How to switch servers in Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to switch servers in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an amazing game that tests your skills as a pilot . You have at your disposal a series of airports that have been perfectly recreated and more than 37,000 with a fairly high level of detail. According to Microsoft, this installment also features real mountains, roads, traffic, rivers, and much more.

Microsoft's flight simulator requires an internet connection . The minimum recommended bandwidth is 5 Mbps, but it amounts to 50 Mbps if we take into account the recommended requirements . That you need an Internet connection has an explanation. Microsoft Flight Simulator makes use of Azure cloud technology and Bing Maps. To achieve the realistic level of detail, it transmits data from the Bing maps in real time. Did you know that you can change servers? Too easy.

How to switch servers

When you run the game it automatically connects to the closest server so that the latency is as low as possible. Your Internet connection also influences here, it is clear that if you have ADSL the latency will be higher compared to HFC or fiber. Now, if you find that the latency is somewhat high and the scenarios do not load correctly, you can try changing the server. However, I recommend that you first check your Internet connection in case it is failing, especially if you connect via Wi-Fi and you do not have good coverage.

To change the server you have to click on the icon of your gamertag that is in the upper right corner. Next, in the drop-down menu you will see that there is a list of servers . You can see the ping you have in each of them. To change the server you just have to choose one and press exit. No need to restart the game.

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