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How to properly take off in Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to properly take off in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The first free flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator is, above all, an adventure if you are new to flight simulators. We could say that taking off would be the easiest . Landing is quite complicated, but if you get the hang of it, it is not that difficult. It is also true that the type of aircraft influences a lot. If you are a novice, it is best to start with a plane.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has several very complete tutorials where you learn to fly an airplane. Once you complete all the tutorials you are ready, or you should, to get at the controls of an airplane. I recommend adjusting the level of help to make doing certain things easier. To do this, you just have to go to the Options menu -> Assistance . With that said, let's see how to take off correctly so as not to have an accident.

How to take off

Before we start, one piece of advice, keep calm. If you do everything correctly in a few seconds you will be in full flight. Having said that. Once you are on the track you have to press the Ctrl + Num Del keys –numeric keypad– to deactivate the parking brakes . It then accelerates - very little - and brings the aircraft to the center of the runway. To stop it you have to press the Num Del key.

Now that you have the plane lined up and you're stopped, it's time to accelerate to full power . Remember, if you need to correct the position you can turn the rudders on the ground with the Num 0 / Enter keys. Once the aircraft reaches 55 knots, you can pull the rudder back slightly to take off . Don't overdo it by pulling the rudder, otherwise you may lose control.