How to make a piston in Minecraft


How to make a piston in Minecraft

You can create so many tools and objects in Minecraft that you may have lost count. Also, remembering what materials are needed is not easy . In some cases obtaining the materials requires dedication and, most importantly, knowing where they can be obtained. Wanting to craft a pickaxe is not the same as making an enchantment table .

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Among all the objects that you can craft in Minecraft is the piston. There are two types of pistons, the normal and the sticky one. A piston is very useful if you plan to create some kind of mechanism . The most basic pistons allow you to push blocks. As for sticky pistons, they don't just push blocks, they attract them too.

How to make a piston

To craft a piston you need four stone blocks, three wooden blocks, Redstone dust, and a gold ingot . 

A piston is very useful for pushing blocks

Once you have all the necessary materials to craft a piston, you can go through the work table. You have to place the materials as you can in the screenshot. That said, making a piston takes time , but it's worth it.

How to make a sticky piston

Now that you have a normal piston if you want you can make a sticky piston. You only need one ball of slime . You can find Smiles near the swamps and in the caves. These creatures are hostile. For each Smile you receive a block and, in turn, with one block you can craft 9 Smile balls.

A sticky piston serves to push and attract blocks

Finally, on the workbench you have to put a Smile ball and the piston to make a sticky piston . It is done! It has not been an easy job. Well, it's not that difficult either, more than anything it requires spending some time gathering the materials.

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