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How to clone a Sim in The Sims 4


How to clone a Sim in The Sims 4

One thing that makes The Sims 4 very special is that all user- created characters are different, as are those that inhabit different parts of the virtual world. The game has features and tools with which each Sim can be given a particular look, including the personality they are going to wear.

However, if there is any reason why you want to have two identical characters or make some Sims twins, there is a way to do it, although it is much more effective if you have the expansion of The Sims 4: Get to Work! , because with the content that it brings, very interesting experiments can be done to achieve cloning of the characters in some way. Next, we leave you the complete guide of The Sims 4 so that you can do it correctly.

Requirements to clone a Sim in The Sims 4: Get to Work!

As with other types of procedures of this style in the game, cloning is an experiment that is accomplished with effort and dedication. The greatest things are not achieved easily , and that is why you have to meet certain requirements to achieve it. To clone a character in The Sims 4 you need the following:

  • Scientific Profession: To clone it is essential to dedicate yourself to being a scientist. You can do it from the «Telephone», «Find a Job» and select «Scientist». In this work you will be able to create the device you need to carry out the experiment.
  • Cloning Machine: being a scientist will unlock this invention upon reaching level 6 of the job. This allows you to clone objects , but to start cloning characters you have to reach at least level 8 of the Scientist profession, since otherwise your Sim will not be able to create the clone you want.

How to clone a Sim with the cloning machine in The Sims 4: Get to Work!

Once you meet the above requirements, create the cloning machine by going to your Sim's work. When it is the work schedule you just have to press "Accompany" so that you can go with your Sim to work and in the laboratory make the cloning machine.

When you have the device at your disposal, place it in the Invention Creator and click on the "Make Improvement" option . When the Cloning Machine is upgraded, you will be able to interact with it to clone a Sim, whether it is the one you are currently controlling or one that is not part of your household. At the end of the cloning process, the clone of the selected Sim will be generated with a random name, but maintaining all the physical and personality characteristics, including the reward traits that are obtained with satisfaction points. If for some reason you want to change something to the Sim clone, such as the name or personality, you can apply the following trick.

Open command window:

  • PC: Control + Shift + C
  • PS4: L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
  • Xbox One: LB + LT + RB + RT

Enter these commands:

  • testingcheats true
  • cas.fulleditmode
Now to enter Creation Mode with all the options and tools do the following:

  • PC: hold down "Shift" and click on the character. An option will appear that says "Modify in CAS" and you select it.
  • PS4: press "Circle + X" at the same time . An option will appear that says "Modify in CAS" and you select it.
  • Xbox One: press "B + A" at the same time . An option will appear that says "Modify in CAS" and you select it.
By doing this, you will be able to edit the cloned character, all the characteristics you want , either because you plan to give the cloned character a different touch or you want to make it even more identical.