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How to play Minecraft for free


How to play Minecraft for free

Knowing if you can play Minecraft for free or not is one of the questions that many more are repeated daily. The popular title from Mojang Studios has many different editions and versions and attracts so many looks that the question always comes to light whether it is possible to enjoy it without having to pay. The usual thing is to think that no, since it is a paid game, like any other that you can find in a video game store. However, there are ways to immerse yourself in it without going through the box and in an absolutely legal way. We are going to explain how you can play Minecraft for free.

Take note of what we have to tell you, as this can help you have your first contact with this huge world. The first block of a great adventure that awaits you alone or in company, and from which you can get much more out if you go with our Minecraft guide under your arm.

How can you play Minecraft for free

Let's start by making something very clear: all editions of Minecraft are paid . It is not a free game, except for a unique exception on PC that we will cover later. For everything else, look at the platform you look at, you will not be able to play without paying, although you will be able to have access to a version somewhat more limited in content and options that will allow you to enjoy some games without spending or a penny.

It has a trick, so we are going to explain it to you with hair and signs in this guide.

On PC and Mac - Demo Version

If you want to play Minecraft for free on PC and Mac , all you have to do is download the demo of the game. To have access to it, which by the way is based on the JAVA Edition, you have to create a Mojang account on the official website (you can register here ) and then download the Minecraft launcher and run it to start this trial version. If you want to get hold of it, we leave it for you at this link: get Minecraft Launcher .

With this demo version, what you have access to is 5 days of play in Minecraft . Taking into account that each day has a real duration of 20 minutes, you will only have 1 hour and 40 minutes to play.

On PC and Mac - Browser version

As a tribute to the original, a free version of Minecraft is available that can be played from your computer's web browser . The only drawback is that it is Minecraft Classic , with a fairly old version of the game. You will not be able to do many things, but at least you will be able to enjoy this experience without any time limit and in a completely legal way. In fact, it even offers the possibility of inviting up to 9 friends to join your game to play cooperatively.

Do you want to try it? Well, click here to play Minecraft Classic for free .

On consoles

Previously, the console versions of Minecraft included a demo mode with which you can enjoy a free game. They were limited editions to a tutorial level to familiarize yourself with controls and game mechanics, but they lacked a save function that could connect with the final version. Even so, if you want to get hold of the game, then we leave the link to its file in the PS4 and Xbox One stores:

On mobiles

Minecraft on mobile cannot be played for free in any way . Neither the Pocket Edition released a long time ago nor the current version incorporate a way to play without having to pay, nor is there even a demo available. If you want to dive into this world through your smartphone, you will have to do it upon payment. Here are the links to access it in its Android and iOS versions: