FIFA 22: 3 strong formations for the start in Ultimate Team


FIFA 22: 3 strong formations for the start in Ultimate Team

Are you looking for the best formations in FIFA 22 ? We'll show you three strong formations and tactics that you should try out at the start.

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You just started in Ultimate Team, but don't know yet which formation to use for your team? Basically: take the formations that suit your preferences,

Those who like to play defensively should rely on numerous defenders, while counterattack players might prefer to act in formations with fast outside attackers. Every FIFA player has a different approach. 

However, some formations and tactics work better than others because they better match the gameplay of that part of FIFA. 

We looked around the community and presented you with 3 formations including tactics that you should try out at the start.

Best formations and tactics to start in Ultimate Team

What kind of formations are they? Some FIFA professionals are already figuring out strong formations in FIFA 22. The official release of the game is still pending , but thanks to Early Access , some players have already had the opportunity to dive into FUT.

We show you three formations of professionals who each pursue different approaches to the game and can offer you a basis for your teams. 

4-3-2-1 - Strong defensively but dangerous

This is what defines the formation: The 4-3-2-1 is currently seen by some YouTubers as the preferred formation at the start. One of these players is "The FIFA Analyst" (via YouTube ), who introduces a compact but offensively dangerous variant of this formation. 

In its version, the team stands compact behind and orders the full-backs inside if necessary. This creates a strong block with the full and central defenders as well as the middle ZM midfielders, which is difficult to overcome. 

At the front, RZM, LZM and the three attackers create danger. The focus is on fast, powerful passes (you can do them with R1 / RB and X / A).

The goal is to get the central striker to the ball and then hold the ball in front of the goal. The other two offensives and central midfielders should then move up to get a template from the striker. Then all you have to do is lock. Provided the goalkeeper doesn't hold too hard, you should get quite a few hits.

Use these tactics and instructions: The FIFA Analyst uses these settings: 

Use these tactics and instructions: The FIFA Analyst uses these settings: 

  • defensive
  • Balanced
  • 35 width
  • 55 depth
  • Balanced
  • Direct passes
  • 40 width
  • Player in penalty area: 7
  • Corners: 1
  • Free kick 1
Also changes the following instructions (all others stay on "Standard)

  • Attackers on "stay ahead"
  • Orient LF and RF centrally
  • ZM in the middle stays behind and covers the middle
  • Orient LZM forward and have all the freedom, RZM balanced
  • RV stays behind when attacking, LV balanced
  • Important: Adjust these instructions depending on your player types. For example, if your RV is offensively stronger than the LV, you can swap the instructions.

4-1-2-1-2 (2) - Balanced formation for dribblers

This is what defines the formation: YouTuber “RunTheFutMarket” ( via YouTube ) actually deals with topics like trading in FIFA 22 , but also has some good tactical tips. He recommends the 4-1-2-1-2 (2).

He relies on high pass and dribble values ​​in the attack. Attacks should be initiated with fast passing until the strikers then dribble into promising situations. To get more options across the board, you also bring in a full-back who is strong at attacking and dribbling.

Use these tactics and instructions: 

  • Balanced
  • Width 40-45
  • Depth 60-70
  • Fast assembly
  • Direct passes
  • Width 50
  • Player in the penalty area 5
  • Corners 2
  • Free kick 2
Instructions for players (all others stay on "Standard")

  • Attacker: play station (so that the STs stay in the box)
  • ZOM: Stay in front
  • CMs: One stay in front, one balanced, cover the middle
  • RV / LV: One balanced, one behind

3-4-1-2 - for full offensive

This list by FIFA-Pro “BorasLegend” ( via YouTube ) gives you numerous options in the attack. The main thing here is to score more goals than the opponent - because defensively, the formation is not the best. But especially if you are behind and want to attack, this is a good option.

If you need a little more support from midfield, you can switch to 3-5-2 as an alternative. 

Use this tactic: 

  • Balanced
  • Wide 60
  • Low 45
  • Balanced
  • Possession
  • Width 50
  • 3 in the penalty area
  • Corner 2
  • Free kick 1
Use these instructions (all others on default)

  • Striker: Defense overrun
  • ZOM: Stay in front
  • ZDM: Stay behind, cover the center
  • RM, LM: backwards, for flanks in the box
Of course, there are a lot of other formations that could be worthwhile - depending on what style of play you pursue. In addition, after the release there should be even more opportunities to play games successfully. 

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