Minecraft: The best tricks to avoid getting lost on the map


Minecraft: The best tricks to avoid getting lost on the map

One of the great dangers when playing Survival Mode in Minecraft is getting lost. The game world is immense, and the chances that you will end up completely disoriented are very high. However, there are some tricks and methods , as well as some tools, that can help you orient yourself and find your way no matter what. They are something that not everyone knows, but that we are going to share with you so that you can enjoy this great game even more.

What you're going to read next is part of our huge Minecraft guide . A collection of content in which we make it easy for you to discover all the secrets and the best tricks in the game , as well as the coolest constructions, the most hidden secrets and everything that only a few can know. Read on if you don't want to get lost in Minecraft.

Tricks to not get lost on the map of Minecraft Survival Mode

What we are going to explain here works in all editions of Minecraft , so you will not have any problem when applying it in any game you play. Pay close attention to the instructions that we are going to give you, because if you combine everything we assure you that it will be impossible for you to get lost. In fact, it will be even more difficult to get disoriented than it is to find your way around this huge world of blocks , buildings, villagers, objects, materials, and enemies.

Use the coordinates

The coordinate system is ideal to always be well located in the game. In order to take advantage of it, it is important that you activate them before starting your very first game. To do this, in the game world creation menu, you just have to mark the corresponding option and thus, when you start playing, you will see that the X, Y and Z coordinates of the position in which you are at all times appear . Thanks to this, you will be able to point out the point where you have your refuge, or also where you were born, and from there always have the reference to return to when you have become disoriented.

If you don't remember, die

In the event that you don't even remember the coordinates of your shelter or your spawn point, the best we can tell you is to kill yourself to be able to return. The problem is that you may have good equipment and objects that you want to keep, in which case the best thing is to create a chest, keep everything in it, kill yourself and go back for it. How do you know where you have left things? Well, you can point, this time if, the coordinates of the exact place where you put it, or you can also make a structure easily visible in the distance. That is up to you.

Create a compass

How to make a compass

Compasses are one of the most useful objects in all of Minecraft. When you carry them in your hand, they indicate the path you must follow to return to the point where you first appeared. Thus, if you created your first refuge there, you can always return to it no matter where you are, yes, as long as you are in the Overworld. If you travel to the Nether, for example, the compass stops working until you return to the surface. Keep this in mind if you do not want to spin like crazy, and look at the image above if you want to know how to make your witch. Mind you, you're going to need a little bit of Redstone.

Take advantage of the maps

The maps serve you to have a good reference of the whole game world. You can find some, although you can also make them with 8 papers surrounding a compass on the work table. The problem is that to get the paper you need sugar canes, with three canes giving three sheets of paper. It may seem complicated, but the truth is that it becomes a most useful object throughout the game.

Make constructions distinguishable

If you are one of the people who needs clear visual references when navigating any game map, then everything we have explained so far is useless. The best thing, in this case, is that you create some type of tower that can serve as a reference. Make very tall structures that act as monoliths or visual antennas so as not to get lost and thus have good references even from afar. If you also place torches at its upper end, they will also be visible at night. They are like a beacon that guides you in Survival Mode.

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