Lava in Minecraft: What to do with it, where to find it and how to handle it


Lava in Minecraft: What to do with it, where to find it and how to handle it

Of all the materials and elements that you can find in Minecraft , lava is one of the most important . This volcanic fluid appears underground and gives much more play than meets the eye. In addition to being the element that can kill you the most times while exploring caves and underground, it is also the key to access one of the different game worlds, as well as being ideal for the forge and for many other things. Do you want to know more about him? Well get ready.

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This section of our huge Minecraft guide focuses on talking about lava. We tell you what it is, where it is, how it behaves, how it can be controlled and even what can be done with it . In summary, we tell you everything and well detailed so that you do not miss anything. So don't wait any longer, and keep reading.

What is lava

If you have already been exploring in Minecraft Survival Mode and, above all, if you have started exploring caverns following our advice, you have probably already come across it. Lava is a liquid block with a behavior slightly similar to water, but with a much greater danger. If you touch it, you get burned, and if you fall into a lava pit, your character will most likely end up burned to death.

This element / material can be found mostly in large accumulations underground . He is usually the deadly enemy of any player who digs like crazy, although there are ways to avoid death from lava by digging. Sometimes it can also appear spontaneously, with a small initial block that soon begins to disperse to cover as much area as it can in a matter of seconds. Coming into contact with it, in addition to hurting you, makes your character move slower and, if you immerse yourself inside it, the possibility of seeing is much more difficult because it is more opaque.

This is possible thanks to the magic of mods

You can also walk on it if you have ice boots, which is very advantageous when exploring mines and caverns. Otherwise, if they come into contact with it and remain in contact, the player can die in 2.5 seconds if they do not have armor and, from there, the time increases depending on the type of equipment, with a maximum of 11 seconds if you have Netherite armor without enchantments (12.5 seconds on Windows 10 and consoles version).

Where do I find the lava?

Lava is always descending into the earth. You can easily run into her in at least two of the three Minecraft worlds . If we stick to the Overworld or Real World , it is usually found in large quantities when you reach level 11 (coordinate Y = 11), therefore, it is mandatory to start digging if you want to come across this very interesting and at the same time dangerous element. Although you should know something, and that is that it is only called magma when you are on the surface. If you find it in underground areas, what you are actually seeing is magma.

In the Nether , on the other hand, its presence is much greater. You can see it fall in great waterfalls in different parts of this underworld, or run into blocks that generate it and ponds at level 31 approximately (Y = 31 in the coordinates). It is not a rare material or element, in fact it is very common to see it in the first hours of departure, as well as to be a victim of its effects. Remember, it is the main enemy of the unwary miner.

Behavior, what can I do with lava?

As a fluid that it is, lava flows, but always originating from an original block , although lava lakes are usually made up of more than one block of this style. It always flows across 3 blocks in any horizontal direction with respect to the source block, both in the Overworld and in the End; in the Nether, it reaches the 7 horizontal blocks, with a higher speed . Its destructive capacity is important, since it can eliminate reed blocks, flowers, crowbars, wheat, fungi, rails and even torches. You can also burn any block of wood.

There is something important to note about that. Any flammable block that is within two meters of the lava will start to burn; although that can be avoided if a non-flammable block is placed between the two. On the other hand, those embers that can come out of the lava do not burn, they are only decorative elements. Likewise, it is important to note that it can also interact with water, the following cases may occur:

  • When it flows horizontally over the water, it creates a cobblestone.
  • When it flows vertically over water, it removes it.
  • When water flows horizontally over lava, a sound will be emitted but nothing will happen.
  • When the water flows vertically over the lava, a sound will be emitted and a cobblestone will be created.

Can I manipulate the lava flow?

Lava always has an equal movement pattern. It will descend when flowing and uneven, and will burn any flammable blocks near it . However, it should be noted that their behavior varies in the Overworld and in the Nether. In the latter, it is dispersed to a maximum of 7 blocks, being 4 in the Real. On the other hand, its speed also increases in the Nether, since it is the environment that facilitates it the most.

In order to control the flow of the lava , what you must do is surround the path you want it to follow with blocks of snow, since they do not melt or are flammable, and that allows you to channel it as you wish. Likewise, it can always be placed in pits that you want to create to contain possible threats. If you find it in a cave, you can also throw gravel or sand and deposit blocks, in the end you will end up covering the lava and you can walk on them without problem.

Obsidian, the key fusion of water and lava

The combination of water and lava can give rise to Obsidian , a very important material to be able to access the Nether , since it is the main element to create the portal to enter this dimension. Obsidian usually appears because a river flows over a pool of magma in the caves, which invites you to be careful. Normally, under the obsidian there is always lava, and it is that this is born because the water flows horizontally over a block that generates lava.

Can I collect lava?

Yes. If you have a cube , it is as simple as using it near a lava block. Very carefully, because you could burn yourself, you can take that bucket with lava with you to be able to use it as fuel in the oven or for many other things.

What can i do with lava

Lava can be repositioned where desired using a bucket . Although it is important to know that what is caught is the source, not just any block of lava. It is also important to know that it is not a renewable resource and that there is no way to create it. If you use it and need more, you will have to find a source to continue collecting it.

With it you can make obsidian, or also illuminate since it is an emitter block. It can also be the fuel for your furnace. In fact, it lasts long enough in the foundry to cook up to 100 different blocks. The problem is that it is consumed and, therefore, you would have to look for more.

You can also use it to protect your shelter from enemies , creating a moat that fills with lava. There are many possibilities and, in the end, the only limit is what you set as a player, knowing their behavior well.

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