How to make a bow in Minecraft


How to make a bow in Minecraft

One of the most effective weapons to deal with all kinds of hostile enemies is the bow. If you keep your distance you can take out any creature without taking a single hit. In the worst case, you can lose a few hearts. Now, the thing changes if you are fighting against several. So it is much more difficult to get out alive.

If you have never used a bow and you have in mind crafting one, you will also have to make arrows . There are several types of arrows, the easiest being the normal ones. Specials can poison enemies and even heal any creature. Returning to the subject of the arc, if you want to make one but do not know how to do it, I invite you to continue reading. Next I will explain what materials you need and how to craft it .

How to make a bow

I'll start by talking about the materials. To make a bow you need three wooden sticks and three threads . If you don't have sticks in your inventory you will have to cut down a few trees. Once you have a good number of wooden blocks, you can turn them into sticks on the work table. You get the thread by killing spiders.

To make a bow you need threads and wooden sticks

Now that you have wooden sticks and string, you have to go back to the workbench. To make the bow you have to put three wooden sticks and three string. It is done! As you can see it is very easy. Getting the materials is not much of a mystery , let's say they are at hand.

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