How to make a backpack in Minecraft


How to make a backpack in Minecraft

Running low on inventory space can be a problem in Minecraft . Being a game where you have to get resources that you then use to craft things, it is very easy to run out of space. Do not panic! This you can solve crafeando a chest or backpack . If you decide to make one chest, I advise you to make two. This has an explanation, you can join two chests to double the capacity.

Chests are fine to have a few in your house, but if you go exploring, they are not of much use. In this case it is best to make a backpack. Also, getting the materials to craft a backpack is very easy. By the way, although it is possible to make a mochina without installing a mod, today we will see how it is done using the Backpacked mod that is available for PC.

How to make a backpack

To craft the backpack that you will see below you first have to download and install the Backpacked mod from CurseForge . Once installed you just have to run the game. Okay, now you need 8 pieces of leather . To get leather you have to kill cows, horses and donkeys. All of these animals sole various pieces of leather when they die. You can also get leather by fishing, although it is more difficult.

To craft the backpack you need to install the Backpacked mod

When you have all the necessary leather pieces you can move on to the work table. Place each of the pieces as in the image above to get the backpack. By default the backpack has 27 holes to store whatever you want . However, the mod allows you to upgrade the backpack with up to 54 inventory slots.

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