Gamedec walkthrough - game guide


Gamedec walkthrough - game guide

Complete all Gamedec investigations, search for clues, correct decisions on the deduction screen, and more

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At the beginning of the game, select a character, his gender, appearance, origin. Just one line will affect what the starting parameters will be. The choice of dialogue branches in the first hours does not affect anything. In the end, you will have to start a new day: then you will receive an introductory assignment. When creating a character, I recommend choosing skills in such a way that you can immediately unlock the Mirror profession. So you can hack a lot of equipment already in the first task and collect as much evidence as possible!

Get a new job

Go to the room on the right and examine the computer on the table. Select the "Mail" section, answer the letters if you wish, but most importantly - review the orders. Contact the customer immediately and agree to the job. Click on the doors below and agree to go to the client.

Apple from apple tree

When the man leaves, you can inspect the workplaces on the right. There is a computer there. If you select "Finish Solitaire", you will receive the achievement "Finish what you started". Take the lead, after which you will find yourself next to his son Fredo. Examine it, examine the helmet and suit. Eventually, you will need to submit a report. Calm Haggis. The goal will be completed, and he will point to Timmy, Fredo's friend, who is sitting in the next room. Return to the room on the right and talk to Timmy, who is sitting in the chair to the left of the door.

During the conversation, you will see the "locks" for the first time. They indicate that your interlocutor has some secrets. And if you can communicate correctly with him, then figure them out. Reassure him, ask where he left Fredo, and if they were going to go somewhere further. Then Timmy confesses that they have entered the Paradise Beach game. Talking to Timmy and agreeing to share the work will drive progress.

To find out that Fredo actually went to the game "World of Vice", continue the conversation with Timmy. Don't pressure him, don't lie, be polite and understand everything. Keep choosing phrases from different threads, and almost every direction will influence the conversation in a positive or negative way. The locks to the left of the scale unlock options that Timmy will use if he wants to thoroughly confuse and lie to you. So you need to move up the scale to the right.

You can examine the computer on Mr. Haggis's desk. Password required. All suggested options will be incorrect. To the left of the table, there is Haggis's safe in the floor. Examine it and get the task "Open Haggis's safe". Just don't even try to open it! There is a picture of Haggis in the hallway where the secretary's computer is located. Examine the frame and scratch it to get the achievement "Just a Scratch".

If you have the profession "Mirror" (if not, I recommend starting the game anew and choosing the parameters in the way):

  1. Hack Mr. Haggis's computer and tell CyberPhant the truth about Jeffrey.
  2. Ask Cyberphantom for surveillance footage. Pre-ask about it, and free it using the profession "Mirror". Ask for a recording from a room with an armchair. You learn that Fredo and Timmy were drunk and there was a girl with them. Ask for a video of Fredo and play the sound. You will learn that the father took it out on the boy. You will receive a new goal - to confront Haggis with the obtained evidence.
  3. Ask for information about the mail. Fredo corresponded with the stripper Starlett. Also ask for access to the chair's control panel. As a result, you will receive information from the computer that the father is ignoring Fredo (for deduction).
  4. Examine the safe and break it with the Mirror Skills. Examine all the contents and find out that someone is blackmailing Haggis.
Then return to the room with the chair. Interact with the girl and connect to Starlett. Talk to her about various topics and offer your help. If you have the profession "Mirror", use a reflective barrier and firewall. Then proceed with the process of freeing Starlett. First, stimulate the girl's feelings and move her hand. The main thing is not to rush to take off Starlett's helmet! Then, stimulate the sense of smell and show the gum. Then choose a sense of touch or balance. When the scale is almost full (on the right), remove the helmet from Starlett. Talk to Starlett and receive the Get Up! Achievement. From Starlett you will receive new evidence for deduction - the game in which Fredo and Timmy find themselves supports PvP battles between gamers.

Talk to Haggis and show him the evidence. Listen. If you destroy the evidence, Haggis will not forget it. Go to the free chair on the left, interact with it and select the option "Find Fredo in the" World of Vice "". If you choose the option that the father must look for his son himself, you will thus abandon the assignment. And the option with the second game is wrong. After that, close the interface and tell Haggis about your decision to go to the World of Vice. Enter the "World of Vice" through the spare chair.

You will be taken to Virtualium. Read the rules of the game that are on the monitor on the right. Go left and talk to the unicorn. Don't settle for a trick, otherwise you will perish. If you rub the horn, you will die too (when studying the skin). Talk to Bob Zappa, standing to the right of the entrance to the Virtualium. He is looking for his wife under the name Insatiable. Agree to help and solve his problem.

You need to find out which nickname Fredo used. Talk to Bob Zappa about the investigation, but emphasize that this is not about his wife. So you will find out that by playing Tugai-Bey he made a riot at the entrance to the Virtualium and insulted Balabol. Ask Mia and May about skins. With the help of the skill, you can find out for the Hon clan and the fact that the most expensive skin was on Tugai Bey. You may have found out earlier that Fredo and Timmy bought two skins (when searching things to the left of the empty chair in the room with the boy in the chair). In general, I would recommend unlocking the Infotainer profession here. Open deduction and choose a nickname for Fredo Tugai-bey. Then ask Mia and Maya about Tugai-bey. Moreover, this can be done in two ways - conversations about the investigation and questions about the Hon clan.

The next question is where did Fredo go after logging in. On the other side of the street, there is Umbra Pah. Both Miya and Maia and Umbra can provide information if you choose a clan leader in the next question. Don't start talking to Bob until you recognize his wife. Go right and see two men. Do not kill anyone, watch, try to stop Ken Zhou, but another enemy will kill him. He will then respawn on the other side of the street, next to Bobb. Talk about all topics and ask for Bob's wife. So you will find out behind the south lane, and you will receive new evidence for deduction. You can agree to make Ken your partner. In the left corner there are three characters, the Assassin, the Panisanthor and the Trepanator. You can talk to them. Now you need to make a choice with whom Tugai Bey wanted to meet.

Select "South Side Alley" as your answer. Fredo went there with the girl. Go to the alley where the unicorn is and meet Bob's wife. Talk to her. agree to help (you can act differently) and return to Bob. Say that his wife is not here, and then ask all the questions about the investigation - about Tugai Bey and the alley. Walk to the right and find Ramon. A unicorn will appear. You can remain silent, and he will deceive Ramon by showing a trick. He will die. Come back here a little later, and agree to help Ramon. This activates the task "Solve Ramon's Problem". Walk left and talk to the Pancinatre. Offer to go to Ramon, but he will refuse. Dont kill. Return to Ramon and tell him that he should talk to his grandfather. Convince him of this. The task will end. Next time, Ramona needs to be found next to his grandfather. And yes, despite the male skin, Ramon is a girl, the granddaughter of Pansinatra. Thanks to this conversation, Ramona will be able to force the other player to leave the "World of Vice". You will receive the achievement "Griefer".

Now go to the alley to the left of the girl and Bob Zappa. There is an urn with a mine. Don't blow it up. Walk right around the corner and look at the graffiti on the wall. Try to find the developer stack. A panel will appear on the left. Examine it, check all the data and add yourself some ecstasy points. You need to answer the question, who could see what happened to the guy next. Examine the glitch on the left, pick up the dagger and examine the rusty spot on the asphalt (here). Taste it to see that it is blood. You will also find hoof prints in the alley. Activate the profession of a programmer or find the three correct glitches. Unfortunately, dealing with the latter is very difficult, so it is much easier to get a profession. After fixing the error and formatting the disk, you can talk to the admin. Then examine the dagger.

Return to the unicorn and ask for the alley (if you found hoof prints earlier). in deduction, I recommend choosing information about the clan, not trolls, since there are many people in the location who have something to tell you. Chat with all people, including Umbra and Ramon. Then choose Umbra or Ramon. Choose Umbra as she is the clan leader. Talk to her, agree to go into the alley. Then submit. Do not be rude, play along with her and you can find out all the evidence (move to the right along the scale). She will kill the gamedeck, but will stick the theater key in her pocket. If you don't get the key to the theater, but you learn about it, there is a chance that it will be opened by Cyberfant. If you freed her on Jeffrey's computer. By the way, if you properly interrogate Umbra and manage to kill her first, the exit from the alley will be blocked by a car.

How to save Fredo

Go inside and meet a jester sitting at the edge of the stage. If you log out, the guy will die. So refuse to hand over the hacker's demands to Mr. Haggis. Instead, return to the theater after teleportation and talk to the half-naked man on the left. Continue the conversation several times, but when the jester appears, do not agree to his terms! Select eye control, launch the Guardian Angel program. You will move separately from your body. Examine the scene and Fredo pestering the girl. You have four questions. Select the following answers:

  • Is Fredo here? Yes.
  • The loop was created by a cheat.
  • Who are these people? They are nips.
  • What's in the loop? The whole theater.

Then go to the screen on the right. There will be a question on how to break the loop. You can examine the cat, the falling chair, and so on. In deduction, select the Overload Fredo option. Go to the stage, start overload, select hormones and the first option. Free Fredo and try to leave the theater with him. The jester will stop you. If you partner with Ken (be sure to do it!), Then he will have a plan. Blink at him and he will eliminate the jester. Talk to Fredo again and exit the theater.

You will find yourself on the rooftops. We need to find Fredo before his brain is fried. Run to the upper right corner to see Fredo and the jester. You can make a deal with the jester, or choose the option whereby you log out with Fredo. This will save the guy and get the achievement "Son!" Choose how to talk to Haggis and what to tell him.


Walk right and interact with Negi's terminal. Listen to the news. If Fredo was not saved, you will learn about his death and that Haggis left his post. Read the messages on the computer, enter the orders and find a new one. Sit in a chair in the apartment and enter the game "Harvest". Talk to the man at the entrance on all topics, agree to teleport to the farm and collect pumpkins. Chat with Wild Magnolia. Sow and harvest the sprouted pumpkins. Continue doing your usual activities with Magnolia. To make the chest appear, grow the pumpkin again. You will receive the achievement "Pumpkins Everywhere". Collect 100 coins and select the "Develop a Farm" option in conversation with Magnolia to buy a strawberry field. There may be a bug in the game, but after that you need to plant and harvest strawberries (not pumpkins!). go to the field to the left and do it in one place. Collect 250 coins and buy pasture from Magnolia through the "Develop a Farm" branch. Remove 5 stones from the pasture in the lower right corner. Turn in the quest to Magnolia. This will be the final quest and you will receive the Honest Work achievement. At the same time, in order to completely complete the mission, you will need to buy the last improvement for 500 coins. Then you can leave the farm with a clear conscience.

Or, when you get bored, leave the farm and study the notice board opposite it. Go right and up the slope and examine the second board. Go even more to the right and examine the board next to the stable. Jump into the well opposite her. You will find yourself in the cemetery. Walk a little to the left and examine the tombstone. Talk to Stanley about all topics. You need to investigate what is happening on the "orange" farm. Return to the city through the chapel door.

Go to the orange farm (opposite the farm where you worked for Wild Magnolia), break the gate and chat with all the characters, as well as the cowboy patrolling the area. Guy will ask him to sell the loot to Fruit Betty. Then you will see the girl faint. Log out and save your life. Agree to help a man. You need to bring three containers of Fruit Betty. Climb up the slope to the right of the farm and talk to Rusty Ed sitting on a barrel near the red house and notice board. You will receive a new deduction lead.

To be continued...

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