How to get 5 stars in a restaurant in The Sims 4: Gourmet Getaway


How to get 5 stars in a restaurant in The Sims 4: Gourmet Getaway

Among one of the available businesses in The Sims 4 are the Restaurants from the Gourmet Getaway expansion. Unlike a Veterinary Clinic and a Trade, other requirements are needed to make this establishment work properly.

Kody na pieniądze w The Sims 4
Kody na pieniądze w The Sims 4

As a restaurant progresses, the reputation of the place is improved, which is classified by stars, the more it has, the better. In short, the goal is always to try to get the 5 stars , which classify the business as one of the best. Of course, it is not something simple, but if you take into account several factors that we explain in our complete guide to The Sims 4 , you will surely achieve this goal without problems.

Have a good decoration in the Restaurant of The Sims 4

Although it may not seem like it, decoration is one of the most important factors to increase the stars of a restaurant , since this makes customers feel comfortable in the place. You don't have to invest a lot, just putting in a few plants, pictures, and rugs is enough for Sims to feel comfortable in the business. On the other hand, you have to make sure to paint all the walls and floors because this also influences a lot.

Train Restaurant Employees in The Sims 4

The quality of the food and good service is obtained with the experience of the employees , if they always maintain a low level of skills the Restaurant will not progress. This is why it is necessary to train workers so that customers have better service and thus get good reviews.

Don't use advertising for The Sims 4 Restaurant

Advertising seems to be very important in getting customers , but in reality it is not. Having advertising does not make a difference, so it is better to invest in things like training or decoration. This is an unnecessary expense because you can receive a good clientele if your Restaurant has quality.

Expensive dishes on the Restaurant menu in The Sims 4

When chefs have a high level of experience, be sure to change the menu by adding high-priced dishes. These attract attention and are more delicious for customers, which increases the profits in the purchase statistics.

Using Restaurant Reward Points in The Sims 4

When you serve customers in different ways, interact with employees, or earn achievements like Restaurant, you are awarded Rewards Points. These allow you to have new skills or advantages in the establishment, so do not forget to spend them. In fact, with this Rewards Store you can unlock new waiters or additional chefs to have a greater range of customer service. 

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