How to get a man pregnant in The Sims 4: Get to Work!


How to get a man pregnant in The Sims 4: Get to Work!

It is normal in The Sims 4 that families are created generations by generations to continue to control characters in the household, since over time the characters age and die. Leveling up with your partner is taking this big step of having a child, a pretty big responsibility , but necessary to progress in the game. Obviously, in the relationship, the one who gets pregnant is the woman, but believe it or not, a man can also get pregnant without using tricks.

Kody na pieniądze w The Sims 4
Kody na pieniądze w The Sims 4

For this you only need to have the expansion of The Sims 4: Get to Work !, since it contains the aliens, which will be responsible for making male pregnancy possible in the game. It sounds crazy, but it's something that can happen frequently when abductions hit Sims Land. If this is your goal, in the following complete guide to The Sims 4 we leave you with all the steps you have to follow in order for a man to become pregnant.

How to get a male Sim pregnant in The Sims 4

As we mentioned, the aliens have a very important role in this procedure, since a man can only become pregnant by the alien pollinator. This happens when a Sim is abducted by aliens by being abducted by the alien spaceship. When the character returns, he will feel Groggy and every day he will begin to feel the symptoms of pregnancy as if it were a woman. This happens because the aliens do not have a gender, so it does not matter if they have children with male or female humans.

In order to make the aliens abduct the Sim you want to get pregnant, you have to build a Signal Antenna and try to dedicate yourself to the scientific profession. By doing this, you are going to draw the attention of the aliens and invite them to visit Earth as many times as they wish. At a random point in time, the Sim in your household will be abducted by the aliens and will be pregnant by the pollinator. It's one of the weirdest experiences in the game, so if you don't want a Sim to become pregnant, there are ways around it.

What is the son of a pregnant man like in The Sims 4?

In this case, the symptoms sometimes tend to pass faster, as does the pregnancy process. However, the character's belly will grow over time until it is time to have the child. This new member of the family will be of a pure alien race , so he will acquire all the special abilities of aliens, and in turn, he will also be able to have a human camouflage that he can use whenever he wants. The baby alien is not going to be the son of your partner or wife, but of the alien pollinator, and you can verify that from the family tree of your household.

Alien adventures are something quite interesting, you can even travel to the planet Sixam of the aliens in The Sims 4 so that your extraterrestrial child becomes more familiar with the beings of his race. With this new experience, your family will have amazing and fun moments, especially if you like science as a job.

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