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Where to find the best armor and weapons in King's Bounty II - how to get the best swords, wands, gloves, boots, armor and other items


Where to find the best armor and weapons in King's Bounty II - how to get the best swords, wands, gloves, boots, armor and other items

Equipment and weapons of the protagonist in King's Bounty 2 can affect not only the main characteristics of the character, but also the performance of his army. In this guide, we'll tell you where to look for the best weapons, equipment, and various decorations. We will also highlight several types of weapons and armor, which will be very useful at first for further pumping your character.

Sorcerer's wand

This weapon can be found in the warehouse when you first reach Bathil Gate. After you enter the fortress, examine the wooden cart in the passage and pick up the key to the warehouse . Use the key on the locked grate and go inside. On the left you will see a box. Examine it and pick up the spellcaster's wand.

This weapon is perfect for magicians. It adds (+3) points to the power of magic , as well as (+5) points to arcane knowledge . You can also buy this wand from the merchant Castor in the Royal Lands for 2,800 coins.

Alchemist Gloves

Earlier, we talked about how to find the spellcaster's wand . The alchemist's gloves are in the same area as the above weapon. After reaching the Batil Gate, find the key to the warehouse on the cart and open the grate. In the warehouse, examine the far room on the left. Here you will find the lever for the lifting device. Leave the warehouse and examine the room opposite. Find the lift and use the lever to raise the wooden bridge. A chest with alchemist gloves will appear in front of you.

Gloves characteristics:

  • Magic power : +1 point;
  • Secret knowledge : +5 units.

This piece of armor is perfect for mages. Although this is essentially a common item, at first it will be very useful to you as you progress through the game. Later, after reaching the King's Lands, you can purchase similar gloves from a merchant named Castor for 1600 coins.

Alchemist's apron

This item can be obtained in King's Land, at the "Old Outpost" fast travel point. Go down the road and fight several elementals and healers. Immediately after the battle, you can visit the ruins with four statues in the corners and a sign in the center.

You need to light the statues in the following order:

  1. The statue is in the east.
  2. The statue is in the west.
  3. The statue is in the north.
  4. Statue in the south.

When you do this, you can open the chest and pick up the item. At first, this piece of clothing can be useful for novice magicians. The same apron can be purchased from merchants in Marcellus.

Baldwin's armor

The armor bestowed by King Maximus on the Knight Baldwin for his valor in battle.

Baldwin's armor can be purchased from the Odilon merchant, who is located in front of the castle gates, in the King's Land location. You will be taken to this region immediately after meeting the dragon and after communicating with the prince. The cost of the item is 50,000 coins.

Armor characteristics:

  • Leadership : +150 points;
  • Armor (influence on the army): +5 units;
  • Health (influence on the army): + 2%.
At the beginning of the battle, the owner of such armor uses the "Sun Shield" spell of the third rank.

Immortal Armor

Previously, this armor belonged to the cruel necromancer duke Constantine Mednobrad.

This item can be purchased from Odilon in front of the royal castle gates. A hero using this armor increases the initiative of all allied units by 2 points.

Armor characteristics:

  • Magic power : +3 points;
  • Secret knowledge : +11 units.
  • Armor (influence on the army): +3 units.

Armor of the king

The armor of the conquerors of the world, the kings of the Serpent People, was melted in dragon flame and carries a particle of Arek's rage.

Just like the previous items, this armor is sold in the shop of the Odilon merchant, which is located near the royal castle. A hero wearing such armor allows allied units to attack twice per turn (in this case, a penalty is imposed on the movement of the unit).

Armor characteristics:

  • Military : +6 units;
  • Armor (influence on the army): +3 units;
  • Critical success (impact on the army): +3 units.

Mantle of Sanguine

Archmage Sanguine was famous for the clarity and steadfastness of his mind.

Visit the Odilon Trader's Shop in the King's Land region to purchase this item. The owner of the mantle at the beginning of each battle can use the third rank "Shield of Fate" spell.

Armor characteristics:

  • Magic power : +2 points;
  • Secret knowledge : +11 points;
  • Armor (influence on the army): +1 unit;
  • Physical resistance (influence on the army): +6 units;
  • Magic resistance (influence on the army): +5 units.

Sabatons of Maximilian

Legendary boots that can be obtained during the first part of the "Test of the Diviner" quest . First you need to find this character, which is located south of the "Old Outpost" stele.

After a dialogue with the Diviner, a portal will open behind the character. Enter it and fight magical creatures. Since you will be controlling another character, it does not matter at all what units will be in your army. Complete the battle and claim your reward.

Amber ring

This ring can be obtained by completing the second part of the "Test of the Diviner" quest. After you complete the first part of the quest and fight the monsters, inspect the abandoned village next to the cemetery in the south of the location. The Diviner will be waiting for you in the ruins of the black building.

To get the ring, you have to win a difficult battle. Use the available units, as well as spells, to win and take the reward.

The Amber Ring will increase Resistance by (+15) units, but will also reduce the number of leadership points by (-300) units. We do not recommend wearing this decoration at low levels, as due to the decrease in leadership points, you will be able to recruit fewer fighters to your army. It is best to save this decoration for use at higher levels of the hero's leveling.

Jade Rod

The jade wand is for magicians. It increases the damage of periodic effects of the hero's spells by 20%. You can get the wand after completing the "Die Hard" quest . It can be taken from the outpost with bandits, next to the "Old Outpost" fast travel stele .

You can try to deal with the robbers on your own, but you are unlikely to succeed. To complete the quest, talk to the girl at the broken wagon. She will ask you to get some ingredients to summon birds of prey. To do this, you will also need to complete the side quest "Priceless Chickens" in the marketplace of Marcellus. Bring four chickens to the merchant, collect the ingredients and place them at the location indicated on the map. After that, you can attack the outpost with bandits, only in this case these birds of prey will help you. When the fight is over, talk to the girl again and take the wand.

Titus Sword

A short steel sword of the guard of Titus, which can be obtained during the main quest "Riquil in the Siege" . When you manage to defeat the robbers who have settled on the old outpost, then you will have a way to a small settlement called Rikvil. Having reached the gates of the village, you will find out that it is in a state of siege. Go down to the peasant farm south of Riquel and fight the undead.

Having done this, you can proceed to the settlement and talk to one of the conflicting parties. If you choose the "Grace" ideal and require the peasants to lay down their arms, Guard Titus will give you his weapon.

Sword characteristics:

  • Military : +2 points;
  • Critical success (impact on the army): +2 points;
  • Damage (influence on the army): + 15%.