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Cheat Codes for Rustler


Cheat Codes for Rustler

Rustler is an isometric open-world action game set in the Middle Ages. Think of the game as a kind of analogue of the first GTA. Moreover, by analogy with the famous Rockstar series, there are cheat codes here that allow you to get approximately the same result.

How to enter cheat codes in Rustler

To activate any cheat codes, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the ~ key (E) to open the console.
  2. Type EnableCheats Bastard and press Enter.
  3. You now have access to all cheats!

List of working codes for Rustsler

  • GODMODE  - enable immortality mode. The same code disables invulnerability.
  • BFG - Get a no-reload automatic crossbow with 10,000 bolts.
  • SetMoney N - set the desired amount of in-game currency (enter a value instead of N).
  • SetHealth XY - set the value of health and armor (X and Y, respectively).
  • GiveAllWeapons  - Get all weapons available in the game.
  • AddWeapon - get a specific weapon (for example, Sword, Spear, Scythe).
  • RemoveWeapon - the same as the previous item, only removes the specified weapon.
  • EndCurrentQuest  - end the current job.
  • AddShield  - Get a Shield.
  • SetStars - set the number of wanted stars (from 0 to 5).
  • AddSkillPoints N - get the specified number of skill points.
  • SlowMotion 0.5 - slow down or speed up the game. 1 - default speed, higher - speed up, lower - slow down.
  • SUICIDE  - Instantly kill yourself.
  • Spawn - summon a horse
  • SetPlayerHorseType  - set the horse type. Only works if you are riding a horse and does not affect carts. Write this command to see a list of all possible horse types.
  • TeleportTo N - replace N with the name of the location where you want to teleport. Switch to English to see the names of these locations on the map.