Minecraft: Emerald - How to get it and what to make with it


Minecraft: Emerald - How to get it and what to make with it

Probably one of the rarest minerals you can find in all of Minecraft . Emeralds are another material to add to the list of rarities in the game, although in this case we are facing one of the most special. It is not useful for crafting, not even for crafting tools. What is it for then? Do not go so fast, we will explain everything about the Emeralds here .

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This post is another mandatory stop in our Minecraft cheat guide . We offer you a guide that is practically the Minecraft Bible , with all kinds of recommendations, secrets, tricks and curiosities of the game. If you want to master it almost as if you had done it yourself, then we advise you to see everything we have to tell you in it. But first, we are going to explain the Emeralds to you.

What is Emerald and how is it obtained?

Emerald is one of the rarest minerals in the game , especially due to its limited presence in the Real World. They can be found with some ease by following certain methods, although they should not be thought of as ideal for crafting and crafting. You will not be able to create weapons or equipment with emeralds , although you will be able to use them for very specific purposes.

All that, of course, we will explain below. Therefore, do not move from the site and keep reading , there is much to explain and you have much to learn.

How to get Emerald

As with other rare minerals such as Diamond or even Gold , to get Emeralds you have to focus above all on mining . You can find Emerald Ores exploring caverns, especially in the Mountain Biome , although to extract Emerald from them you need to use an iron or Diamond pick since, if you use it in another type, you will break the block but you will get absolutely nothing in return. .

It is advisable to use an Enchanted Pick with Fortuna so that you can get up to 4 emeralds per destroyed ore. Also, if the enchantment is Silk Touch, what you will do is obtain the Emerald Ore, which you will have to take to the Smelting Furnace with any type of fuel to be able to obtain an Emerald for molten Ore.

In addition to stinging, you can also get Emeralds in the chests of the Desert Temples, End City, Jungle Temple, Sunken Ships, Underwater Ruins and even Villages. In fact, the simplest way to obtain an Emerald is through trading with merchants and villagers. Interact with them to see what they ask for in exchange for those Emeralds that they will surely have.-

What are emeralds for?

The Emerald is not a good crafting item , but it is useful for trading with Merchants and Villagers. It is a good idea to keep some accounts in your inventory, or a block of these to turn into 9, and use them as exchange currency with these NPCs , since sometimes they can give you some curious rewards.

Likewise, they can also be used to select energy with which to supply the Headlights . You just have to choose the one you want and insert an Emerald inside so that it starts working and has the desired effect. Beyond this, and the exchange, we are dealing with a material that is quite limited in usefulness.

What to make with Esmeralda

As we've already mentioned, Emeralds are useless when crafting . Its use is mainly focused on the exchange trade and, also, in the feeding of the Lighthouses to supply energy. They have no other purpose beyond that and the decorative one. Therefore, they are not exactly the most suitable option to manufacture anything.

Work table

Not on the Workbench, not in the Smelting Furnace, not in anything else. You cannot use the Emerald as a crafting element in anything, only for an Emerald Block , so we are sorry to tell you that you will not be able to use it for this purpose. Do you really want to take advantage of it? Go back to the section on what the Emeralds are for that we have indicated above. There we explain everything to you.

  • Emerald Block - 9x Emerald

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