PlayStation 6: When it comes out, price and everything we know about the PS6

PlayStation 6: When it comes out, price and everything we know about the PS6

 When is the PlayStation 6 coming out?

This article aims to compile what is known about the Sony PlayStation 6 , which at the moment is very little, but which will be updated with the news and leaks that become known. There is also speculation about what we can expect in the new console that Sony will launch after PlayStation 5.

Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in November 2020 and it has been a sales success , but the next console to launch is already being considered. We do  know that it will be called PlayStation 6 or PS6 , at least that implies when Sony has registered the names PS6, PS7, PS8 PS9 and PS10 , we will have PlayStation for a few years.

Although PS5 is just released, we know that Sony updates their consoles with an approximate interval of 6 or 7 years . Since the PS3 was released in 2006 it has been 7 years until the launch of PS4 in 2013, it has also been another 7 years until the launch of PS5. Following this pace , a PS6 is not expected until November 2027 , approximate date, since Sony can modify its strategy as the technology market advances and also depends on the launches of its competitors.

We have also been able to see on PS4, in addition to the typical redesign with a smaller format, a more powerful PS4 Pro. A redesign that helps keep the console alive by giving it more power and adapting to the latest technology without leaving the format. We will surely see a redesign of the PS5 and maybe we can see a more powerful PRO model in the middle of its cycle, in 3 or 4 years.

What will the PlayStation 6 offer us?

We all want to see in the PlayStation 6 features that we miss in previous generations , it is still too early to know that PlayStation 6 will offer us as improvements from previous generations, but we can talk about current and past deficiencies as a good solution for the future generation of the Sony console.

One of the things that we miss is the inclusion of the A2DP protocol to be able to connect practically any audio device via bluetooth . So we would not have to go through the box and buy the official headphones that are compatible with the PlayStation, we could also take advantage of any bluetooth headset that we have at home, since most use this connection system.

We can expect improvements in the DualShock 6 controller , just as we have seen the DualShock controllers evolve along with the console. A better ergonomics as they offer the controls of Xbox or Nintendo Pro Remote Switch would be welcome. We would also like more autonomy in the controller so as not to have to recharge it constantly , although we can play while it recharges it is not the total experience of a wireless controller.

Another good solution for the controller would be a wireless charging system , by leaving the controller above a point on the console we would have a charge for the controller while we are not playing. This way we make sure that when we go to play we always have our controller fully charged . Logically this is viable as long as the charge lasts longer than a game session , otherwise we will have to continue depending on the cable to charge the controller.

Specifications and power of the PlayStation 6

It is still too early to know these details, the PlayStation 5 has just been launched with a custom AMD processor and RDNA 2 graphics . For the launch of the PlayStation 6 in 6 or 7 years we still do not know what new technology will bring us.

We can rely on previous data to know approximately what we can expect, in terms of power, the PlayStation 6. It will integrate as usual a custom APU manufactured by AMD , we can tell that if Zen 3 was launched in 2020, by 2026 Zen 5 could be ready. In this case you can include an APU with Zen 5 and RDNA 3 cores as graphics .

PlayStation 5 has a little more than 10 TFLOPS of power, multiplying by 5.5 those of PS4. Following this rule the PlayStation 6 can offer 50 TFLOPS of power , something that may change depending on the GPU market within 6 years.

The PlayStation 5 is compatible with 4K resolutions at 120 FPS thanks to its HDMI 2.1 output, in the next PlayStation 6 we hope to see compatibility with 8K resolutions and a similar refresh rate of 120 Hz , enough to exploit the new televisions with this resolution and that We are seeing with a dropper at high prices, but that within 6 or 7 years may be available to more users .

How much will the PS6 cost?

This is a somewhat delicate subject, we have seen how Sony launched the original PlayStation 3 for 599 euros and then down to 399 on the PlayStation 4 . Now with PS5 it has risen again 100 euros to sell the version with a reader for 499 euros and keeping the version without a reader 399 euros . PlayStation 6 may vary between these prices.

Thus we will have a PlayStation 6 with prices that can start from 399 to 599 euros and possibly we will see how with PS5 two versions of the console, it may even be that for 6 or 7 years they will stop selling the games in physical format and only Let's look at a cheaper console without a reader . We will have to wait a little longer to know for sure.

We will still have to wait for the arrival of the PlayStation 6

We expect a new PlayStation 6 by 2026 at the earliest , a console that will offer more graphics power for 8K resolutions and 120 Hz . It will include a powerful new AMD APU customized to deliver the latest imaging technologies such as FidelityFX Super Resolution and Ray Tracing at higher resolutions with a stable FPS rate.

The price is a mystery and depends on how the market acts, but it will cost no less than 399 euros . We will wait for more rumors and news about the next Sony console.

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