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Minecraft: Command Console - What it is, how it is activated and what it is for


Minecraft: Command Console - What it is, how it is activated and what it is for

The eternal Minecraft offers a function with which you can do impossible things while playing normally. Here, in fact, we are going to focus on talking about it and what you have to do to activate it, regardless of the platform you are playing on. Indeed, we are going to explain what the command console is, what it is for and, of course, how it can be activated.

Before getting into the subject, we recommend you take a look at our Minecraft guide to get an idea of ​​the things that this tool can serve in the game. Some of the best mods of this video game were born from experiments with the command console, and today they are the most surreal and incredible experiences. Therefore, take note of what we are going to tell you now.

What is the command console, what is it for?

The command console is a function of Minecraft , available in almost all its editions , that allows you to enter lines of code with which to change from game settings to make monsters appear, create new blocks or change the behavior of all the elements of the game .

However, you should know that it is not always active . To be able to use it, first you have to modify some game settings both on PC and on consoles and / or mobiles. In this guide we are going to explain how to do it and, incidentally, we invite you to take a look at our compilation with commands and tricks so you can see everything you can do. Be it to control time, to generate dynamite, armor, diamonds, all kinds of resources, mobs or animals. You will be able to become a God within the game.

How to activate the command console

For several versions, the command console has been complemented by the Command Block , an object only available in Creative Mode and which is accessed precisely by entering a command through the console that is opened with the chat. To get there, it is necessary to first activate the possibility of entering codes through the game's text chat, and for that you have to modify the game settings before creating a world.

Next, we are going to explain how to activate the console to enter commands in all versions of Minecraft compatible with it :

In Minecraft: Java Edition

The first thing you have to do is open the settings before creating a world. In the window where you enter the name of the world and set its game mode, you will see a button with the text "More world options ..." . You have to click on it.

Then, look for the button to activate the cheats and enable them. By doing this, you will only have to open the chat during the game within the world to use the commands and tricks you want. To open the chat, the key to press is the «/», or also «T».

In Minecraft for Windows 10

In the case of playing in Minecraft for Windows 10, the process is very similar to that of Java. Before creating a world, go to its settings and look for the Activate cheats tab . When you find it, tap it to enable it and continue creating your world as usual.

Once inside, you just have to open the chat by pressing the «T» key . The rest is as simple as entering the tricks and commands you want to use.

In Minecraft for consoles

The console version of Minecraft does not have the command block , nor does it have the usual function to enter it, but there is a way to have something similar. The first thing you should do is select a world that you already have created in your game. Within the options, go to the "More options" section to have more configuration possibilities.

Now, look for the "Game Options" section and click on it. Next, check that the privileges of the host or the person in charge of the game are activated. If it's you, enter the world and start playing, by pressing the Settings button on Xbox One, «-» on Switch or the PS4 touch panel you can open a menu with which to enter some tricks and commands. Nothing more. You can also use the Right D-Pad in case that option doesn't work.