Aliens: Fireteam Elite Medic Guide

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Medic Guide

 This article contains detailed information about a medic, whose main purpose is to heal and buff allies on command.

No matter how professional the fighters are, there will always be someone who can mend their wounds. Xenomorphs are very zealous and aggressive in defending their hive, so every Aliens: Fireteam Elite team must have a medic.

Medic weapon

Each class has two weapon slots available. If the scout (Reconnaissance) uses a pulse rifle and a submachine gun, then the medic has a more squat weapon layout - a regular rifle and a pistol. Medics shouldn't crush opponents. It is advisable to stay away from xenomorphs, cover them with fighters of other classes. This is also emphasized by the available combat arsenal - there is a weapon suitable for firing at almost any distance.

The main weapon of the class is an automatic rifle, which is suitable for medium and long distances, the secondary is a pistol, which must be used to finish off xenomorphs who are too close to the hero. Moreover, the pistol slot is universal, and you can install powerful revolvers, hit-and-run submachine guns and even small shotguns in it.

Medic abilities

  • Treatment station
  • Combat stimulants
  • Field Medic

The Medic's key ability is a mobile healing station that can be deployed anywhere. It will restore the health of the medic himself and allies within the area of ​​effect. She does this, albeit not immediately, but quickly enough. But there is one small snag - the treatment station has a limited supply of energy, which is consumed according to a simple formula: 1 HP restored - 1 unit of energy. Therefore, you will have to choose at what moments to use the treatment station. Energy reserves are restored when the Medic uses first aid kits. One used first aid kit gives 750 units of energy for the healing station. Thus, if the charge of the station has dried up, get to the next checkpoint with ammunition and first aid kits. Then spend the first aid kit to heal yourself or an ally, take a new one and do the same. Use two first-aid kits, restore 1500 units of energy, three or four - 2250 or 3000, respectively. By default, the station stock is 3000 units.

The Medic's Combat Stimulants are another incredibly useful team skill that greatly empowers your fighters. This ability grants a temporary buff in the form of significant increases in accuracy, stability, stamina regeneration, and movement speed. Using this skill when a horde of xenomorphs is approaching will transform normal paratroopers into super soldiers. This skill is especially relevant during boss fights.

Finally, Field Medic increases skill cooldown by 15% for each ally near the Medic. If there is an ally nearby and you pick up a first-aid kit, then you restore some of the energy for the healing station.

Basic Medic Perks

  • Pistol Expert - Increases range and damage to weak points by 15%.
  • Medical ethics - allows you to raise allies twice as fast, and the bleeding time of the entire team (time until final death) is increased by 25%.
  • Rifle Expert - Increases range and weak point damage by 15%.
  • Surgeon's Hands - By interacting with objects, picking up enemies or using first aid kits, you will no longer be stunned. That is, you can do all this by moving around the location.
  • Anesthesiologist - without taking damage for 10 seconds or more, you temporarily gain an additional 10% of your current health.
  • Ready - increases movement speed and skill cooldown by 10%, and reload speed and control by 20%.

Basic Medic modifiers

  • Suppression station - increases the range of application of the healing station, weakens the enemies hit by it, reducing their movement speed and the damage they cause.
  • Anesthesia Station - The Healing Station increases damage resistance and control by 30%, but the stock is reduced by 20% (2400 instead of 3000 by default).
  • Auxiliary system - outgoing healing is increased by 20%, and allies, being near the medic, receive + 15% to the speed of skill recovery.
  • Super Serum - Combat Stimulants give 30% Control. Dodging while casting them does not interrupt Stamina regeneration.
  • Rifle Expert - Increases stability and weak point damage by 15%.
  • Pistol Expert - Increases reload speed and weak point damage by 15%.
  • Overdose - The cooldown of combat stimulants is doubled, but their effect is doubled and lasts 50% longer.
  • Beneficial Side Effects - When a Healing Station heals an object, it gains 2.5 seconds of unmodified combat stimulants.
  • Fast recovery - when raising an ally, they will gain 50% more health, and the bleeding time of the whole team is increased by 25%.
  • Rifle Master - Increases the rate of fire and control by 15%.
  • Pistol Master - Increases the rate of fire and stability by 15%.
  • Strength in Numbers - The Field Medic also adds 5% damage dealt and damage resistance for each nearby ally.
  • Tranquility - increases the range of the treatment station by 20%.

Medic tips and tricks

Medics are important team members. And not only because of their ability to heal allies. In reality, we are talking about tough combat medics, able to strengthen the group with the help of combat stimulants, turning them into a real dangerous force. Add the scout bonuses to that, and you really have real super soldiers. Keep an eye on the medic, whether you control him or he is your partner, ensure relative safety from the xenomorphs. The medics themselves should focus on strengthening their allies, do not forget to activate combat stimulants in a timely manner and choose the right moments to deploy a treatment station. I recommend that you pay attention to the perk that eliminates the stun when using first-aid kits, raising allies, and so on.

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