FIFA 22: Trading Tips - How to Earn Coins Quickly in FUT


FIFA 22: Trading Tips - How to Earn Coins Quickly in FUT

We'll show you trading tips to quickly earn coins on the FIFA 22 transfer market . With these coins you can then build a strong team.

This is the FIFA 22 transfer market: The transfer market in Ultimate Team is the place where you can get players and items for your club. Among other things, it offers:

  • Player cards
  • contracts
  • Chemistry Styles
  • Cosmetics for the stadium
  • Jerseys and other club items

Important: The currency on the transfer market is coins, not FIFA Points. So you can't buy things with real money on the transfer market, you have to use coins earned in the game. Accordingly, trading is a good way to get ahead if you want to save yourself the use of real money.

Trading in FIFA 22 is about buying players or other items cheaply while selling others for a profit. We'll show you some ways you can try to fill your FUT account.

You can also trade in FIFA 22 with the web and companion app . This is possible even before the official release of FIFA 22 .

Basics of trading: The transfer market in Ultimate Team is constantly changing. Prices can fluctuate dramatically in days, even hours. Therefore, you should never count on guaranteed profit - no matter which method you use. What works once doesn't have to work the same way the next time.

That is why you always have to look exactly how the market is and which method might be worthwhile at the moment. We'll show you some tips on how to tackle the transfer market. Important: Pay attention to the “EA fee” . With transfers you always have to expect 5% less. These will be deducted from the prices of all cards that you sell on the transfer market. So if you sell a card for 10,000 coins, you will only get 9,500. You should always keep this in mind.

Check out the preview packs

You have to pay attention to this: The fact that there are preview packs in Ultimate Team right from the start is new. In FIFA 21 they only came towards the end of the season, now they are available right from the start .

The preview packs allow you to take a look at the pack contents of certain sets before you buy them. With this you can see pretty well whether a pack is profitable or not.

For example, there are packs for 7,500 coins in the shop, which you can see beforehand. Now all you have to do is look: Can the contents of the pack be sold for more coins? Is there a player in it who brings in enough in the transfer market to refinance the pack?

  • If so: Grab it and sell the content profitably (or use it in the club).
  • If not: put it back and check for the next pack in 24 hours after the timer runs out.

It will be exciting to see how the preview packs affect the market in FIFA 22 - after all, this feature has never been available at the start of a FUT season. In any case, one thing is certain: you won't lose anything if you look at the daily pack. Accordingly, you should do this regularly.

Buy meta players early

You should pay attention to this: Especially at the start of FIFA 22 there are some players whose prices have the potential to rise rather than fall. This especially applies to players who fit well into the meta. An extreme example in 2020 was Joe Gomez, who started from around 87,000 coins on October 1st and already cost 146,000 coins on November 6th. It was very similar with Ferland Mendy, who turned out to be an extremely strong left-back in FIFA 21.

This is also possible in the lower price ranges. An example was Rodrigo, who initially cost around 17,000 coins and rose to around 37,000 coins by mid-October.

Rodrigo's price in FIFA 21 went up sharply before dropping off.

If you buy those players who turn out to be meta-relevant early, you can make a real profit when it comes to the first Weekend League. At the beginning of the game, many players simply do not have that many coins - accordingly, some prices do not really rise until the first few weeks. You can still use this in Early Access before the full release brings more players to FUT.

It should be noted, however, that this year there are preview packs and a changed reward system at FUT Champions. Accordingly, it remains to be seen to what extent the market will develop differently this year.

Watching SBCs and events

You should pay attention to this: In the course of a FUT season there is all sorts of content for which you need very specific cards.

  • So it can happen that new weekly tasks are published for which you have to build teams from certain players. For example, a task like “Win ​​10 games with 7 French players in the starting line-up” or something similar. There were a lot of examples in the live friendlies last year. If you have corresponding cards in the club, these are the moments in which you can make a profit - because other players then look for corresponding cards.
  • The second example is Squad Building Challenges. These can be, for example, Player-of-the-Month SBCs that require tickets from certain leagues. Or the weekly marquee matchup SBCs that require cards from the respective clubs. The same principle applies here: If you have suitable cards, you should throw them on the market at this moment. Unless, of course, you need them yourself.

It can be worthwhile to collect a few cards in advance. You never know exactly what's coming - but if, for example, a Dortmund player becomes a POTM of the Bundesliga, you can expect the SBC to ask for BVB players too. There are many SBCs that can come up with such connections. Even the top games of the week can often be predicted by looking at the game schedules of the major leagues.

Sniping und Flipping

Get players as cheaply as possible: The classic among trading tips relates to sniping. This means the targeted buying of players whose price is particularly low. The good thing about this is that you don't need any prior knowledge of real fixtures or possible events in FIFA.

The core lies in the correct search filter on the transfer market. An example: A player that you want to have usually costs 30,000 coins at the moment. Now you set the search filter lower, for example to 25,000. The deeper you go, the less likely it is that you will find the player at this price.

In addition, other players will try to snip cards as well. Accordingly, you have to type very quickly - otherwise it may be that someone else snatches the offer. The classic process looks like this:

  • Set your filter, press search.
  • Click away the displayed message if no card appears.
  • If you don't get the card: Increase the maximum (bid) price with the shoulder buttons. The market offer is updated in this way. You leave the buy-it-now price the same. Then you keep looking. This is also possible in the web app, but here you have to work manually with a click or finger tip. That can cost precious seconds.
  • You repeat these steps until a card appears. If it just doesn't work, try again at a different time or with a different card. Alternatively, you can raise the instant price a little. However, this must not rise so high that it is no longer worth it.

This is flipping: Selling a cheap shot card at a higher price is known as "flipping". A successful flip is, for example, a player who is bought below value, which is then given back at the normal price. It is even better if you wait a little and the price continues to rise. Here, however, there is the risk that the price will fall and you will give up your profit margin.


How TOTW Trading Works: A popular trading technique is buying from players who are likely to earn a TOTW card. As soon as it is in packs, the original gold card disappears from packs, which reduces the supply on the transfer market.

For example, suppose a meta-player like Joe Gomez has a really good game over the weekend. Many people want it because of the hype - and the price rises even more if you want to buy it for your team at the weekend. But if it is not in packs because the expensive and rarer TOTW card occupies this space, the price of the gold card on the transfer market also rises.

TOTW trading is particularly useful in the first few weeks

Of course, you have to make sure that you keep an eye on the real performance of players. One possibility, however, is to observe the TOTW predictions that appear regularly before the TOTW. There you can also see which players could be there.

However, there is a risk that a card will not end up in the TOTW at all. Then there may be no profit.

Focus on chemistry styles

You should pay attention to this: Certain chemistry styles boost the performance of your players. The “Hunter” for offensive players and the “Shadow” for defensive players are particularly popular here, as they improve the speed and the most important values.

Therefore, always check the transfer market to see if you can buy the player you want with the appropriate style - because they are usually worth more. Since some players put cards on the market in a somewhat careless way, you can also get bargains here.

Another approach is to equip your players with the appropriate styles and then sell them more expensive than normal. But you should make sure that you don't even get more for the item itself on the market than for the player with the corresponding style. Because sometimes Shadows and Hunter go away for several thousand coins.

There are tons of other trading methods that can bring coins into the club. New features can also have an impact on the market over the course of a season. Accordingly, we will continue to supplement and adapt this guide in the coming weeks.

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