How to create your Roblox avatar and modify it to your liking


How to create your Roblox avatar and modify it to your liking

Roblox is one of those free to play games that has won the hearts of many players worldwide, and it is due to its simplicity and Minecraft- like features . Its visual aspect is quite flat and therefore the requirements it demands to play are quite low.

As you know in this video game, you will be able to immerse yourself in worlds never seen before and carry out activities that range from climbing to the top of a cylinder and dodging obstacles or simply entering everyday rooms, working in stores and delivering pizzas.

However, to make yourself notice or stand out from the crowd it will be necessary to have a different appearance from others. Fortunately, Roblox has the facility to customize your avatar , whether it is changing the face, limbs, clothes and even adding accessories such as pearls, lenses and wings.

If you want to look cool and customize your character , in this post we will show you how to create your Roblox avatar and modify it to your liking. Join us!

How to customize your character in Roblox without Robux

In the main section of Roblox , your profile will be reflected along with the face of the avatar that comes by default, that is, with the most standard appearance of the game. To modify and apply changes to the character without robux, you must follow these simple steps:

  • Download and create a Roblox account for free . If you already have an account, log in to the official page .
  • Upon entering, on the main screen you will see a hamburger-style menu , located in the upper left.
  • Drop down and select the "Avatar" option .
  • The option to modify the character to your liking will immediately appear , for this, just click on the object you want and have it available in your inventory for free.

  • Here you will see a set of categories, among which we can mention: "Clothes", "Body", "Animations" and "Costumes". Explore each of them and select the ones that are available.

As you will see, the customization of Roblox avatars is quite extensive, you can create a character based on a famous person, with traits and characteristics of their own, transform them into a super hero or your favorite villain.

It should be noted that not all the options and packages are free, sometimes you will have to make a small investment. However, you can create your avatar and test skin tones, body parts, looks and more without spending a single penny.

Categories to modify your Roblox avatar

Each of the available customization categories come with a sub-category , in this way you can access a wide variety of garments more quickly. Here we show you in detail everything that includes:

Category Clothing

In the clothing category you will have accessories available that the avatar can place, for example: Shirt, pants, t-shirts, equipment and accessories such as (hats, glasses, necklaces, hats and bags).

In addition, you can include a pet, animal wings or magical fairies to carry on your shoulder. As if that were not enough, in this section you will also find radios, daggers, ninja stars, flying carpets, among other things.

Category Body

By selecting the body category , you can customize all the limbs of the avatar (head, face, torso, arms, legs) separately. In this section your imagination will be the protagonist, since you can create a common character or create a very unique avatar.

In this section it is also possible to modify the skin tone , you can make it pink, green, blue, brown, black or the color you prefer. Finally, the dimensions of the body , be it height, width and proportions.

Category Animations

In many games, animations have become very popular, these movements are intended to demonstrate some expression, whether it be greeting, saying goodbye, running, falling, jumping ... You will have the opportunity to add more animations to your list or buy directly with Robux if so you want it.

Choose one of them and assign a space to it; These spaces are represented by numbers, which you can use when playing. For example: At the moment of activating the number 1, your avatar will make a gesture saying hello or saying "Hello!" with hand.

Category Costumes

One of the friendliest functions of the avatar editor is that you will be able to create your own costumes or outfit of the moment and thus you will not have to create or search from scratch every time you want to put on a special costume per season. Example: Create a Santa Claus costume and wear it only for Christmas.

Finally, there is nothing left but to remember that within the platform you will not only be able to start playing for free , but also, you will be able to use your imagination and customize your Roblox avatar without problems.

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