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How to make a cake in Minecraft


How to make a cake in Minecraft

Since its launch, Minecraft has evolved in every way. It is one of those games that have no end. You can spend hours and hours playing that you always have the perfect excuse to stay hooked. Among the many things you can craft in Mojang's game are cakes. This is not something new, it is possible since version 1.2 of the Beta . However, not all new players know that it is possible.

Making a cake is not difficult, the most complicated or laborious thing would be to get the necessary materials. If you know where they can be found, it won't take long . Otherwise, just like you spend hours going around the world, in the end, you end up giving up the mission for lost. Do you want to make a cake? Here we explain the whole process step by step.

Necessary ingredients and where to find them

To make a cake you need 3 cubes of milk, 2 servings of sugar, 1 egg, and 3 wheats . As you can see, there are not many ingredients. Well, now for the good stuff. Time to go for them. If you know the exact or approximate location it will not be a problem.

  • Milk x3. To start with, you need to have 3 iron cubes in your inventory. Then you simply have to locate a cow . You approach with the equipped bucket and press the corresponding button to get some milk.
  • Sugar x2. You have to go to the bank of a river . Sugar canes usually grow on the shore. They are easy to see, they are usually on blocks of grass, dirt or sand, near the water. Sugar is made from cane , so you will have to go through the manufacturing table.
  • Egg x1. Find a hen to get the egg you need. There are usually chickens in the same places where there are cows.
  • Wheat x3. To get wheat you just have to plant several seeds that you can get by destroying grass.

Time to make the cake

Now that you have the ingredients you just have to go to the work table . You have to place the three cubes of milk on top, in the center goes the egg. On the sides the sugar. Finally, in the three boxes at the bottom you must place the wheat. It is done!

You have to place the ingredients in the correct way to make a cake

As you can see, it is not much of a mystery to make a cake, as long as you know where to find the ingredients. If you take a look at the inventory you still have some of them , especially the wheat seeds.