How to make a crowbar in Minecraft


How to make a crowbar in Minecraft

Among the many things you can craft in Minecraft are toggle switches. A lever is used to open and close doors and also to put on the tracks where the wagons pass, so you can change the direction of the track at your leisure. Also, to make a lever you only need two things that we will see later.

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The levers share one feature with the buttons, pressure plate, and rope hook. You can connect the lever to a Redstone to activate it up to 15 blocks away. This has an explanation. Redstone is a good conductor of electricity . With that said, let's see how to craft a lever.

How to make a lever

To craft a lever you need a wooden stick and a rock . You basically need a pickaxe and go to Overworld. You will find rock from the 3 layers with respect to the surface level.

Levers are used as a switch to activate mechanisms

Once you have the stick and the rock you just have to go to the work table and place both as in the image above . It is done! Now that you know how to make a lever you can craft a few to use on doors, rails or as a switch for a mechanism.

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