How to make a flowerpot in Minecraft


How to make a flowerpot in Minecraft

In Minecraft there are all kinds of decorative objects that you can craft to give a more personal touch to your home, both inside and out . One of these objects would be the flowerpot. In a pot you can plant many types of plants. In addition, it is a very easy object to make since it only asks for one type of material. However, first you will have to get fillet and charcoal.

There is something very important to keep in mind about flower pots. You can only put: flowers, bushes, ferns, cacti and mushrooms. By the way, although when you craft a pot it appears in a circular shape, once you put it on the ground it changes to a square shape . Mojang may have done it this way to differentiate it from normal blocks.

How to make a flowerpot

Let's see how to craft a flower pot. First of all you need clay and charcoal. Both are necessary to make bricks . You can find archilla near the water and under the sand. 

You only need several bricks to make a flowerpot

Once you have crafted the three bricks you need to make a pot in the oven, it is time to move on to the workbench. Place the bricks in the same way as they are in the image above and you will get a flower pot. It is done! As you can see it is very easy. The most difficult thing would be to get the coal. Well, it's not that difficult either. You just have to know where to get it.

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