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How to get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact 2.0. Where to find and how to complete the quest "Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia"


How to get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact 2.0. Where to find and how to complete the quest "Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia"

Last update Genshin Impact 2.0 has added a lot of new content. Among other things, the game has a new unique region Inazuma (Inazuma). In this location there are many islands to explore, as well as a city with a new guild of adventurers and previously unexplored dungeons and artifacts. In this article, we will tell you about all the prerequisites that you need to fulfill to travel to Inazuma.

How to unlock the Inazuma region

How to unlock the Inazuma region

The Inazuma Islands are located far out to sea, southeast of the Li Yue Kingdom. Since Inazuma is separated from the mainland by the ocean, players need to complete some tasks before visiting a new location. There are several mandatory requirements that must be met before entering a new location. The new region will be locked out for newcomers to Genshin Impact, so the player must first reach Adventure Rank 30 to receive the corresponding quest to travel to Inazuma.

You will also need to complete the Archon's quest "Autumn wind, crimson leaves", in which the player will meet Kazuha. In this task, you will take part in a small tournament in the Guyun Stone Forest. Bei Dou promises to deliver the traveler to Inazuma if he wins the competition. Only after completing this adventure will the player be able to advance further and start a new Archon quest "Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia", which will help to get to the new region.

If this task is displayed for the player, then he can already visit the long-awaited region.

How to complete the quest "Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia"

We activate the quest and go with the help of fast travel to the teleportation point "Cloudy Sea, Li Yue".

Follow the marker and find Catherine from the Adventurer's Guild. We select the line "About the journey to Inazuma" to find out from her about the trip and continue the task.

The pirate High Loon will join the conversation with the girl, who will offer to visit the Bay Dou ship. You can choose any dialogue options, as they will not affect anything.

Set sail

The desired location will be displayed on the map, so we use fast travel and go to the Guyun Stone Forest to the point "Guyun Domain". There are several ways to get to the ship Alcor of the fleet captain of the Southern Cross.

The easiest way is to climb up the cliff and fly to the ship. It can also be done by appropriate characters who can create cryo bridges, for example, with the help of Keia.

We talk with Bei Dou, which we will find in front of the ship near the steering wheel. After a short cutscene, the Alkor ship will sail off the coast of the current region and take the character to Inazuma.

Upon arrival in the territory previously unknown by the player, the travelers will be greeted by Bei Dou's business partner, Tom, who will help the traveler get used to it and introduce him to the new location.

Initially, the player will not be able to leave the original Rito Island. However, after completing a number of story quests, the player will be able to unlock the entire Inazuma region and travel in any direction at will.

A stranger's confession

Travelers arriving to the Inazuma Islands for the first time after meeting Toma must register with the relevant inspection. We follow to the label and communicate with Kageyama. We choose any answer options until Tom gets the documents of the hero and Paimon.

After checking with an employee, you must go to the inspection for full registration. Again we move along the marker and get acquainted with Yurika. The girl will ask for a very large amount to pay the fee, but Toma will help the traveler and settle the financial issue.

At the end of the dialogue with Yurika, we again communicate with Toma, who will send the player to Kuris, the chairman of the International Trade Association.

The man will tell that very high duties are collected from all foreign traders in the form of bone marrow. There is only one merchant on the island who constantly inflates prices, which negatively affects trade in the region.

We leave on the marker and get acquainted with the impudent huckster Werner. It will not be possible to influence him in any way, so we return to the city and again communicate with Toma. A new friend will tell you a little about the merchant's past. This information will be enough to advance on the assignment further, so we follow to Werner and give him one item each from the kingdom of Li Yue and Mondstadt. The man tells the traveler about Keijiro, who makes him sell goods at inflated prices. We follow to the point indicated on the map in search of Keijiro's tracks.

Having reached the place, you will have to sneak behind the man unnoticed. We try to keep our distance and not get close. We imperceptibly move after Keijiro and study the secret storage after he leaves.

Werner, Paimon and the Traveler will find a ledger, which contains all the records of the transactions performed. This will help prove the villain's guilt.

We tell Kuriso about everything and watch a short video. We communicate with Toma, who will offer to visit another island of Inazuma.

Escape from Rito Island

Now the traveler has to leave Rito. We go to the guard Kobayashi, who will demand to show a travel certificate. Without this document, the player will not be able to leave the island, so we follow the marker to the Kanjo Commission, in which we get to know Hiiragi Shinsuke.

The man will offer one of the possible ways to leave Rito Island, but this option will in no way suit the traveler. We leave the commission and receive a letter from Hiiragi Chisato. The heroes decide to meet with the girl at night and talk face to face. To do this, you will need to rewind the time for the evening. You can find Hiraigi Chisato from 18.00 to 00.00.

We agree to help the girl and go to meet her lover. As a reward for her help, she will provide the traveler with a letter that will allow him to leave the island. We follow to the indicated point and accompany the balloon with various goods.

We defeat all the enemies and watch the next cut-scene. From now on, the road to Narukami Island will be open.

Three wishes

We follow to the teahouse and talk to Toma. We examine the statue on the street and learn from the man several stories about the all-seeing deity. A new friend will take the traveler to a girl named Kamisato Ayako. She will ask to protect the people of Inazuma, so the player will have to complete several assignments. Upon completion of the dialogue, we receive the long-awaited reward for completing the task and go further.

The meaning of meaningless expectations

We move to the marker in the village of Konda, in which we have to ask several residents about what happened. After talking with Mahiru and Kenjiro, we meet Tejima. The man has lost his memory, so he will have to go in search of the corresponding keys to the memories.

First of all, we examine the diary on the terrace of the house nearby. After examining all the records, we move to the sanctuary, where the traveler will find the amulet.

Paimon assumes that an elemental trail may have remained on the subject, so we use the sense of the elements and move behind the purple haze, which will lead the traveler to three stones behind the house.

Here the heroes will find a chest with a letter. We follow to Tejima and talk to him to complete the task.

The supportive is treated with benevolence.

We move to the mark on the map to find the next resident. The traveler will find a quarrel between two residents of Inazuma and the samurai Kurosawa Konosuke. We ask the mighty warrior about the Eye of God and run to the next point to catch the Treasure Thieves.

We defeat all the enemies and, at the end of the battle, we get from the men a stolen box with IOUs in the name of Aoi from the store.

We follow to the girl and find out all the details about the purchase of food rations. We return to Kurosawa Konosuke and tell him about everything. At the end of the dialogue, the task will be completed.

The path of the swordmaster is paved with broken blades

We continue to search for people who have lost the Eye of God. We talk with Junya, one of the students of the martial arts master. As with the escape from Rito Island, we wait for the evening and set the clock to the appropriate time (from 18.00 to 00.00). After talking with the warrior, we notice a suspicious man nearby. We catch up with him and learn about the reasons for this strange behavior.

After talking with the warrior, we examine the place of exorcism, located in the very center of the area indicated on the map. Communicating with Junya again. The priestess Inagi Hotoma will join the conversation and invite the traveler to go upstairs to the temple.

We climb to the very top of the mountain and watch another video with Mrs. Yae Miko. At the end of the cutscene, we will receive a reward for the successful completion of the quest.

The flower blooms in the dungeon

We return with Toma to Kamisato Ayaka, who will ask the traveler to help in the fight against those who are taking the Eyes of God away from the inhabitants. At the request of the girl, we follow to the fireworks store located in Hanamizaka. The traveler will notice how two guards are trying to take the Eye of God from one of the residents.

The hero, along with Paimon, will want to prevent the theft, but Yimiya will stop them. It turns out that Hansiro gave the fake, so nothing terrible happened to the man.

The traveler also learns that Masakatsu, who Ayake mentioned earlier, is being kept locked up in a dungeon at the police station. We follow to the point indicated on the map and clear the territory from the guards.

On the way, we collect magatams that will help open a large locked door. We make our way through the crowds of enemies further and observe Kujo Sarah. After a short video, we find Master Masakatsu. The girl will let the travelers go, as the man urgently needs the help of a doctor.

We follow to the teahouse and watch the last cut-scene in the task.