Minecraft RTX - What is it, how to install it, requirements, platforms and everything you need to know


Minecraft RTX - What is it, how to install it, requirements, platforms and everything you need to know

Minecraft has always been known, in addition to its creative potential, for its graphics. A title with a rather humble and undemanding visual section, which allows it to work on all kinds of devices without any problem; but that is already beginning to look at the most modern technologies to bring cutting-edge graphics . Yes, those blocks may look better and more realistic than ever, and Minecraft RTX is 'to blame' .

This release is part of an official update that Mojang and NVIDIA have worked on to make the worlds in this game look better than ever. Not everyone can enjoy it right now, but here we are going to explain everything you have to do to install it on your computer, the consoles on which you can play it and even the steps to follow to start playing Minecraft right now with Ray Tracing . We bring you everything you need to know. In fact, we advise you to follow not only these instructions, but also all those that we give you in our Minecraft guide of tips and tricks if you want to squeeze every last drop out of the game.

Minecraft - How To Get RTX Ray Trac...
Minecraft - How To Get RTX Ray Tracing - Tutorial

Minecraft RTX: everything you need to know

The version of Minecraft that wants to mark the future of the game with much more impressive graphics and totally realistic lights. Minecraft RTX started out as a beta , but little by little it has improved its performance, polishing its great graphics and adapting to more platforms. It is the version that we will see in the new generation of consoles, and that we can already experience on PC if we meet the requirements established by Mojang, NVIDIA and Microsoft . Don't worry if you have questions about how to install it or if you can play it, because we will answer them all below.

What news does it include?

Minecraft RTX does not incorporate any important changes at the level of game mechanics . Is an update that applies to Minecraft: Bedrock PC Edition, or what is the same, the version of the game there is for Windows 10 and will also come to PlayStation and Xbox Series X 5 . Its biggest novelty, in addition to offering higher quality textures and much greater realism, is the use of NVIDIA's ray tracing technology.

Thanks to that, all the environments will look much better than they did in the previous versions, especially better than in the JAVA Edition. In this way, its most important novelty, leaving aside the use of Ray-Tracing to improve its visual appearance, is that it achieves a much greater immersion during the game. The controls are the same, the materials, the mechanics ... Everything is the same as before, but with graphics that we would never have imagined in this game.

What editions is it compatible with?

The only edition with which you can install the Ray-Tracing enhancement for Minecraft is on Windows 10 . It cannot be implemented with either the JAVA Edition or the Education Edition. Also, its visual improvements will only be present on new generation consoles. In mobiles it has also been ruled out, in fact, it is not compatible with the use of VR headsets. Still not possible. Of all the editions out there, you already know which one is the only one capable.

Requirements on PC

Unlike the general Minecraft requirements, the Minecraft RTX requirements raise the bar quite a bit , as the graphics technology it uses is very advanced. The main thing you have to cover to be able to enjoy this very special edition is just what you are going to see below:

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or better graphics card (RTX compatible)
  • Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent (valid higher models)
  • 8GB RAM or more

Where and how is it downloaded?

To download Minecraft with RTX for Windows 10 , you have to go to the NVIDIA website through this link . Once there, you must press the download button. The next thing to do is join the Minecraft Beta program to have access to the news of this special edition with improved graphics. To do this, with Minecraft installed on your PC, you have to follow the steps that we leave you below:

  • Enter the Microsoft Store on your PC through Windows 10.
  • In the search bar at the top right, click and type "Xbox Insider." Choose the first result: "Xbox Insider Center." Download it.
  • When it's downloaded and installed, open the app and follow the steps to join the Microsoft Insider program.
  • After that, click on "Insider Content" and, in the games section, search for "Minecraft for Windows 10". When you have it, click on it and continue until they let you choose.
  • Within the options that appear, check "Beta version of Minecraft for Windows 10 RTX" and go ahead to start the download.

After completing the steps above, your version of Minecraft will have been upgraded to the Minecraft RTX beta . You can now enjoy the enhanced graphics with Ray-Tracing. In the future, it will be updated without having to do anything special.

How do I activate it? Does Ray Tracing apply to all worlds?

To activate the graphical improvement of Minecraft Ray Tracing in W10, you have to go to the settings section of the main menu. Inside this is a section called "Advanced Video Options", inside which are the two options for adjusting the ray tracing. First, there is the "Image quality enhancement" option, which enables reflections in water and general texture enhancements; second, there is "DirectX Ray Tracing" , which activates all the RTX technology in the game. 

Besides that, it is also important to know that not all worlds are compatible with this graphical enhancement . You have to go to the Marketplace and download those compatible with Ray-Tracing, but don't worry, there are many free creations that will allow you to enjoy Minecraft taking advantage of these great visual improvements.

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