How to land without crashing in Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to land without crashing in Microsoft Flight Simulator

We could say that landing successfully in Microsoft Flight Simulator for the first time is cause for celebration. It is much more difficult than taking off . You not only have to control the height and speed of the aircraft, but also the position with respect to the runway, activate the landing gear and a few other things. If you do something wrong you have all the ballots to suffer an accident.

I will not get tired of repeating it, his thing is to accumulate flight hours with a plane to gain experience. Once you are trained, you can jump into a bigger plane. You can also repeat the tutorials over and over again until you are clear on how to take off, go from one point to another and land. If you have a joystick and a lever as a throttle it is somewhat easier than using the keyboard. Otherwise, there is no choice but to use the keyboard shortcuts .

How to land without crashing

Once you are close to the airport the first thing of all is to maintain a speed of 65 knots . If you're somewhat lost and can't find the runway, just press the S key. Then align yourself with the runway . To start the descent you have to press the Num 8 key, but do not go overboard, you just have to tilt the rudder a little, otherwise you can plummet.

Before landing you must unfold the landing flaps , this can be done with the F8 key. In the meantime, don't forget to maintain alignment with the track. Finally, when there are a few meters to land, you have to pull the rudder back very slightly –key Num 2–, thus raising the nose of the plane and the rear wheels of the aircraft will be the first to come into contact with the runway. Once on the runway, you just have to slow down until the plane almost stops completely and follow the orders of the control tower. If for whatever reason you do not see anything clear about the landing you can always activate the automatic pilot .

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