain of your future park. As you will see, the entrance of said park will be personalized with the name of your avatar . Now to start construction, follow these steps:

Explore the buttons

Various buttons are available at the bottom . Click on the first button located just on the left side of the screen. You can identify it because it is represented by a roller coaster icon.

Add an attraction

Once you enter this section you will have a variety of mechanical attractions. Each of them has a price valued in the currency of the game. Since they give you a certain amount at the beginning, you can choose an attraction called "cups" , since it is the most economical.

Then, to continue, click on some part of the land to start building. If you have experience with other video games, for example "The Sims" , then this procedure will be very easy for you.

Input and output

Shortly after inserting one or more attractions, you need to create the entrance and exit of the attraction . You can do this once the attraction is completed on the ground, as two boxes with arrows will automatically appear indicating "Entrance" - "Exit" . You just have to click and set the input to the end and the output to the other end.

Build a path

In the options located at the bottom, you must click on "Queue Paths" , this in order to create a path to the attraction with railings. To do so, you just have to stand right at the entrance of each attraction and hold down the click and then drag towards the central square.

This step must also be done at the exit of each attraction. In addition, it is possible to build paths without guardrails if you wish, just choose the "Path" option and that's it.

Set up the attraction

Upon completion of each attraction and the proper path, you must configure the attractions. You can complete this part by clicking on any space in the attraction , an alternate window will appear immediately.

In the window you can enable the "Open" option , configure the entry price , the name of the gaming machine , among other things.

Food stand

In real life it is customary that when you arrive at an amusement park, apart from playing and testing machines, you also whet your appetite. To satisfy this need and get extra money , you must build a food and drink stand.

To do this, go directly to the bottom, locate the cutlery icon and click on it. It will quickly display a series of food stalls: hot dogs, burgers, pizzas, ice creams, among others ...

Now install a food stand in the square , you must bear in mind that the green arrow has to touch the square, since it represents the face of the place. To rotate the food stand, press the R key .

Why is Theme Park Tycoon 2 the best choice to start building?

Without a doubt, Theme Park Tycoon 2 is one of the best maps to build your amusement park , it has many options to explore, such as: enlarge the terrain, attractions of all kinds (casual and extreme), decorations and ornaments with beautiful plants, lamp lights and more.

Something to keep in mind are the objectives, since when you reach a goal you will be rewarded with money , which will be very helpful to continue growing.

As you will see, creating an amusement park in Roblox is very easy, it is only necessary to arm yourself with a lot of patience and creativity, and in a short time you will have the best park of all Theme Park Tycoon 2 .

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