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The Druid Resurrected in Diablo 2: Beginners Guide


The Druid Resurrected in Diablo 2: Beginners Guide

In Diablo 2: Resurrected, the druid can not only summon helpful animal companions, but also transform himself into a bear or werewolf. With our build and the matching rune words you can easily get through the normal level of difficulty.

General tips for the druid

With the shape change, the animal companions and his fire spells, the druid has three useful build options. For the normal level of difficulty, however, we recommend a build around the crack ability , as hardly any other class can keep up with the damage of this skill in this phase of the game. In addition, it is fantastic against groups , so you can defeat entire rooms full of opponents in the twinkling of an eye.

The most important attributes

  • Strength / skill

Only as much as necessary to carry your equipment.

  • energy

Optionally, you can invest a few points to increase your mana supply.

  • vitality

Almost all points should be invested in vitality with every level up.

Beginner build to get you started

While you heat up your opponent with Firebolt in the first levels, you unlock the skill Rift at level 12 . The entire build revolves around this extremely powerful skill that tears up the ground and burns enemies with volcanic heat. This means that entire groups of opponents can be eliminated at once.

At level 25, your build could look something like this:

capabilitySkill points
Rock fire1

You can still put points in Firebolt after level 12, even if you only use Rift from that point on . Thanks to the synergy of the two abilities, the crack damage is increased anyway. Also note with the skill that the opponents have to move in order to take damage . In the best case scenario, open a rift between you and your opponents so that they automatically die when trying to reach you.

Helpful rune words

In the normal difficulty level , the druid also has two rune words from which he benefits greatly.

RunewordRunes and equipmentEffects
Stealth (Level 17)
  • Valley + eth
  • Gray armor with 2 sockets
  • + 25% movement speed
  • + 25% faster cast rate
  • + 25% faster recovery after being hit
  • +6 to dexterity
  • Mana regenerate 15%
  • +15 to maximum stamina
  • Poison Resistance + 30%
  • Magic damage reduced by 3
Leaf (level 19)
  • Tir + Ral
  • Gray rod with 2 bases
  • +3 to fire skills
  • Adds 5-30 fire damage
  • +3 to Firebolt (Sorceress only)
  • +3 to Inferno (only sorceress)
  • +3 to warmth (sorceress only)
  • +2 to defense per level
  • Cold resistance + 33%
  • +2 to mana after every kill

Stealth is the best armor for any character on normal difficulty. The rune word leaf is primarily intended for the sorceress, but the druid also benefits enormously from the immense bonus to fire damage and fire skills .