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How to have a lightsaber in The Sims 4: Star Wars


How to have a lightsaber in The Sims 4: Star Wars

Star Wars has made something very clear to us in each of its installments, and that is that laser swords are undoubtedly impressive. Possibly all fans of the franchise would love to own one, and now they can from The Sims 4 . Fulfilling the dream of becoming part of the Resistance, First Order or Scoundrels is possible with the Star Wars expansion.

This new world takes us into an unforgettable adventure where we forge our destiny with the faction we want, and in turn, it contains a great variety of objectives with which we can get new suits, and even laser swords to become one of the best warriors of the galaxy. If you still have not been able to obtain yours, we leave you the complete guide of The Sims 4 that explains all the steps you must follow and the tips you have to take into account to advance in the game .

Where do you buy the lightsaber in The Sims 4?

The lightsaber is a special item, so it is not available in Construction Mode . In order to obtain it, it is necessary to travel to the world of Star Wars asking for a vacation from the phone. Being here, you must go to the Black Needle Outpost where you will find a place called Savi's Workshop , this is the black market where you will find the laser sword.

It is important that you buy both the hilt and the Kyber crystal , as they are essential things to make the sword work properly.

How to learn to use the lightsaber in The Sims 4?

One of the most common missions among the 3 factions is learning to use the lightsaber. This is a skill like any other, and in the beginning you can only train with one person to increase your combat level . The point is that they do not specifically tell you how and where this practice can be done, although it is actually very simple. To be able to train with the lightsaber you have to go to Savi's Workshop and click on the option «Request laser sword challenge» , you have to search all over the Black Needle Outpost for someone who has an icon on his head that says "Lightsaber Duelist" is usually near the Millennium Falcon or Savi's Workshop.

In this way, you will be ready for any intergalactic battle in The Sims 4.