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Diablo II: Secret Cow level, how to access it

 Myth come true, how to get to the secret cow level in Diablo II?

Diablo II: Secret Cow level, how to access it

Simple rumor in the first game, the level of the Secret Cow has become a reality in Diablo II . The latter, accessible by fulfilling certain pre-requisites, contains a bovine army much more threatening than the demonic forces. It also allows you to get a lot of loot, but also a good amount of experience. How to open access to this secret level?

Open the Secret Cow level portal

Once Baal, or Diablo in the base game, is killed in a difficulty mode, you can return to that mode to open the portal there. All you have to do is collect 3 items to access the secret kingdom. The first is the Horadrim Cube, obtained from act 2. Then collect a portal book from back to town, then the Leg of Wirt found in Tristram during act 1. Combine these items in the Cube to see s '' open the portal to the cattle world.

  • Return to Town Portal Book x1 + Wirt's Leg x1 + Completed all Acts
Transmutation must be done in the Rogues' camp

Access to the Secret Cow level is no longer restricted in Diablo II: Resurrected , but it is still necessary to open it from the Rogues camps in Act 1.