Microsoft Flight Simulator Getting Started Guide: What to Know Before Your First Flight


Microsoft Flight Simulator Getting Started Guide: What to Know Before Your First Flight

If you have never played a flight simulator like Microsoft Flight Simulator the first time it is difficult due to its complexity. Nobody said that flying an airplane was easy . Luckily, in this new installment of Microsoft Simulator they have wanted to bring the game closer to many more players. There are a series of very complete tutorials where they teach you to pilot an aircraft. In addition, you can also activate all kinds of aids so that the learning curve is not so steep.

Let's say you have completed all the tutorials and want to take the big step of flying for the first time. There are several things to keep in mind before the first flight . Theirs is that everything runs normally. Now, it never hurts to know certain things in case everything goes wrong. For example, what can you do to avoid an accident.

What to know before the first flight

Earlier I mentioned that Microsoft Flight Simulator is a complex game, so talking about everything you need to know before the first flight can take hours. In this sense, the ideal is to accumulate flight hours or repeat the tutorials over and over again until you see yourself ready. However, below we will see a few things that are very useful and interesting.

How to change the view

It never hurts to know how to change your eyesight. Likewise, you prefer to play in the third person to see the plane from outside. You can change the view by pressing the End key or if you prefer it is also possible from the menu. Just click on the camera icon and then on External . To return to first-person view, select Cockpit .

How to change the Flight Attendant settings

If you want to adjust the level of help so that everything is easier you can do it from the Assistance menu . You can customize everything related to piloting, aircraft systems, failures and damages, navigation aids, notifications and user experience. There are several levels available . If you are new to flight simulators, I recommend leaving the following easy: piloting, aircraft system and failures and damages. As for the rest, you can leave them at medium level.

How to activate the autopilot

If you are in flight and have difficulty controlling the plane, you can always activate the autopilot . You can activate the autopilot from the drop-down menu once you are on the plane. You access AI Control and then activate Control Aircraft . Once activated you can forget about the controls.

How to visit a point of interest

To visit a point of interest you have to access the World Map and free flight mode that is in the main menu of Microsoft Flight Simulator. From this mode you can search for a point of interest by entering the name from the search bar on the left. It is worth mentioning that the points of interest are limited. For now there are some of the most famous or visited. If you find the point of interest when doing the search, you can choose it to visit it.

The most important keyboard shortcuts

The list of keyboard shortcuts is very long, so learning all the key combinations is practically impossible. I recommend you learn the most important shortcuts or those that are used the most . Here are some that are worth learning:

  • Activate / deactivate drone : Insert
  • Top cockpit view : Space
  • Zoom out cockpit view : -
  • Enable / disable smart camera : s
  • Zoom in cockpit view : +
  • Brakes : Num Del (delete key on numeric keypad)
  • Left brake : Num *
  • Right brake : Num -
  • Activate / deactivate parking brakes : Ctrl + Num del (delete key on numeric keypad)
  • Reduce flaps : F6
  • Unfold flaps : F8
  • Increase flaps : F7
  • Retract flaps : F5
  • Enable / disable disruptors : Num /
  • Auto light on / off : Pause
  • Turn lights on / off : l (L key)

The type of aircraft influences

Sure you are looking forward to flying a commercial plane, but it is not recommended if you do not have experience. Start by piloting a Cessna type aircraft, they are perfect to gain experience . On the other hand, they are easier to pilot by having a much more basic instrument panel.

How to activate active pause

When talking about active pause the game does not stop to go to the main menu. Let's say it serves to rest in flight . This one function is very useful if your destination is far away and you are flying in real time. Come on, you haven't pressed the keyboard shortcut R and + to speed up the time. To activate the active pause you have to press the Pause key .

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