How to travel to the alien world Sixam in The Sims 4


How to travel to the alien world Sixam in The Sims 4

The secret places of The Sims 4 are something that is definitely worth visiting, because in the Forgotten Grotto , the Silvestre Glade and the Hermit's Refuge we can find extremely interesting things and landscapes that cannot be seen elsewhere. However, Planet Sixam from The Sims 4: Get to Work! It has special features that make it one of the most fascinating worlds in the game.

However, traveling to this place can be a bit more confusing than usual , as we not only have to explore, but also have advanced knowledge so as not to cause problems when we go to Sixsam. In our complete guide to the Sims 4 we show you the two ways to get to the planet of aliens and we explain what are the steps you must follow.

How to create a Wormhole Electric Generator in The Sims 4

Planet Sixam is directly related to the Scientific profession. That is why in order to travel there you must have a Wormhole Electrogenerator , an artifact that can be created after making 12 discoveries . Once the blueprints are unlocked, you have to use an Invention Creator and interact by selecting "Invent Device" . Here is a list of the objects that you can make with the machine, but to make the Electric Generator it is necessary to have the following components in inventory:

  • 2 rare metals.
  • 2 rare crystals.
  • 2 items of any type.

After doing so, you have to update the artifact by placing it in the Invention Creator to interact in "Improve" . In this way, you will have the option "Go through the portal" unlocked, which takes you to the planet Sixam.

Using a Space Rocket in The Sims 4

This is the fastest and easiest way to get to Sixam, although you will need to be level 10 in Space Science and at least level 5 in Manual Dexterity . To do this, buy a Space Rocket in Build Mode, have your Sim build it, and upgrade it by selecting "Upgrade" and then "Install Wormhole Generator . " When the Sim finishes upgrading the ship, the "Travel Through Wormhole" option is unlocked . This choice takes you to the planet Sixam where you can meet aliens, and find strange materials such as metals and crystals. 

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