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How to make a smooth stone in Minecraft


How to make a smooth stone in Minecraft

Making a house in Minecraft is not difficult, at least what is the structure, although this also depends on the material . It is not the same to use wood as stone blocks, and even more so if it is smooth stone . Making smooth stone requires more than just chipping. However, it is worth it for the result that this material gives. Now, this does not mean that you cannot build a spectacular house with a modern design and that is completely made of wood. However, in this basic guide you will learn how to make smooth stone in Minecraft step by step.

If you want to make smooth stone you need to have an oven, this is essential. Also, a pickaxe is necessary to obtain stones. The process takes some time and consists of three parts . At first it may seem difficult, but it is quite the opposite. With that said, the best thing to do is go on to explain how to craft smooth stone.

How to make a smooth stone in Minecraft: step by step

Pick in hand you have to go to a cave or another place where you can get stones. Destroy everything, do not cut yourself . Once you have a lot of stones in your inventory, you have to head to the furnace. 

To make smooth stone you need an oven

Once in the oven you have to put coal and the stones that you just obtained to craft stone blocks. Next, you have to place the stone blocks in the oven to make smooth stone . If you have little coal left, remember that you can get much more by chopping coal ores with a pick. You can find ore in any cave or underground in the game. As you can see, smooth stone is very easy to get and you don't even need a crafting table if you have the necessary tools. For more tricks, you can see the Minecraft guide where you will find other tips.