How to tame a dog in Minecraft


How to tame a dog in Minecraft

In Minecraft, not everything consists of building things and going on an adventure, you can also carry out other activities . For example, you can breed and tame horses . Taming a wild horse is not very difficult. You just have to get closer and try to ride it over and over again. On more than one occasion he will hit you, but if you insist, in the end he will give up. Breeding horses is not difficult either, however, first you have to build a stable.

Leaving aside the issue of horses. Did you know that you can tame dogs? If you like dogs and want to have one or more pets, I invite you to continue reading to find out how to tame a dog. Well, let's see what you should do. By the way, everything you will see below can also be applied to wolves .

How to tame a dog

First of all and most importantly, you have to have some bones in inventory. Next, you have to go to the forest and explore the area. When you see a dog you just have to give him bones . Once the dog does not want more, you will see that several hearts appear and the dog has a red collar . This means that you have just tamed the animal.

Tame a dog takes a few seconds

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